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The Red Door by OriginalRevolver
The Red Doorby Sara Pupa
When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ...
Paradise Thriller by JanePeden
Paradise Thrillerby Jane Peden
Alison's sister disappeared filming a reality show, so she goes undercover as a contestant, discovering that in some cases reality tv is all too real. ...
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affair by BrittanieCharmintine
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affairby Britt
When Andie Bank agreed to take a job to help save her friend's reputation, it wasn't supposed to end up in a romance-fueled galactic rescue mission with her irresistibly...
A text from a stranger [SEVENTEEN HOSHI] by starra166
A text from a stranger [ rara
A story about when a boy texts his own soulmate Highest ranking : #1 in kwonhoshi #1 in naegahosh
The Love In Marriage by Ruvya_S
The Love In Marriageby Ruvya
.... Keerthi felt a hand under her chin,coaxing her to look up ,as she met with warm brown eyes,in their darkest shade. Her eyes went to her husband's lips,wetting her o...
Reality Check (BoyxBoy) by TripleJxskittles
Reality Check (BoyxBoy)by TripleJ
I just smirked at the way they all looked down on me. The way they all try to trip me down and glare like they can kill me with one look. I could easily laugh their stup...
Dear H  by readingwithunicorns
Dear H by readingwithunicorns
A book of poems and letters to someone who may or may not read them Copyrights to Readingwithunicorns *completed
Becoming Mrs. Martin by geeem27
Becoming Mrs. Martinby Gee Em
#14 in Reality 10/07/18 #13 in Reality 10/25/18 #13 in Reality 11/02/18 #9 in Reality 11/24/18 #8 in Reality 04/15/19 #4 in Reality 06/30/19 #7 in Reality 10/01/19 He wa...
Short love stories. by iwritemymindout
Short love Ammara Ahmed
A compilation of random thoughts that provoke your imagination so much that you're compelled to pen it down and encourage you enough to let the world read it. A try to...
Chicago  by Boujee
Chicago by Li
At twenty one years old, Chai [shy] Bennett has found herself trapped in a toxic and abusive relationship. She's loved her boyfriend ever since she was sixteen and he's...
Total Drama Ridonculous Race  by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama Ridonculous Race by Venus
I'm just gonna say it now. Best total drama book I've ever written. At least, that's my opinion. Check it out to see for yourself if you'd like. But it has more backgrou...
The Search for Cinderella by alexisgracexo
The Search for Cinderellaby Alexis Grace
Annabelle Kennedy is a normal sixteen year old unaffected by the craze of internationally famous Xavier Matthews. Annabelle won't let an eighteen year old pop star distr...
Screaming In The Future ~ A Dramione Story by Scrapper142
Screaming In The Future ~ A Nah, I'll Chill Right Here
Book one of the "Trials of Love" series Hermione and Draco are sent into the future of an alternate reality by out favorite headmaster. When they wake up marri...
Drowning by lrhloml
Drowningby lrhloml
"For the longest time, I've felt as though I'm drowning." (boxer!harry) *smut warning*
Becoming Her (Trans) by itsabadluckcharm
Becoming Her (Trans)by blake
Matthew has always wanted to be Miya, practically since birth. But who can she tell? Her family is in shambles after her father left to be with his mistress. Her friends...
𝐋𝐢𝐞 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐞 || [[sooshu]] y. sh • s. sj by moonceann
𝐋𝐢𝐞 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐞 || [[sooshu]] chaen
¬I've been waiting for the day you say you love me back.¬ Yeh Shuhua, a foreign idol member of (G)I-dle who fell inlove with her co-member Seo Soojin's charms. How far w...
➵ riverdale instagram ♡ by southside_serpentsx
➵ riverdale instagram ♡by southside_serpentsx
Riverdale is a normal town with normal teenagers, as abnormal as it may seem. And what do teenagers (mostly) all have? Cell phones. This is my interpretation of the Rive...
The Tiers by Coltonr47
The Tiersby Lilith Empire
This is about the Deepest Spiritual Matters, How to Overcome and Address Them, along with any other Earthly perception.
Hayat (Life)✔️ by Aesthete_1038
Hayat (Life)✔️by lemah
A love story of two people who have nothing to lose in their life.It is not your typical story where a C.E.O falls in love with a girl or a girl falls for a bad boy or...