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Luminous by jeidafei
Luminousby jeidafei
Born with glowing green eyes. Destined for rotten luck. Peasant girl Meya Hild is offered the chance of a lifetime to become a Lady---at swordpoint. By mercenaries. Eng...
QUEEN OF DEATH ✔ by rubyruins
QUEEN OF DEATH ✔by ruby.
❛THEY WOULD TELL YOU OF A KING WHO STOLE ME HELPLESS FROM MY SUNSHINE GARDEN.❜ They won't tell you about the woman who came to him sublime, lily eyes and lily lips. A ki...
This reborn personal trainer is going to whip the royal army into shape! by Umbreonix
This reborn personal trainer is go...by Umbreonix
Olympics Sports Trainer, Meg Thompson, had never even heard of an otome game, so when she died in Japan during the Tokyo Games and was reincarnated into one in error as...
The villainess will avoid death by Visakuraaa
The villainess will avoid deathby Via
While Alice, a young girl in her last year of middle school ,was walking home from school she got hit by a bus. Unfortunately she got reincarnated as the villainess in h...
.•⚘ I'd Rather Not ⚘•. by SoySauz
.•⚘ I'd Rather Not ⚘•.by ✩𝒦𝒶𝒾_ ✩
Reincarnating into the character of a novel someone had read was cliche- and this cliche thing happened to her. She was simply an innocent passerby who had just wanted t...
Tornado of Nightmares (Book 2) by Monkeygirl311
Tornado of Nightmares (Book 2)by Meg
Trouble stirs in Moriella, King Adrian is officially going to war with High-King Kamolinn Alinac. The King of Moriella has gone too far, he has locked up the High-King's...
Fantasy Forest 2 (Yandere boys x reader) by danimax1029
Fantasy Forest 2 (Yandere boys x r...by Danielle Maxwell
Its been one year since you agreed to Seally's proposition that fateful day in the woods. Life has been good but what will happen when you are asked to go back into the...
The Witch and the Dragon - Beta by lemedlock
The Witch and the Dragon - Betaby lemedlock
-- ALPHA VERSION AVAILABLE -- https://mailchi.mp/6d58dbd7e3cb/freefantasynovella Dragons like princesses. Everyone knows that. But the kingdom of Teana is pretty lacking...
Gilgamesh and the city of Orario by Anos_voldigoad00
Gilgamesh and the city of Orarioby Anos_voldigoad00
Following the destruction of the holy grail after the 4th Fuyuki Holy Grail War Gilgamesh was transported to world of Danmachi. The story follows the exploits of Gilgame...
Weapon 86 ✔️ by Smauggy
Weapon 86 ✔️by Smauggy
"Is there a reason why you have chosen my unit for this particular mission, Colonel?" Thomas asked. "Do I need a reason?" "No, sir, I..." T...
Welcome to Miror by momothistle
Welcome to Mirorby momothistle
A land of wonder and strange creatures, where the chessboard fields are dangerous and rose gardens can make or break a kingdom. Miror welcomes you with open arms, someti...
Harm and Harmony by BlairDarnell
Harm and Harmonyby BlairDarnell
(Book One of the Harm and Harmony series) [completed/ editing] A human who wishes to survive in the darkness. A monster who strives to live in the light. This is the sto...
Crownsblood by MMicheleWilly
Crownsbloodby M. M. Williams
~ ~ Children of Endil Saga, Book 3 ~ ~ The prophecy of the king and the dragonslayer has been broken, and Hirvesokk -- the mysterious kingdom that dominates the north of...
The Devils Angel by Crazylilchinadoll
The Devils Angelby Emily
Carmen Winters had a somewhat normal life until a knock at the door changed everything. Stolen away from what she once knew and believed, Carmen will have to fight and p...
Senke boje krvi by poisonedaffodil
Senke boje krviby Poisoned Daffodil
Magija, nešto što nije znala da ima u sebi je isplovilo je na videlo i vodilo je kroz život. Bila je poput njene unutrašnje intuicije. Takođe je bila bitan faktor posti...
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Ten Agents: Ryder (Book One) by Zay19XD
Ten Agents: Ryder (Book One)by Sagitarrius_27
"There are Seven Realms. The Agencies are in the First. Earth in the Second. The Third, Fourth and Fifth are unknown. The Sixth would be the place we went to with t...
imaginia (soul for the rainy days.) by trashjarduo
imaginia (soul for the rainy days.)by gonetrain & einn.
《a romantic tragedy.》 © 2021, gonetrain and einn.
Siren Song (The Fated #1) by UnboundWings
Siren Song (The Fated #1)by Katelynn Bell
"It's a curse." "Curse, or blessing, those are the red strings of fate. The gods have chosen you to change our world, whether you want to or not." ...
Crowned Lies by nena_mathur
Crowned Liesby Nena Mathur
Imagine if Belle wasn't a princess but a thief running from a shadowy past. Imagine if the Beast wasn't a creature scorned but a young king losing a war he can't win wit...
Returned to the Past, the Hero is Protected by the Villain? by __helvetica
Returned to the Past, the Hero is...by blank
In this world that is similar to our own, the Empire of Exodus houses one of the strongest guilds in the current world, Exol. It's job is to close rifts that could allow...