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Your Book Sucks, and Here's Why by greysons_girl
Your Book Sucks, and Here's Whyby Bowers' Baby
Your book sucks. There, I said what nobody else has the guts to tell you. If you're wondering how to fix it, well, you're in luck. I mean, here you are, here I am... Wha...
  • funny
  • writingtips
  • nonfiction
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How To Access Mature Content by AfterDarkCommunity
How To Access Mature Contentby After Dark Community
Brought to you by the After Dark Community. @AfterDarkCommunity - #adc This is a How-to guide on accessing ¡mature content on Wattpad. It is solely intended for mature w...
  • how-to
  • wattpad
  • learn
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How To Write A Book by IAmAMadWriter
How To Write A Bookby Catherine
Do you want to write a book but you don't know how? Well, I will help you. I will give you tips on how to write a book.
  • nonfiction
  • horror
  • romance
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sequel to mwah!
  • cool
  • crying
  • strangerthings
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Kissing Tips  by MrsSkylerTailia
Kissing Tips by De La Cruz
I think you'll be surprised by what you're about to read. How many of us wish we could spice up our relationship with just the way we kiss our partner. This book provi...
  • contemporary
  • tips
  • kiss
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The Nursing Home Crime Texts - COMPLETED by CeciandJack
The Nursing Home Crime Texts - CeciandJack
#1 Nonfiction. The secrets of life, sex, and powder skiing, including modestly arousing photos of prostitutes, a search for buried women, and a nursing home romance. Eve...
  • slowburn
  • friendzone
  • true
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Faces Of Love (Complete) by LeeleeKez
Faces Of Love (Complete)by Lily Orevba
When the town's number one prostitute is made a jaw dropping offer she cannot refuse, nothing can prepare her for the consequences of that one decision. Gloria Grande, o...
  • hosea
  • hate
  • prostitution
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Let's Learn Korean [Compilation] by ZieLlanes
Let's Learn Korean [Compilation]by Mrs. Agoto ❤️
Highest Rank: #1 Non-Fiction Annyeonghaseyo. Jeoneun Man Joo Yeon imnida. I'm here to help you to learn some korean phrases,grammars or words in an easy way here in this...
  • annyeong
  • letters
  • oppa
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My Pregnancy Journal by QueenNatalieFox
My Pregnancy Journalby Natalie
I am pregnant with my first child so I thought I would document my experiences! Note: the girl in the cover is not me, I found it on Google :)
  • nonfiction
  • mom
  • true
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How To Come Out  by Gay_Fanfiction101
How To Come Out by Gay_Fanfiction101
Just a bunch of differnent ways to come out that I've seen or done. Not all of them are mine, but I put them in here because they have been helpful. !!!You don't ha...
  • gay
  • trans
  • closet
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How to get to #1 on Wattpad - Hints and Tips by TaranMatharu
How to get to #1 on Wattpad - Taran Matharu
I managed to get to #1 on Wattpad for Fantasy as well as Adventure in a month and a half. After four months, I had 1 Million reads and a year later I had 5 million. I wo...
  • tutorial
  • best
  • ranking
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Why I Love Him by AutumnFlame27
Why I Love Himby Turtle~Chan
This is just a small story About me and a boy that I fell in love with. This is based off something going on in my life so no judgement please. There will be updates on...
  • wierd
  • middleschool
  • non-fiction
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Mr. Grey-Book I by dera134
Mr. Grey-Book Iby Chidera Eze
He leans down towering me our lips inches apart,"is that pity,I sense Miss Clark?"he whispers.I stared at his piercing hazel eyes suddenly forgetting how to br...
  • teenfiction
  • possessive
  • money
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Pretty Little Butcher: Memoirs of a Female Thoracic Surgeon by rainbowbrook
Pretty Little Butcher: Memoirs Christine
{a Wattpad featured story} Everything in this book is real. Minor details have been altered to protect those who know me. I'm a female thoracic surgeon and even though I...
  • doctors
  • dating
  • cancer
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caregiver/little basics [tips and helpful hints] by illegalaliens
caregiver/little basics [tips far out
just a few things ive seen on tumblr that i think every caregiver and little should know i found all of these on tumblr im sorry i didnt get everyones url i am not...
  • advice
  • tips
  • mommydom
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best friends? by jazpataz
best friends?by jazpataz
[contains p.o.c.] [lower case intended] "seduce her and see if she goes with it. if not, then you know. and if she does, well that's for you guys to discuss."
  • nonfiction
  • bestfriends
  • dolantwins
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faceclaims you'll actually use by EphemeralJoy
faceclaims you'll actually useby ★ Ophelia ★
An updated, interesting portfolio filled with young people of all ethnicities. Boys and girls are divided for easier use. In this house we love the underdogs!
  • faceclaim
  • nonfiction
PHAT by Narquil
PHATby لحاف
Terra is bigger than most girls so she is Insecure about herself, Until she meets a guy name Rari. Who changes her life. Then when complications come along the way Terra...
  • romance
  • lovestory
  • thug
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I hate that i love you. by marie17_17
I hate that i love lone_wolf
Its a poem about loving someone who doesn't really love you back. They hurt you but still you love them. Hence the reason why you hate that you love them, because you ca...
  • lovehate
  • neyo
  • lovesongs
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One Shots! by lacotahello
One Shots!by Lacota Metzger
If you are sensitive or disgusted by erotic scenes please do not read and leave. This book has one shots and has some grammar mistakes.This book is not a story, it is a...
  • bxb
  • bxg
  • sexual
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