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Xiao Zhan is a 30 year old actor. Abandoned by his friend after co-signing a loan, he was burdened with a massive debt. Without any foreseeable way out, he was reduced t...
Crazy Rich Omega: Don't touch my Alpha! {COMPLETED} by mibu_mibu
Crazy Rich Omega: Don't touch my mibu_mibu
Born with a silver spoon, Zhang Zhehan was used to Alpha's lining up for him. Beauty, riches, and wisdom, he had it all but that one thing called LOVE he has none. How...
A BOY IN RED HAIR //Taekook// Kookie
A kingdom name Jung's Kingdom. Their lives a boy, name Jeon Jungkook. Who is so beautiful because he has uncommon red color hair, feminine body and milky soft white skin...
My Brother's Best Friend by loveamara
My Brother's Best Friendby amara
Sky has been in love with Drew for as long as she can remember. Only problem is he's her older brother's best friend and sees her as a little kid. He moved a way 2 years...
That Hot Mafia Kidnapped me (manxboy) (Hiatus) (Editing) by A1wieyey
That Hot Mafia Kidnapped me ( Alex
⚠️TW : This book involves abuse, kidnapping, psychological condition, smut, curses, rape, drugs and many more. Alex Gray, is a 18 years old boy , he lost his mom at a v...
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Andrew Gamer GL
Based on the Fanfiction written by HavocHound. After the Pups insulted their Dalmatian Friend, Marshall decides to run away and head over to Jake's Mountain, Hoping Ever...
Outside The Lines [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Outside The Lines [boyxboy]by Jen
Sarcastic Theo is just trying to get through his senior year of high school with his sister Thalia and his best friend Oliver. But Theo’s life gets flipped upside-down w...
The Peculiar Case Of A Novel's Villain (Paused) by MissClover77
The Peculiar Case Of A Novel's I_Need_Coffee
It all began when a phone dropped from a different dimension, and the novel's villain found it along the process. That villain is no other than Allen Coldwell, who's kno...
Deep Blue (Zawgyi&Unicode) by KhunSat001
Deep Blue (Zawgyi&Unicode)by khoon Sat
ရူးနေလောက်အောင်ချစ်ရပါသော ချစ်သူ။ အမှောင်ထဲပိတ်မိနေတဲ့ ငါ့ဘဝအတွက် အလင်းတန်းတစ်ခုဖြစ်ပေးသူ။ အပြာရင့်ရောင်သိပ်ကြိုက်တဲ့ ခဗျားကြောင့် ကျုပ်ပါထိုအရောင်ကို စွဲလမ်းမိပြီထင်တယ်...
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage (Itanaru)《Naruto Fic》 by Perseades26
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage ( Kami
Throughout his whole life he has been beaten, stabbed, rejected, hated and much more. But he has learned to ignore it well... most of it. Some of it goes to his head but...
Zianourry One Shots by MLH1993
Zianourry One Shotsby Mad
One shots all about Zianourry.. Requests are Closed till I can finished the request i have :) You might have to follow me to see some of the stories :) VOTE VOTE VOTE a...
My wife's deal (Yizhan, Zhanyi) by elite_9
My wife's deal (Yizhan, Zhanyi)by
Xiao Zhan is a filial son. He is very cheerful and generous, but he wants to build a record to be having 50 girlfriends in one year. Can he make his record? Whereas Wang...
Playing With the King by Queen-of-Quotes
Playing With the Kingby Queen of Quotes
Finn had finally done it. He had saved enough money to attend the town's all-boys school. After years of bullying from the public school, he was ecstatic to start his fi...
Fiore: World of Magic | (Boy×Boy) by JervysAndrei
Fiore: World of Magic | (Boy×Boy)by JervysAndrei
Skylar Finn Morgan Miller, a fine young boy lives normally with his mom. Turns out, the word 'normal' had been just a mere cover, masking the secrets he doesn't know he...
Badaltey Rishtey (Singhania Brothers Book 2) by SwatiSandeep
Badaltey Rishtey (Singhania SwatiSandeep
He was nothing more than an unwanted responsibility in their lives........ A responsibility that Prithvi could not ignore..... a responsibility that Rudra Singhania did...
˗ˏˋ SOMNAMBULIST [crossover] ᶠⁱᶜ 'ˎ˗ by skyrndipity
˗ˏˋ SOMNAMBULIST [crossover] ᶠⁱᶜ ' ♛ 𝐒𝐊𝐘.
Cale Henituse was once again thrown into another world upon clashing with his newfound enemy, The Hunters. With the help of his family and the Gods, will he be able to s...
Royal Rockstar by Ms_fictionworld
Royal Rockstarby Sanjhmalick🥀
story of four brothers living through the royal life ,one the forced king, two the sensitive doctor, three the one who is unaware of every problem, forth the baby of the...
The Rise of the Divine Oracle by BlakSalt
The Rise of the Divine Oracleby Blak Salt
What comes easy won't last long, and what lasts long won't come easy. Wei Wuxian has a destiny that has yet to reveal itself. Hardship was just the beginning, sacrifice...
နေထွက်ချိန်ရဲ့ နက္ခတ် ( Ongoing) by ChuuAnnawa
နေထွက်ချိန်ရဲ့ နက္ခတ် ( Ongoing)by Marine
နေထွက်ချိန် မုန်းချင်သလောက်မုန်းစမ်းပါ ကိုယ်ကမောင့်အမုန်းကိုလက်ခံဖို့မွေးဖွားလာတာပါ နက္ခတ်ချေမိုး သဲငယ်ကိုတစ်ခါမုန်းတယ်ပြောမိရင် မောင့်ခန္ဓာကိုယ်မှာအမာရွတ်တစ်ခုတိုးတယ်သဲ...