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 |BL| How To Level Up By Sucking After Transmigrating Into A Cannibal Flower by Punky_Fujoshi
|BL| How To Level Up By Sucking Rifa Coolheart
As an ordinary human, Luo Xingzhou was killed by a Stellar Beast in a Survival Live Show. However, his spirit accidentally traveled through time and space to a non-human...
I Just Want To Follow The Plot! by KatKaPi
I Just Want To Follow The Plot!by KaPi
Birth, Life, Death It's something everyone has to go through, but one question I've always had was "What comes after that?" -------------------- Zero is the li...
After I was pregnant with my cub, I was favored by the giants by Kessho_Yuki
After I was pregnant with my Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative title : 怀崽后我被豪门霸总宠上天[穿书] Author : 七箩 When he woke up, Lin Yuan wore a book. In the book, the protagonist is his half-brother, and the protagonist i...
I Opened a Clinic in the Apocalypse by WMoons
I Opened a Clinic in the Apocalypseby W-is-M
Douluo Dalu: Seeing the world by Elvnchristy
Douluo Dalu: Seeing the worldby elvn
This is my first time writing and making a story. So if grammar and story is messed up. Sorry. Douluo Dalu fanfiction Yin is a blind unfortunate child. He died and rebo...
The Escape Game by MZ_Luna
The Escape Gameby mz_Moon
During a flag-raising ceremony on a Monday, the principal who was speaking on stage suddenly burst into a cloud of blood. The broadcast continues: "The first level...
Moat / Trench_Shu Tsai by Kessho_Yuki
Moat / Trench_Shu Tsaiby Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative Title : 天堑 Author : 舒仔仔 On my sweetheart's wedding night, I killed my sweetheart's lover with my own hands. It is clearly written on the genealogy...
How Can I Get Rid of Him by LOVEHOLlC
How Can I Get Rid of Himby ♡
The person he has been with for five years doesn't actually like him. Mo Xi understands this. It's all just emotions he can't control. After being devoted to him for fiv...
The Socially Anxious Little Zombie Forced Outdoors by PangXiongMaoMao
The Socially Anxious Little PangXiongMaoMao
[MACHINE TRANSLATED NOVEL] Alternative Title: 社恐小丧尸被迫出门 Author: 浪里淘浪 Status: 100 Chapters + 8 Extras Lin An, plagued by severe social anxiety and obsessive cleanliness...
After Divorcing The Scumbag, He Joined The Giants by Kessho_Yuki
After Divorcing The Scumbag, He Fuyu no Hana
LOOK FOR PART 2 Alternative Title : 和渣狗离婚后加入豪门 Author : 安曦 The whole world knows that Lin Luo loves Lu Yixuan's love to die and live, and does not hesitate to marry him...
Farmer's Wife (BL) by LAmerica06
Farmer's Wife (BL)by LAmerica
Geo is an assassin/murderer/killer. He is used to killing that he also become a symbol of death himself. He died in the most valiant way. Well, as an unfeeling man, deat...
After I blocked my crush by kiMjinkJ
After I blocked my crushby Kim Jin
Lin Xia: Why did nobody tell me that, if you send a message after blocking someone on WeChat, they can still receive it Yi Shang: I told you Lin Xia: Thank you, I'm soci...
[BL] My Former Significant Others Were All Alphas by Dear_Zile
[BL] My Former Significant ★ARIIZEE★
***[ C O M P L E T E D ]*** [ A short BL story you'll love] Xia Lin was a beta. More importantly, he possessed the mystical ability where every alpha that dates him woul...
A Good Wife (COMPLETE) by LAmerica06
A Good Wife (COMPLETE)by LAmerica
The protagonist is a homosexual guy who is handsome, thick(muscular), and tall. But all of his relationship failed because of one reason.....they thought he wants to be...
Back to My Dad's High School Days [MTL] (Completed) by RJJSDdms
Back to My Dad's High School 咩
This is not my work, for offline purpose only. All Credits belongs to the author and google translate machine. (this is pure gg trans means poor quality, grammar errors...
[BOOK 1] [Quick  Wear] Occupied by the blackened boss  by naravitluvs
[BOOK 1] [Quick Wear] Occupied Ririi.
Alternate Title :[快穿]被黑化大佬佔有 Status : Ongoing Author : 红茶叔叔 Ning Shu bound a male god system, and every world worked hard to influence them, but... "Good, don't be...
Transmigrated as the ill 2nd Prince (BL) by Airrabacs14
Transmigrated as the ill 2nd Zero
Kenta Bernard, a seventeen-year-old, died of leukemia in the hospital and was reincarnated in a novel that he has yet to finish. He is the ill second prince, who should...
The Cannon Fodder is Prepared to Divorce  (MTL) by meaniehwang
The Cannon Fodder is Prepared to hooniehoon
FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES 【Attention when entering the pit: Ordinary dog-blood novel, proceed with caution, not sweet】 Shen Mingbei had always followed Qu Lang withou...
I Like Your Pheromones  by Vida_mary
I Like Your Pheromones by Mary Christy Sedentario
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR AND TRANSLATORS!!! As a good-looking Beta with a good family background, Duan Jiayan has lived a smooth sailing life for more...
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being (1-200) by Spring13Fall
Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Spring13Fall
NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THIS. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY. Author: 冰糖莲子羹 Genre: Adventure, Xianxia Status: Ongoing The genius cultivator Lin Xuanzhi didn't let...