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Albatross by Vapid_Ink
Albatrossby Vapid Ink
Elliot's partner was his whole world, but after Allan's death, his ghost haunts Elliot's dreams. Everyone tells Elliot to move on, but he isn't sure he can. ...
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Natalie's Diary by KeriHalfacre
Natalie's Diaryby Keri Halfacre
When Jane Madarang's neighbor Natalie kills herself and leaves behind cryptic instructions, it's up to Jane and her classmates to unearth deadly secrets. ...
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Porcelain Skin ( Book 1 - DP Series- COMPLETE) by kario12
Porcelain Skin ( Book 1 - DP Kari
***Aka Faking It {Complete} {Book 1 in Dismantled Pride Series} --- "When I tell you that he hates me, you'll probably assume it's because he's a jerk...bu...
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Ruby Red by Aki13th
Ruby Redby Jessica
It hurts more to live than to die.
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The Light and the Dark by D_is_for_DeathNote
The Light and the Darkby Chaney&Brianna
*DEATH NOTE FAN FICTION* Artimi Lau and Blake Bond were best friends. Raised in the Whammy House together, they grew up with the boy who would soon become L, unconsciou...
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Alessandra, Slavette (Preview) by ConstantineAmatore
Alessandra, Slavette (Preview)by Constantine Amatore
A discontinued work. ---------------------------------- Alessandra. She is the girl Aeron loves, and the girl who was taken from him. Sold as a personal slave, she is ma...
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curious crimson and his charcoal eyes by douxsoleil
curious crimson and his charcoal douxsoleil
"she was beautiful, but in a way a forest fire was beautiful" for all who thinks that they don't deserve love. for lonely nights and painful sighs. for those w...
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Marion's Memoirs by negative-space
Marion's Memoirsby Jo Castle
Marianne Brockett wants nothing more than to fit in. As a girl completely unable to use magic, she's locked out of the world of privileges and conveniences that student...
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Social Equations And Other Necessary Burdens by Maskedidiot
Social Equations And Other Maskedidiot
Zach has a past. well, everyone does. The question is whether they learn from it. Failure after failure, rejection after rejection, Zach came up with a set of formulas t...
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The Suicide Room by suman3b
The Suicide Roomby suman3b
Joy is a writer with a troubled past and a dark future. Instead of waiting for a slow, painful death he decides to contact a private organization to help him kill himse...
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These Damn Hidden Desires (BoyXBoy) by daydreamforever
These Damn Hidden Desires (BoyXBoy)by ✯Dreamer.Of.Yaoi✯
(18+ Yaoi drama still in progress) "So many disturbing childhood memories I can't get over. They affect my life to the point I can't go out in public without my ski...
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Insanity [Male Yandere x Reader] [Discontinued] by tsubame-chi
Insanity [Male Yandere x Reader] [ tsubame-chi
You were bored of everything. Nothing seemed to be fun anymore. Until this survival game called INSANITY appeared in your life where people participate in murders to win...
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Dungeon Dragon by Anni_innA
Dungeon Dragonby Inna
Deep inside each and everyone of us, there is a dragon, silently and patiently waiting for the time we are weakest to come out. The story follows Rebecca and her misfort...
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We're Only Human by TechnoFoxHowell
We're Only Humanby Armin Arlert
What do you do when the one person you love uses you to make ends meet? Can you bring yourself to blame him? After all, your lives are pretty messed up to begin with. Do...
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The Perfections by camibabi345
The Perfectionsby camibabi345
A drug was designed to increase the production of specific hormones - to create the perfect person. When three of the test subjects, now living 3 years on start to see t...
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Asseylum by kataphrakt
Asseylumby kataphrakt
An alternate universe where the Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia crash lands on Earth a day early due to suspicious behavior from her servant, Slaine Troyard. A dream she...
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Drowning in by konotsu
Drowning inby Tsu
Have you ever wanted to escape, to just get away? And you might actually find a place to escape to? Just, be careful to not drown in. So basically, "Drowning In&qu...
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