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THE RELIC GUILD (Book 1) Updated infrequently. by Edward_Cox
THE RELIC GUILD (Book 1) Updated Edward Cox
Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us. The Relic Guild is the award nominated first book in The Relic Guild trilogy. It was said the Labyrinth had...
  • demons
  • wattys2017
  • mystery
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(Real) Unsolved Mysteries  by xoxocaitlin
(Real) Unsolved Mysteries by lover
the most eerie yet interesting unsolved cases/mysteries or deaths *TRUE STORIES* - #2 in thrillers 6/8/19
  • story
  • random
  • interesting
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MASKED GIRLS | editing by maskedst
MASKED GIRLS | editingby masked
ACHIEVEMENTS | zodiac awards honorable mention; the teen fiction awards 2018 finalist; added to reading list on @mystery HIGH RANKINGS | #2 in #thriller ❝DO NOT UNDERE...
  • chess
  • projectbadassgirls
  • bullying
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Invisible Armies by JonEvans
Invisible Armiesby Jon Evans
In a world where security cameras prove what you have done and databases define who you are, the few who know how to manipulate the technology can play God. They can cha...
  • hacking
  • bloc
  • suspense
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Her Terrifying Love - Chapters 2 & 3 by greggerguy
Her Terrifying Love - Chapters greggerguy
Chapters 2 and 3 from "Her Terrifying Love." #NBR Spotlight. Read the full story here and don't forget to comment and vote!
  • supernatural
  • nbr
  • paranormal
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Lucian's Love (ManxMan) {Oneshot} by resxstance
Lucian's Love (ManxMan) {Oneshot}by e
He was crazy in love with me—a little too crazy, in my opinion. I don't know what he saw, but it wasn't what happened. WARNING: May trigger something, I think.
  • bxb
  • boyxboy
  • pain
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Inverted (COMPLETE) by CaGarrud
Inverted (COMPLETE)by C A Garrud
Following a miraculous recovery from a deadly crash, Ashley Everson discovers there's something else now inhabiting his body with him, only there's a small problem: neit...
  • daredevil
  • interdepence
  • mystery
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Escape: Through the Fourth Wall by SuperCocoSavesTheDay
Escape: Through the Fourth Wallby SuperCocoSavesTheDay
"Appearances can be deceiving- especially if you're not looking hard enough." This is a story about superheroes. Also, it isn't. I should know. I'm trapped in...
  • lol
  • super
  • villain
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The Persistence of Memory | ✔ by Vapid_Ink
The Persistence of Memory | ✔by Vapid Ink
In a near future where neuroprosthetics have evolved, Nina--a young journalist--receives a hippoccampal implant after losing the ability to create long term memories. Al...
  • slowbuild
  • science
  • general
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The Phoenix Pharaoh: Rise from the Ashes by miss-gatsby
The Phoenix Pharaoh: Rise from A.C. Corner
**Wattpad Featured Story** Zahra Kasmut has lived before our time. In an ancient life, she fought against Set, an Egyptian deity, who had amassed a commanding army to ov...
  • supernatural
  • war
  • rbls
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The Sad Man. A Dani Lancing Story by PDViner
The Sad Man. A Dani Lancing Storyby P. D. Viner
Police officer Tom Bevans is nicknamed the Sad Man by his colleagues. As a Family Liaison Officer he is always the bearer of bad news - it is his job to tell the friends...
  • sad
  • crime
  • lancing
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Possessed.| ✓ by LostIn2Sight
Possessed.| ✓by LostInSight ✍️
Is there a world beyond what we can feel, see and hear? Is there truth in the world of supernatural and paranormal phenomena? Is there something that science is not able...
  • paranormal
  • wattys2019
  • reallifestory
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CASTERS by x_caster
Four empires united by a powerful authority known as the "Magic Council", has reigned over the four corners of the earth for nearly a century. East, West, Nort...
  • wattys2016
  • thriller
  • alchemy
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S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Altering Research and Testing) by RichardRHarley
S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Richard Harley
The story of Michael Thomas, a family man who worked for the U.S. army, and the experiments that were done on him. Shortly after after his return home from nearly six m...
  • thriller
  • nootropic
  • suspense
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A Blank Screen by JosephBrammer
A Blank Screenby Joe Brammer
Isiah Miller knows life is hiding something from him. But he just doesn't know what it is. There has to be something more to life than his humdrum existence at Universit...
  • nihilism
  • snow
  • generalfiction
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Pushing Daisies by jaspxr
Pushing Daisiesby .ENVY.
As a new school year begins, the town of Riverdale is reeling from the recent, tragic death, turned murder, of high school golden boy Jason Blossom - and nothing feels t...
  • riverdale
  • andrews
  • murder
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Sarah Benadine is Dead by thekitchensinktoo
Sarah Benadine is Deadby thekitchensinktoo
The year is 1955, and the death of beloved high school junior Sarah Benadine has left the town of Clearwater, Wisconsin reeling. It seems everyone in town has their own...
  • darkfantasy
  • magic
  • featured
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Dirty Work: Volume 1 by CelestriaUniverse
Dirty Work: Volume 1by Celestria
The boss runs the strip club DIRTY WORK, and I work for the boss. When the boss doesn't want to make money just from the girls, he goes his own route. Which is where I c...
  • fiction
  • hardscifi
  • short
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Regret (Book 2, the Redemption Series) by henry_scott
Regret (Book 2, the Redemption Henry Scott
When Jake Bryant's daughter is kidnapped for ransom, he's forced to gamble with her life in order to discover which of his enemies has taken her hostage. ...
  • revenge
  • american
  • wattys2019
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When Blood Speaks by SLampkin
When Blood Speaksby SLampkin
The snow on the mountains of the Jefferson National Park has settled. With her ankles buried deep in slush, Lily leaves her cozy cabin, bow in hand and arrows sticking o...
  • murder
  • contemporary
  • mentalhealth
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