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Bad Boy Prince (Royals #2) by gabycabezut
Bad Boy Prince (Royals #2)by GabyCabezut
He's a Prince. She's a journalist. They have a complicated relationship. More like he's into her but she hates his guts. He needs to behave. She needs to let loose. He's...
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All You Need by mullafromldn
All You Needby 🐉
-southeast london* Nehemiah is unfriendly, short-tempered and has no filter. But with Dior, he's different.
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GOD OF EGYPT by uncouthwriter
GOD OF EGYPTby uncouthwriter
"You have caused me more trouble than I can bare. I've contemplated ending your life twice since I've known you." his warm breath in my ear sent a shiver down...
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Robyn: Princess of Thieves by uncouthwriter
Robyn: Princess of Thievesby uncouthwriter
From the author of your favorites like "Favor with the King" and "DUSA," comes the heart pounding, page turning story of Robin Hood (with a twist) L...
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I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic) by miss_retrospect
I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic)by Ashlyn 🌻
When Wendy Parker wakes up on October 31, 2017 she is your average college student pinching every penny and ramen noodle with hopes to graduate in the next four years wi...
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The Dancing Torera by uncouthwriter
The Dancing Toreraby uncouthwriter
Meet Esteban, a carefree, 21 year old bachelor by day and bullfighter by night. Since the night if his father's death, Esteban has made it his personal mission to kill...
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Instagram #LandoNorris by phoebe-durm
Instagram #LandoNorrisby PhoebeDurm
Febe Braam is on a holiday with her family in France when she gets into an accident with Lando Norris in a Starbucks. And a long Instagram story starts with that... Bail...
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Leading Lady (COMPLETED) by uncouthwriter
Leading Lady (COMPLETED)by uncouthwriter
The newly built Opera House was a pinnacle event for the bustling city of London. Ellie was happy with life; taken in by the generous and humble Montages, all seems wel...
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bite. by angeltwist
#9 Angeltwist
Back when Y2K was a thing, Lorna was a 90s girl looking forward to the 21st Century. She had a family, a boyfriend and a college dream. All of this is destroyed when Lo...
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Kaysia by mstoriesx
Kaysiaby 🦔
Kane: "Watch what comes out of that pretty little face of yours. I'm sure you'd like if it stayed that way". He said with no emotion what-so-ever. I didn't kno...
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Vacation (Rusame) by casualhottubnacho
Vacation (Rusame)by Casualhottubnacho
An uncharted, unnamed island resort has one of its grandest (and most comfortable!) hotels rented out completely for two straight weeks! By whom, you may ask? Well, UN f...
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CIARA by nikitasmartin
CIARAby nikitasmartin
Ciara, aged 17 is new to London. She finds herself in a horrific situation which changes her life forever.. Read on to find out more!
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Moving in (countryhumans austalia) by Lazy_Vraptor
Moving in (countryhumans austalia)by A crazy Australian
After a brake up Australia moves out of his home town to live with his older brother America, he gets to meet all of America's friends and start a new life with his own...
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Harry Styles Imagines by 6_anastasia_6
Harry Styles Imaginesby Anastasia
Harry Styles Imagines! :) • • Attention: This story contains stories of sensitive topics, don't read if you're bothered by this. My chapters don't have warnings so if yo...
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➤𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐤┊»Countryhuman!RFCA « by OMG_Honduras
➤𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐤┊» 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗡𝗢𝗩𝗔
❝Bienvenido devuelta República Federal Centroamérica..❞ →|Countryhumans República Federal Centroamérica by mi. →|Ships UKRFCA,USSRRFCA y EspaRFCA entre otros. →|Esta his...
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Doctor Who Preferences by imtheonlydoctor
Doctor Who Preferencesby Doves eyebrows
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adopted || bts ✓ by ulzxang
adopted || bts ✓by 🤙🏼
When a British-Korean thirteen-year-old girl is adopted by seven young adults, her life turns upside down as she experiences what she would call a hell hole.
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The Highland Girl by sassycrookshanks
The Highland Girlby Crookshanks 🧡
~~~EDITING~~~Bonnie, a 16 year old girl, lives up in the highlands in Scotland. One day she is out with the cattle and dark clouds start to form signaling the beginning...
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TRS #4 : Euphoria by beyondlocks
TRS #4 : Euphoriaby Janice Martana
Carter Nielsen The second son of King Logan Nielsen and Queen Amanda Estelle. He's the CEO of Estelle Company who just got his full inheritance from his great-grandfathe...
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CountryHuman One shots (don't judge me okay) by TheCouch_Potatoe
CountryHuman One shots (don't TheCouch_Potatoe
Random oneshots i take requests Mostly Mexico because that is my country and he dont get enough love also may yout soul be blessed if u dicided to read this lol oof
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