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The Unknown Quest (Book One of The Horns of Elfland) by MarkAshWood
The Unknown Quest (Book One of Mark Ash
Thousands of years ago, one of Sherath's distant ancestors refused to take on a quest. The task has to be done - it's vitally important - but nobody knows exactly what i...
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Nova Terra: Titan by SethRing
Nova Terra: Titanby Seth Ring
Highest Rank: ⭐️ Fantasy #1 ⭐️ SciFi #1 ⭐️ Nova Terra, a new world, a new reality. Nova Terra runs parallel to the real world and seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desi...
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Dragon Boy by EvanLazuli
Dragon Boyby EvanLazuli
Chapter One of a story I started. I'm only posting chapter one to get some feedback so I can see what works and what doesn't. It was a normal assignment: "parent&qu...
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Sarah Spellings & The Followers of The Grove by BeesKatieWelch
Sarah Spellings & The Followers Katie Welch
Rattled by earthquakes and besieged by storms, thirteen year old Sarah Spellings and her family live in a broken and changed Vancouver. They are Greenstas, growing their...
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Warlock of a magus world by dede0172
Warlock of a magus worldby dede0172
This isn't my story but i loved it so i'm putting it on wattpad. Leylin is transported from an advanced technological era into a medieval world- except there's magic. E...
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Goddess of Love & War by Hector-Torres
Goddess of Love & Warby
They have ruled humanity for years, decades, centuries, eons. Before humanity feared them. Before humanity knew they existed. They shaped the world into what it stands a...
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Il racconto del Elementali [KHR Fanfic] by LilyLia12
Il racconto del Elementali [KHR Lily Lia
"History does not merely touch on language, but takes place in it." ― Theodor Adorno. Sky, Storm, Lightning, Rain, Sun, Mist, and Cloud, these were known as th...
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Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising by DawnTreader2016
Daughter of Fire: The Darkness DawnTreader2016
Aeryn, a young mage with the gift of fire, draws around her a group of fellow students and allies to protect their world from a sinister plot. At her side is the beautif...
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Circus of Silence by PhantomoCat
Circus of Silenceby Grace
The Witch's circus is in town, and you've got the best seat in the house! We only come around once in your pitiful, mortal lifespan. We've got feral beasts and fer...
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The Dragon's Curse by ToyBonnieXBonnieluv
The Dragon's Curseby Bomb
A Water Dragon in training, she then only finds that more troubles come when she gets to go to a special event seeing the other Dragon Kingdoms. For told the new Prophec...
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Elysium // Wonder Woman by Geekator
Elysium // Wonder Womanby Geekasauruz
Decades ago, in a secluded forest within Germany, experiments were underway to win World War 2. Bastion was one of the children stolen from his home and tested on. As a...
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Noctis x Reader - Camping by sushisushiwootwoot
Noctis x Reader - Campingby sushisushiwootwoot
You go on your first camping trip with the gang and find yourself in some ~situations~ with the prince.
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Naga!Genesis X Pregnant!Reader by Derpofthecentury
Naga!Genesis X Pregnant!Readerby Gladion is a Precious Muffin
Just some simple fluff between an expecting reader and Genesis. Please ignore the biological impossibility.
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Tales Untold - No More by JCRohrer
Tales Untold - No Moreby JCRohrer
Not Fanfiction. Short Story Collection. Sometimes I have ideas and just want to write a story without all the baggage. This is a place for that. Mostly if not all Fantas...
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Warring Worlds (Mericcup fanfic) [COMPLETED] by TheLittleStarflower
Warring Worlds (Mericcup fanfic) [ May
The Scotsmen and Vikings are finally willing to settle their age-old dispute. But when tragedy strikes at a peace treaty, the two sides become even more determined to ha...
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The Dark Muse: A Collection of Short Stories by kbrandol
The Dark Muse: A Collection of kbrandol
A collection of short stories with elements of dark fantasy and horror. The collection is still growing, but each story is complete in itself.
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Kingdom Hearts Holiday Oneshot by Etay1010
Kingdom Hearts Holiday Oneshotby Erica
Happy Holidays! Here is a (long) oneshot based on my kingdom hearts fanfiction story. Thank you to everyone that has read it! I enjoy reading your comments and the vo...
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Time Freeze by ZinniaTerre
Time Freezeby Zinnia Terre
When Violet was just following a typical day routine she yarns for something exciting to fall in her life. what she gets is not exactly what she meant. What could these...
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Around The Clock by GlitchingDarkness
Around The Clockby Glitch
Ryder Davis has so many questions. Why are there alternate dimensions? Why is the Earth dying? Why isn't he human? Who is the mystery royal of this new magical realm? Wh...
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Sephiroth X Reader - Do You Like Big Swords: The Sequel! by Derpofthecentury
Sephiroth X Reader - Do You Like Gladion is a Precious Muffin
The long awaited sequel to the original story, in which the reader turns out not to be as innocent as everyone thinks she is.
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