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Escape [Sasuke Uchiha] by phyxillie
Escape [Sasuke Uchiha]by Asteria
"You're the only annoying person whose company I can really tolerate," confessed Sasuke. I rolled my eyes but this time with a genuine smile. My right hand ro...
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Naughty Chat 'Chat Noir x reader' by Authorchan_
Naughty Chat 'Chat Noir x reader'by ahegaOWO
(Y/n) has always lived in Paris and she loved it her Best Friend is Nathanael but what happens when she transfer schools and runs into Chat noir? What will Chat Noir thi...
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Kindred Spirits by Ashe_Hime
Kindred Spiritsby Ashley S. Reynolds
What sort of romance could spawn between a hauntingly beautiful human? A remarkable being who's beauty rivals that of a Celestial Being. And a demon well known for his m...
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Free! x Reader by ricechan
Free! x Readerby ricechan
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x Reader-chan One-shots! Put yourself into the anime! Fall in love with the characters all over again.
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A Spice in Life (Shokugeki no Soma x Fem!Reader) by CrownedCabbage
A Spice in Life (Shokugeki no Updates are Pun-derway!
{WARNING: MAY CONTAIN FOOD PUNS} "Hone your skills." "Work diligently." "Bring honor to our village." These were the words Homura (Name) gr...
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Bites ❦ Uta by marnieed
Bites ❦ Utaby ❦•Marniee•❦
(Y/n) hates being a ghoul, and Uta wants her back to the ghoul she used to be. Can he help her go back to what she once was?
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sacrifices. [oikawa tooru x reader] by hollowficationn
sacrifices. [oikawa tooru x reader]by ellen
(Name) would do anything for her loved ones, even if she never got her happy ending. When her own best friend starts dating the man of her dreams and childhood friend, O...
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The SILF [H.S] by whollyyharryy
In which she's engaged to his father, and he really couldn't care less. this is like poorly written until you get further into the story fyi
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hood [ levi x reader] by craaap
hood [ levi x reader]by ↠ r e d ↞
COMPLETED "Levi, I know you don't know what it feels like to have a heart," I said while I held tightly on the rein, trying to calm myself down before I do som...
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A Skeleton's Secret ( Sans X Reader ) by Crystallized_B-fly
A Skeleton's Secret ( Sans X Abigail
Sans had a few secrets sure, but there was one even Papyrus shared that they never told anyone EVER. The true reason why the two brothers were such a mystery to the town...
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bribery | taehyung by trashjar
bribery | taehyungby 垃圾
"oops. i saw that." in which a girl saw taehyung spraying paint on the principal's car and now taehyung has to treat her to food to keep her quiet. [ story ide...
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Sex Education [DO NOT READ] by attemptation
Sex Education [DO NOT READ]by attemptation
"Beatrice, you sit in row 3, seat one, and Harry you will be row 3, seat two." Little did I know that those words would change my life forever. [DO . NOT . RE...
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Artwork [h.s] by _miiki
Artwork [h.s]by miki
"Sierra, you go with Harry Styles." I raised up my head at the words, giving my teacher an incredulous glance. "Do I really have to?" Was the only th...
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A Nerd Like Me by o2ldancemoms
A Nerd Like Meby o2ldancemoms
It's a new year at Franklin Regional High School, and Brooke Hyland is starting the 10th grade. Brooke always loved school. She was smart, likeable, had great friends, a...
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Kiani by DolphinCrazy14
Kianiby ~Lizzie~
Jordan and Will are two different youtubers, but are Bestfriends. They live in two different countries, and wish to meet in real life. Will is explained as adorable, fun...
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The Clique ➳ 5SOS by the-lonely-rose
The Clique ➳ 5SOSby J
Different people. Different lives. Different truths. Different lies. A jock, a cheerleader, a band geek, a gamer, a student leader and a rebel. Completely different but...
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ghost house · 5sos [being rewritten] by king4uhday
ghost house · 5sos [being lex.
❝holy hell, michael clifford. didn't your mom ever teach you not to go inside creepy houses found in the middle of the woods?❞ [ ; 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER AU ]
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Star Wars Preferences and Imagines by Star_Wars_Fangirl_
Star Wars Preferences and Imaginesby ᴊᴜʟɪᴀ
Welcome to your own little world of imagination! *Spongebob saying imagination in the backround* In this book, I'll be taking requests. I will let you know when requests...
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Long Way Home || Malum ✔ by kelliclashton
Long Way Home || Malum ✔by kelliclashton
In which the geeky shy boy stays with the angry punk boy from school on a deserted road when his car breaks down
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