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The Heart Of Moss: Fated Love Book 1 by KimberlyTanithMarie
The Heart Of Moss: Fated Love Kimberly Tanith Marie
[EXTRACT]: "Why me?" Mikayla asked softly as she placed her arms around his shoulders. "Why not you?" Damien simply replied, before his lips moved to...
To Trap a Billionaire by CaylahWest
To Trap a Billionaireby Caylah West
Lyra grew up with a family of con-artists. It was all she'd ever known. And once she was old enough, her brother hatched up a perfect plan to give her the life she's alw...
Business First by BanditLuva
Business Firstby banditluva🖤
[COMPLETED - BOOK 1/2 OF BUSINESS SERIES] "It's not a relationship, it's a business deal." he spat coldly. ------- Amelia Davis has one of the most vivacious...
The Undisclosed Union by Bubblydana
The Undisclosed Unionby Bubblydana
Katelyn Victoria Darcy, daughter of the late Viscount of Montgomery, whose privilege life has a drastic, changed when her father died. His death revealed the secret of t...
Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!! by Enticing_Romantic
Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!!by EnticingRomantic
#1 in OFFICEROMANCE (29.04.20) #1 in MINE (14.04.19) #1 in LOVE (12.12.18) #1 in CLUMSY (23.06.18) #1 in BOSSY (28.09.18) #1 in SWEETHEART (03.08.18) #1 in MISTRESS (22...
Princess¹ | Rewriting by LillyMHenderson
Princess¹ | Rewritingby Lilly Henderson
After a devastating year, Amy is ready to leave everything behind. Moving across the country to forget her past seems like the perfect plan. New friends, new job -- new...
Since We've No Place to Go | ✓ by bateaux
Since We've No Place to Go | ✓by k. monroe
After Ingrid Kaufman drunkenly hooked up with one of her detestable co-workers at their annual office Christmas party, she didn't think things could get any more awkward...
Spy (JJK)  by kookie611
Spy (JJK) by kook
She is neither a spy nor a gangster, just a normal girl. But coincidentally she was mistaken as a gangster and kidnapped by a spy group. Upon realizing their mistake, th...
Battle of the Sexes by AdrianaLocke
Battle of the Sexesby Adriana Locke
COMPLETED Carver Jones' partner at Jones + Gallum had to step down for medical reasons. He's absolutely devastated. He swears. Just ignore his cheeky grin, okay? When w...
The Earl's Exception (BWWM) by HathorRao
The Earl's Exception (BWWM)by ElachiRavora
So bad it had to be worth it. Funke Obatunde had made a rash decision again. Caught between an age-old rivalry; that of her girlfriend and former boss Luna Solano and h...
His Office (Boss in Love series #1) by Carla_Galva
His Office (Boss in Love series #1)by Carla Galva
Life sucks when you're a twenty-six-year-old orphan. It sucks harder when you have to stay in a crappy apartment and feed a cat that hates your guts and hisses at you an...
It's Complicated by Lexie-lou7
It's Complicatedby Lexie
18+ Arabella or Bella to her friends, always dreamt of her "Prince Charming". Join her on the journey of discovering that love isn't so smooth sailing. Hunter...
The Boss And Me (Jungkookxreader) [Completed] by NinaAlona
The Boss And Me (Jungkookxreader) NinaAlona
Y/n, a single mother worked at new place and met her serious boss, Jeon Jungkook. While working they both tried to know each other but not touching love matters as each...
Billionaire's Exchanged Girl by Sarcastic_reina
Billionaire's Exchanged Girlby Sapna Sarkar
Karen Regio, is Working as a Secretary for the ruthless billionaire tycoon Lucia Matteo. And now her boss for some unknown reason wants Karen more than any other women. ...
Retsuko's Downfall by absent_lil_cinccino
Retsuko's Downfallby absent_lil_cinccino
A new girl joins the accounting department, a cute rabbit named Usami. Retsuko doesn't think much of it until she realizes that Fenneko and Haida are starting to hang ou...
Winning Her Rival's Heart by ellefielding_author
Winning Her Rival's Heartby Elle Fielding
Love thy rival... Winning the promotion she's up for at work is all Abby Gillis cares about. Well, it is until she's forced to move in with her rival, Justin D'Marco. Su...
Moment of Weakness by hey_its_bec
Moment of Weaknessby Bec
Rey takes a new job as the Personal Assistant to Ben Solo, the new CEO of Alderaan Publishing house in New York City following the retirement of her previous boss, Leia...
Not easy being the"secretary" by babylovexoxox
Not easy being the"secretary"by babylovexoxox
meeting him hand made my life change since moving here and NOT in a good way but he is my boss so what can i say.
Oro Caliente | 18 + by DiosasOrbit
Oro Caliente | 18 +by Diosa
Nova Skyler is an HR Organizational Developmental Specialist working under one of the most prestigious corporations. She has a small crush on her boss, or that is what s...
Light In Darkness {Second book in the series of Eternal Love} by lei_il_diavolo
Light In Darkness {Second book Scar
Second book in the series of Eternal Love. Read Forever And Ever before reading this one. ~~~~~~ "Do you know what scares me?" "What?" As his thumb l...