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A Room for My Pretend Love by MeiSummer
A Room for My Pretend Loveby Meixia (美夏)
Thrown out of an abusive home, Suki pretends to be Devin's girlfriend while she stays with his family. But what happens when pretend feelings become real? ...
Damien by the_rebellionxx
Damienby Rosie
Damien Stryker is a ruthless billionaire, but when Serena Mclane is forced to marry him, she hopes to find the mercy behind his cold eyes and strong hands. ****** Damie...
အမုန်းတို့အလွန် by MyoThiriMon8
အမုန်းတို့အလွန်by Dora Mon
" ရှင် တော်တော်အောက်တန်းကျပါလား ဦးအမိန့်သွေး ရှင်ကလေ စီးပွားရေးလုပ်ငန်းရှင်တောင် မဖြစ်ခဲ့သင့်ဘူး တကယ့်အောက်တန်းစား " " Omm !! ဟုတ်လိမ့်မယ် ကိုယ်က မင်းကိုမ...
Married my husband's brother  by kairavi_2501
Married my husband's brother by Kairavi Oberoi
Shanaya finds out on the first night about her husband's darkest secret. " What are you doing Aditya " said Shanaya in surprise. "You should obey your h...
Old Love ( အရွယ်လွန် အချစ် ) by Sms12790
Old Love ( အရွယ်လွန် အချစ် )by Ruby TT
အသက်လေးဆယ်ကျော် ခမည်းခမက် လူပျိုကြီး နဲ့ အပျိုကြီး ရဲ့ ဖူးစာ
In love with my husband by introvertGirl39
In love with my husbandby Shy Liar
"Is she your wife?" she asked hesitantly. "Yes", Avishek said no more. Is he not going to introduce me? I should leave. It's clear, they wanted to...
Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) by lhansenauthor
Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the Lina Hansen
Ike Wordsworth, a divorcee and rookie tour guide sent to Rome, struggles to survive a labyrinth of dark secrets, ancient mysteries and brutal murders. ...
Running With Scissors by Sam_le_fou
Running With Scissorsby Sam Camp
Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Peter Katz hires a hitman to take him out. But when a cure is discovered, Peter's got to outrun the assassin to stay alive! ***** When...
(1) Living As the Villainess Queen by Eenie_113
(1) Living As the Villainess Queenby Apple
'I want to travel to a place unknown to the many...' It was a passing wish to the weary and tired Eugene and she'd not think it'd ever come to pass... but it did. She op...
Me and My Family Affair by Jaibeee
Me and My Family Affairby Jaibee
She stepped inside my room in the middle of night and asked, "What are you doing right now?" "Nothing." I answered, "I was just planning to slee...
ကိုကိုလူဆိုး by apyarguru
ကိုကိုလူဆိုးby apyar guru
Heart of the Sky by GavGav7
Heart of the Skyby Gavin Hetherington
Brando Hallward is stuck on a transatlantic flight with his ex when he meets the suave Daxten Lowe. Maybe his luck is about to change. ...
'The devil has a name and it is Kim Taehyung' Every girl wants a bad boy who would be good just for her. But what happens when you get the ultimate bad boy, Satan himse...
Reckoning (Book 5, the Redemption Series) by henry_scott
Reckoning (Book 5, the Henry Scott
ORGINALLY A 'PAID' STORY. NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON/KU *** 4 CHAPTER SAMPLE HERE *** Jake Bryant must stop the criminal mastermind who orchestrated the murder of his best...
69 Dares (18+) by FastAndDeep
69 Dares (18+)by King Ethan
#22 Romance on 18/02/2016 He watched her with hawk like eyes and she shivered in both fear and excitement. This was wrong on so many levels but it was tempting. She coul...
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Love by magicallovely
Ruhani ~ The Language Of Loveby L A V L E E N
Sitting on the bed, I was waiting for my husband to arrive. It was our wedding Night. I rolled my toes as the visuals of him slowly touching my cheeks, making love to me...
Aishwarya ~ The Prince's Brown Bride by magicallovely
Aishwarya ~ The Prince's Brown L A V L E E N
Marriage had always been my dream but not to a man about whom I know nothing. The moment my father fixed an alliance of me to a Prince without even telling or asking me...
Return (Book 3, the Redemption Series) by henry_scott
Return (Book 3, the Redemption Henry Scott
ORGINALLY A 'PAID' STORY. NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON/KU *** 4 CHAPTER SAMPLE HERE *** After a great loss, Jake Bryant finds himself in Las Vegas. To fill the void in his...
Eridanus Flooding by RC_Pointer
Eridanus Floodingby Illiterate Author
FBI agent Jack Rhodes and Doctor V.C. Coldwater team up to solve a murder involving treason, secret government research, and the Uzbekistani black market. ...
Project Oxygen by violadavis
Project Oxygenby cate
When someone dies mysteriously during a Psych experiment, Rhiannon becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy that includes both the survivors and the killer. ...