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Hometown Hero by ThyBitch2
Hometown Heroby ThyBitch2
Dylan spends time in Iraq after Ella breaks up with her. Throughout her tour she receives letters from her one and only but when she goes home will it be the same?
  • love
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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The Class Prince (Boyxboy) ✔ by letsgohomehidee
The Class Prince (Boyxboy) ✔by Hidee
His husky voice with a sexual undertone echoed into my ears as I stood there, blinking blankly as I tried to process what he just said. "What?" I asked dumbfo...
  • bxb
  • teenfiction
  • youngadult
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Y.O.L.O (Boyxboy)✔ by letsgohomehidee
Y.O.L.O (Boyxboy)✔by Hidee
Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offere...
  • fluff
  • wattys2019
  • bisexual
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My Love  by anon-fiiles
My Love by Nikka
Sup. I'm Grenda Harsh. My last name kind of show up in my personality. Haha, kind of. I'm technically a huge dick in school and everyone knows that. I have a mortal en...
  • teenfiction
  • life
  • lgbt
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Expect The Unexpected  by LunaThinks
Expect The Unexpected by luna
College is coming soon, and Blake Warner is sure that his life is embedded into the dead-end that is Merritt Hills, Georgia. His mother has assured him millions of times...
  • angst
  • wattys2019
  • boyxboy
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Waiting Room by spoffyumi
Waiting Roomby Kate Spofford
Everyone at school knows Andrew Jackson Jennings. Lost an arm in a car accident. Openly gay. Future school shooter. Everyone at school knows Ryan Sullivan. Football capt...
  • highschool
  • depression
  • comingoutofthecloset
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Not Another High School Love Story 🗸 by AaronLeeSharp
Not Another High School Love Aaron Lee Sharp
Ugh, *rolls eyes* not another high school love story... [Twist on clichés] ---------------------------------------------------- *RANK* ·#1 || Closeted--5/7/19 ·#1 || Gay...
  • guyxguy
  • gayromance
  • gaylove
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Dorm Rooms by connorandjimin1010
Dorm Roomsby hey
Tommy Caron has just moved to California from Canada for college, what happens when he's assigned a dorm room with two lustful boys?
  • fiction
  • polyamory
  • romance
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The Devil's desire [BxB] by MelanieM00
The Devil's desire [BxB]by MelanieM00
Xavier Alexander Luciano He was used to being called a cold, heartless, arrogant and ruthless killer. Xavier is the most feared and respected mob boss in the underworld...
  • mobster
  • underworld
  • mafiaboss
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Deep Blue Sea ✔️ by WorldWriter_1
Deep Blue Sea ✔️by 🍉 𝓐 𝓢 𝓕 𝓔 𝓔 🍉
{COMPLETED/EDITED} [MANxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Blue' Series: Easton LeLand is a merman. He has lived in the sea all his life and never broke the rules. He knew that ther...
  • mate
  • sea
  • myth
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Rising Tide by varzanic
Rising Tideby N.A. Carson
Zale is a cry baby. He can't help it. He just gets so mad that the tears start flowing, which makes him even madder. It also doesn't help that the world is sinking. Unp...
  • brothel
  • wattys2019
  • prostitution
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Reject (mxm) by isabella_kai
Reject (mxm)by Isabella Kai
Paranormal Romance (Werewolf) You know that movie Jerry Maguire? It’s about this sports agent who got fired for suddenly having a conscience. Anyway, there’s this very r...
  • boyslove
  • paranormal
  • action
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Myles and Cole by avalonbwriting
Myles and Coleby avalonbwriting
Sixteen year old, quiet and anxious Myles Levine is just starting school again after being homeschooled for years. With his shyness getting to know people is hard, but w...
  • brothers
  • malexmale
  • bxb
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pizzaface | ✓ by xSahloFolinax
pizzaface | ✓by ❝I'll go with you❞
❝Pizzaface ❞ That's what they called him.
  • poc
  • taygetsthegay
  • diversity
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All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy) by shameless24
All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy)by Irrelevant
Ash Stymest has been to foster home to foster home. No one ever wanted to keep him, but most of the time he was taken out of homes because of the abuse. He is now curren...
  • lgbtlove
  • broken
  • lgbt
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Baby steps ∽『boy ✮ boy 』 by papa_is_everywhere
Baby steps ∽『boy ✮ boy 』by Omnipresence
Carter is a disabled 19 years old ex football player. After an accident one year ago, he was cursed to a lifetime in a wheelchair. Ryder is a bear sized 18 years ol...
  • lgbt
  • yaoinovel
  • mxm
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Deep Under  {ManxMan} by _A13XA_
Deep Under {ManxMan}by Alexa
Aquarius is a merman. He lives in the ocean, helps his tribe out, and enjoys life as much as he can. Being in his tribe is hard though, especially when he has to see all...
  • alpha
  • powers
  • beta
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Dad's Boss (BoyxBoy) by AmberNCollins
Dad's Boss (BoyxBoy)by amber
"But you're my dad's boss, what would happen if he found out?" "Doesn't matter. All that matters is that we're here, alone, now, no interruptions." ...
  • gayromance
  • love
  • manxman
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On The Contrary (Lesbian Story) by GladeWright
On The Contrary (Lesbian Story)by GladeWright
Ever since I can remember I've had a crush on the beautiful Claire Saunders, and basically everyone knows. Problem is, she's twenty-two years old and starting up her lif...
  • teenage
  • wattys2019
  • lesbian
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When A Jock Loves Hard (BXB) by RizzyLush
When A Jock Loves Hard (BXB)by Riz™️
BOOK ONE OF THE LOVING HARD SERIES Kai Jackson expected nothing more than a regular college life. Parties, football games, homecoming, brand new friends, but what caugh...
  • boyxboy
  • romance
  • manxman
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