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My Innocent Flower ( Jasper Hale x Maleoc) by Panda-Mon
My Innocent Flower ( Jasper Hale x...by PANDACHAN
Bella has a brother though no one knew about him; only because he had been in the hospital because of his asthma (it's really bad and he needs to have an air tank with h...
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Dragon Lover | B X B X B X B by buttercuppoptop
Dragon Lover | B X B X B X Bby whitebay
He gained a crush on three dragon-shifters of three warring tribes and received the same feelings. Now he could be the key to bringing an end to an ancient war. Too bad...
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Myles and Cole by avalonbwriting
Myles and Coleby avalonbwriting
Sixteen year old, quiet and anxious Myles Levine is just starting school again after being homeschooled for years. With his shyness getting to know people is hard, but w...
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Coffee & Nerves (boyxboy) by wonderingwhyy
Coffee & Nerves (boyxboy)by Leah
NEW VERSION IS PUBLISHED "He squints his eyes at me with an intense glare that makes me squirm. I don't know if it's the intense pain in my shoulder or his stare, b...
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The Betas Alpha by hailee0418
The Betas Alphaby Hailee
Jay is going to be the next alpha of the Blue Woods pack. With his birthday coming up in a week he is excited to find out who his mate will be. Let's just say, it wasn't...
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They're Just Killers by IAmWeird6789
They're Just Killersby I Don't Know Why-
Book 1 Alexzander was a normal boy, well as normal as you can get with two dead parents, and an aunt who believes all of her suffering is your fault. One night his life...
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Mafia's Errand boy (Mxb) by Lights_at_Midnight
Mafia's Errand boy (Mxb)by Lights at midnight
I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm decent looking, I have a humorous personality, and I go to your average high school. But then I find out that my dear old father had just so...
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Punk Isn't Romantic (boyxboy) ✔️ by llMusicsMyReligionll
Punk Isn't Romantic (boyxboy) ✔️by llMusicsMyReligionll
"His soft black hair spilled out around his face, framing his face perfectly. His jaw flexed and I could see his jawline was sharp as he sucked in more smoke- his c...
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Lab Partners by OminouslyAnonymous
Lab Partnersby Mora Montgomery
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When Elliot Goldman meets his sweet and charming new lab partner, Jordan Hughes, suddenly high school doesn't seem so bad. For the first time ev...
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Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️ by Fr0gsSayHi
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️by Fr0gsSayHi
Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school quarterback...
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Im Suddenly A Prince?! [BL] by WeirdPotat0
Im Suddenly A Prince?! [BL]by Gay Hoe
Yuuma Akio is what people can call as a doting older brother. He raised his younger brother alone after his parents died on a car accident. He matured rather quickly jus...
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The Drug Lord's Son (Completed) by Failedthetest
The Drug Lord's Son (Completed)by Absent_Author
"Last warning, Frank. Give it to us, or your little boy here sleeps with the fishes." He slammed the corded phone down and stared at me. "You better hope...
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Darko by mikelaangelo
Darkoby -ˏˋmikeˎˊ-
Thomas is about to step into his last year of high school and all he seems to care about is having fun, books and his best mates. Or at least he thought so, but little d...
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The Weirdos by Bleeding-beauty
The Weirdosby Bleeding-beauty
Jasper is 17 years old and the worst thing he's ever dealt with in his life was a move from California to Arizona and the death of grandparents he never knew. That is, u...
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Dawson is- most people who don't know him would say- as straight as they come. And senior year away from home promises to be a big year for him: no parents in sight, a w...
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Binnie Baby (Binwoo/binu)  by astroarohaz
Binnie Baby (Binwoo/binu) by ❤❤
"What's your name cutie?" "I-I'm M-Moonbin and I'm lonely" Eunwoo couldn't help but take this cute guy with him. In which Moonbin is a cat hybrid a...
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The Protagonist's Mother Hen {BL} by FellowRandomReader
The Protagonist's Mother Hen {BL}by Tyrannical Tee
Qing Yu, an unabashed 'Mother Hen' to the protagonist of his favourite web novel was devastated to find out that his beloved protagonist ended up with a lonely shitty en...
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Game, Set, Match by lost_cause7
Game, Set, Matchby lost_cause7
An inexperienced football team. A new captain. Or two. A different kind of hate. A true kind of love. Chase is a flame. Nate is a match. Watch them set alight. BO...
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Don't run from me frennn!!!| Bxb Hezo and pooter  by eatingtrippiesass
Don't run from me frennn!!!| Bxb H...by MyLilPooter👅💦
"I'm sorry daddy"... "are you gay?".....bxb This is fictional I just use these people to represent my characters.
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Captivated (Tom Riddle x Harry Potter) by Rose-Skull
Captivated (Tom Riddle x Harry Pot...by Tomarrybitxh
College AU (a/b/o dynamics) Porn with plot. Falling in love wasn't easy, let alone finding someone to fall in love with. But Harry, an omega attending school for the fir...
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