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My Hero Shippūden by TheMuscleLisa
My Hero Shippūdenby (Relatabletrash)
An AU where BNHA meets Naruto Shippūden! Kaguya teleports Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura into the world of My Hero Acadamia before they could seal her. They meet class 1-A in...
тнє αkα∂αмı cłαη by PastaCuki
тнє αkα∂αмı cłαηby Cuki
(A Naruto various x Reader story) In a world of uncertainty, disorder, and sadness, Y/n Akadami finds herself in the center of the world's most influential budding prota...
these days ✿ shisui uchiha by parkchanyeolling
these days ✿ shisui uchihaby kushina
→ AU✨ what happens when you put together a hyūga and an uchiha? well, haruki and shisui are about to find out. the hard way. {january 2019 to july 2019}
Naruto has an older brother? by Luna_Uchiha1
Naruto has an older brother?by Luna Uchiha
What happens when Naruto's Older brother returns to him.
Indra Otsutsuki Reborn by Luna_Uchiha1
Indra Otsutsuki Rebornby Luna Uchiha
What if Indra Otsutsuki was reborn in Naruto's time as Naruto's brother.
unconditionally ✿ itachi/sasuke uchiha by parkchanyeolling
unconditionally ✿ itachi/sasuke kushina
→ AU✨ you seemed to come out of the blue, but there was more to your mysterious arrival. {july 2014 to august 2014}
Tobirama Uchiha?! by Luna_Uchiha1
Tobirama Uchiha?!by Luna Uchiha
What if Tobirama Senju was reborn as an Uchiha. And ironically he was named after the man who he hates with every fiber of his being...Madara Uchiha.
Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
Uchiha Girl by killuas_glock
Uchiha Girlby killuasglock
"I thought you liked Sasuke?" "N-no, not really..." (Yandere themes!}
Legacy of a Senju (Sequel) by PrettyLilyAnime
Legacy of a Senju (Sequel)by PrettyLilyAnime
Haru Oshiro Senju returns to the leaf! Though she's not the same innocent genin that left, she comes back a beautiful kunoichi! She's instantly given all the love in th...
An Older Brother Always Protect Their Younger [Itachi and Sasuke Older Brother] by jennylam65
An Older Brother Always Protect Jenny Lam
An older brother always protects their younger which is Itachi and Sasuke. Right now he is 16 years old which is 3 years older than Itachi. He will not regret the path...
Kumogakure's Nightmare | Hidan × Reader by bokutobb
Kumogakure's Nightmare | Hidan ×
"Hidan, Kakuzu, today I have a capture mission for you two. Bring back y/n from Yukigakure." Kakuzu's eyes widen. "Her? But she's dangerous, what would we...
Yandere Naruto One Shots by GalaxyGaurd
Yandere Naruto One Shotsby GalaxyGaurd
Yandere naruto characters
A Taster of Modern Living -  Akatsukixreader by KittiAkatsuki
A Taster of Modern Living - KittiAkatsuki
What will the Akatsuki do when Tobi brings them an item that will change their lives and timeline for the next few weeks. Have they become soft or will they stay on thei...
Reborn in Naruto?!?! (Completed) by TheFuckYouSayBitch
Reborn in Naruto?!?! (Completed)by Sangwoo's.ashes.
Akio Takahashi loves anime with a passion especially Naruto. So when she gets hit by a truck, trying to save a puppy, and wakes up only to be a baby again in a completel...
DiSCERN (Naruto Fanfic) by -idxris
DiSCERN (Naruto Fanfic)by - aris. ♡♡
『 Gather a Handful of Courage in your Heart, to go on and Survive Another Day. 』 Itsuki was a Konoha ANBU that faced the Fourth Great Shinobi War and p...
Fox by Kyra6ann
Foxby Kyra Ann
Completed. FOX is the most mysterious person you could ever meet. All that they know about her is that she is a girl who joined the ANBU at age 4 and then mysteriously...
Things Change by -fairyhrs
Things Changeby 𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩.
Yandere!Naruto x Reader Everything changes. Naruto especially changes. All because of her. All Because Of Her. The story just isn't the same anymore.
Sakura's Sister Kakashi's Girlfriend by roxy639
Sakura's Sister Kakashi's roxy639
Ever wondered why Sakura tried so hard to look pretty and be smart? I'll answer you then, Sakura is neither an only child and far less the oldest of the two. Sakura's ol...