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Unspeakable (Todoroki x Mute Reader) by MHAlover2122
Unspeakable (Todoroki x Mute MHAlover2122
Unspeakable Todoroki x Mute Reader You were a extroverted, bubbly girl named Y/N L/N! You couldn't speak because a villain took your voice with his quirk when you were...
You can't leave | Todobaku by Abbi_Angst
You can't leave | Todobakuby Abbi :)
Todoroki discovers the reason behind bakugou's behaviour and strives determined to help him, but his emotions take an unexpected turn when their relationship gets closer...
Mine (BakuDeku Oneshots) by crashthyme
Mine (BakuDeku Oneshots)by crash
Just some BakuDeku oneshots. A little bit crack a little bit smut some of everything- I greatly appreciate scenario suggestions and I hope you like it //DISCONTINUED ;-;
My ChatFic Academia by TrashChan99
My ChatFic Academiaby Llama Microwave
Wats up my crack heads so um title says it all There's going to be ships in here so.. BUCKLE UP BITCHES My Ships - TodoMomo - KiriBaku - KamiJirou - TokoTsuyu - IidaMei ...
Reborned. (Male Akaza reader X MHA) by TFBRanni
Reborned. (Male Akaza reader X MHA)by TFB
When akaza blew himself up he wasn't able to go to heaven or hell he woke up but something was odd he was a baby but he had his abilities to see the battle spirit or oth...
Deku: Hero of Yardrat (Dragon Ball Z X My Hero Acadamia) by 9yearold99121
Deku: Hero of Yardrat (Dragon Historydude
Izuku Midoriya is a young quirkless boy with desires to become a hero even though everyone treats him less then dirt. This changes when Izuku saves a blue man in a weird...
Shigaraki x male reader by Eager_Enchantment
Shigaraki x male readerby Niko Cain
In this story you (the reader) are abused by your family until one day you are kidnapped by the league, they ask you tons of questions about heroes considering you are i...
aizawa x reader by ruby_emolife
aizawa x readerby ruby
Y/n Reinousha is a pro hero, who's been suddenly offered a teaching position at UA high and accepts(with all might). She finds Shota Aizawa happens to work at UA as well...
The Fallen Angel (bnha x oc) by Vermilion_S_Art
The Fallen Angel (bnha x oc)by Vermilion_S_Art
Quirk: to store and use any other quirk she touches. Permanently Every interaction makes her stronger. What will she do with this power, and who will it attract? Shout...
Charm []Various! BNHA x Reader[] by L3wdn3ss
Charm []Various! BNHA x Reader[]by ❤️Mae❤️
Charm /CHärm/ noun 1. the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. ~~~ "Hello! I'm (Y/n)! As of today, I'll be your new classmate!" The clas...
As Sukuna in The World Of Anime by TFBRanni
As Sukuna in The World Of Animeby TFB
Old Name As Sukuna In MHA Many would think being reincarnated with a system and as one of the most powerful characters is amazing but it's not all fun and games. This i...
Bakugo X reader lemon one shots by elles_mcr
Bakugo X reader lemon one shotsby elles
bakugo X female! reader one shots these will all more than likely be lemon but I may throw some angst and fluff for added spice I realized I'm struggling to commit to on...
The Unspoken by im-on-here-to-much
The Unspokenby im-on-here-to-much
"Hey Y/N" "Yeah Sho" "One day i'm going to marry you" ...
Husband Izuku x Wife Reader Scenarios  by StayLovelyandFab
Husband Izuku x Wife Reader LizzyBug
You are the wife of the #1 hero and along with that you two have a beautiful bouncy boy that looks just like his daddy!This will basically be about your crazy adventures...
Aizawa x Quirkless! Student! Reader by user34547292
Aizawa x Quirkless! Student! Readerby user34547292
You're a student fresh into the prestigious school of U.A. High halfway through the first year due to all the recent villain activity, just for your safety. You managed...
He's Back by sunnidae_
He's Backby sunnidae_
How did the most kind-hearted boy become so cold? Just what the hell happened to him during those months where he was declared dead? Midoriya was the class scapegoat d...
My Hero Shippūden by TheMuscleLisa
My Hero Shippūdenby (Relatabletrash)
An AU where BNHA meets Naruto Shippūden! Kaguya teleports Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura into the world of My Hero Acadamia before they could seal her. They meet class 1-A in...
promise me ( katsuki bakugou X Reader) COMPLETED by dorkzyy
promise me ( katsuki bakugou X hunky dorkzyy
"Don't... Don't do that again you dumbass... " "I love you too Katsuki " Child hood friends that were seperated for 10 years of their life. But ones...
True Emotions (Bakugou x Reader) by SmollSarah
True Emotions (Bakugou x Reader)by ~SmollSarah~
Y/n Suzuki, 17. Born the princess of the kingdom of Suzuki, Y/n has always been a outcast in her kingdom. With a useless quirk and the body of a female, she has always...
"Don't get shocked when I win!" (Male reader x My Hero Academia) by ImARealPerson74
"Don't get shocked when I win!" ( ImARealPerson74
You have a very powerful electricity quirk but it is seemingly uncontrollable. Until a teacher in the form of a very skilled swordsman comes along... I don't own My Hero...