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What is this 'Dimensional Chat' ? [Revision Phase] by MaouMaou442
What is this 'Dimensional Chat'...by Maou
[Re-Write] My name is Satria Akbar. I'm just an ordinary man in college with a part-time job, but when I see a kid who almost got crashed into by a truck, I save her, an...
Minus Ghoul by MCPELuisTuican
Minus Ghoulby MCPELuis Tuican
Tokyo, the capital of Japan with it's many districts as feeding grounds for the ghouls. The CCG with it's agents at their own advice hunt the ghouls. But what happens wh...
Banished Villainess by inlovewithmyselfduh
Banished Villainessby inlovewithmyselfduh
JAPANESE NOVEL Author : Ougi Tsukumo, Shirahadori, 扇つくも, 白羽鳥 Status : complete Chapter : 152 + epilogue Prince Leddorio had annulled his engagement with Chloe Sereknig...
The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A Yandere Harem?! by UnknownFate25
The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A...by UnknownFate25
The Mob Character Shouldn't Have A Yandere Harem?! 50 years ago, rifts started to open around the world. Portals to other dimensions. And with their appearance, so did t...
A Different World by 277fragkiller
A Different Worldby 277fragkiller
Peter is sent to an alternate world. One thats unlike any he's seen before. Will he find a way back home or will he stay in and find a better life in this new world.
Omni-AlienTrixHero! Story of The Second user! by PikDslayer
Omni-AlienTrixHero! Story of The S...by PikDslayer
The story is about another superhero character which is you on your story who becomes an omnitrix hero like Ben, but you are known to be the second user. You basically g...
Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End[1-200] by Hachouke
Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet...by Jin-Woo
Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End[1-200] The moment the little tyrant of the nobles, Roel Ascart, saw his stepsister, he recalled his memories. He realiz...
The Third Pilot (Evangelion x  Reader) by Alumina_
The Third Pilot (Evangelion x Rea...by Alumina
Y/n Ikari is a introverted person abandoned by his father as a kid. Now, years later, he is called back by him to do something. He doesn't know what, but the actions of...
HP: The Secret Heir. by Kuzumakun
HP: The Secret Heir.by Kuzuma-kun
A person dies and is sent into the world of Harry Potter but some things are different.
I'm Stuck on a Remote Island With the Male Leads by Blackbird_twit-twoo
I'm Stuck on a Remote Island With...by Blackbird
I'm stuck on a remote island with the male leads in an R-19 novel. I possessed Margaret, the villainess destined to be killed by the male leads after tormenting the fema...
Naruto Abandoned Heir(revamp) by LunaticFringe27
Naruto Abandoned Heir(revamp)by LunaticFringe27
Born 5 years before the Kyuubi Attack. Naruto Namikaze, the true heir, was abandoned by Kushina for his two younger sisters. Now the clan has returned and Naruto is a n...
My Sin by bixbix767
My Sinby XxMeixiangxX
Liu Quiaqio, the Empress of the Jin Dynasty has given his heart, soul, and body to the emperor, he loved him to the point it exhausted him, but the cold emperor only had...
Games Of Thrones: The Lost Hero by BLACKHOUSE97
Games Of Thrones: The Lost Heroby Edwing Vanegas
a reincarnated young man with a system that allows him to develop his abilities, with the condition of fulfilling missions from which he will be able to choose three opt...
Innocent Bam(Bam x Harem) by Bo_Ro_Ck
Innocent Bam(Bam x Harem)by Jumbo Ignir
What do you want? Power? Fame? All the treasures of this world? Or perhaps... Something much more tempting than this? Either way, you should climb! Climb to the very to...
Ex-Doctor Of Rhodes Island by zero252
Ex-Doctor Of Rhodes Islandby Zero
The Doctor of Rhodes Island is a good man, but even good men can be broken. He tried to endure the loneliness and resentment, but his patience and goodwill ran dry. Fol...
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune Arc) by Drunken_Crow
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune...by Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc... A Simple Boy Who Never Dreamed Of Being A Huntsman But Instead... A Knight... As He Gained Special Power. How Will This Simple Boy With A Dream Will Impact...
Recovering from Superior by 277fragkiller
Recovering from Superiorby 277fragkiller
Peter gets his body back from Otto. His name is cleared as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Now it's time to get his life together not knowing who will be brought along...
Lost Soul by BloodRave9
Lost Soulby BloodRave9
Peter Parker is a lost soul. He is underestimated by the avengers, his friends, other superheroes and even by his daughter felicity parker. He was not able to find lov...
Could've Been Worse [A Equestria Girls Fanfic] by ZenTrya
Could've Been Worse [A Equestria G...by ZenTrya
*CRASH* That was the last thing I remembered before I got here Okay let's start over My name is Y/n L/n very original I know, I was on my way to work then suddenly... *C...