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The Curse [BL] by XSw33tie
The Curse [BL]by XSw33tie
Ming Yu was a cute guy that goes to X high school. On the last day of his high school years, a girl from his class decided to confess to him in front of the class. Howe...
The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss! by chaniex24
The Idol Group Pet Became a Chan
*** NOT MINE :OFFLINE PURPOSES*** Xiang Yi was most famous vase in the entertainment industry. The subject of ridicule on the world wide web, she suddenly announced: She...
Spending The Villain's Money To Extend My Life -CHEAT SYSTEM-  by Nao027
Spending The Villain's Money To Nao027
#For Offline Purpose #Credits belong to the Author Gu Shishi, a master of traditional Chinese painting, transmigrated into the role of a cannon fodder in a cliché novel...
Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law by DooBoonew
Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Lawby DooBoonew
*Published for offline reading purpose only* ⚠️Not my story the author's name is given below. ⚠️ After dying alone in a mental institution, Fang JunRong discovered that...
I Became the Villain's Own Daughter by DooBoonew
I Became the Villain's Own Daughterby DooBoonew
*Not my story. Author's name given below* The villain, Lu Junhan, is so treacherous and cunning that he has done all sorts of bad things, and there is nobody in Hai Chen...
ATP (avoid the protagonist) :) by july-ariel
ATP (avoid the protagonist) :)by ariel
This is not my story. For offline purpose only!!! Credit goes to original author and translator(s) As tragedy befalls Xin Siyue, she soon finds herself transmigrated in...
My Fantastic Chef Wife by TayagGhurl
My Fantastic Chef Wifeby TayagGhurl
AUTHOR(S): 狄秋 _______________ _________ When she woke up again, she found herself become a peasants wife. Aunts constantly came to bully her families, and there were cra...
The Villain's Younger Sister (Completed) by JunoSmile
The Villain's Younger Sister ( Fairy
For offline reading only Not my story or translation All rights goes to the original owner Author(s) : Zhuge Jin 诸葛锦 Translator : Fringe Manatee Status in COO : 44 C...
Shekki's Shopping Online by LAmerica06
Shekki's Shopping Onlineby LAmerica
Die due to a careless driving, transmigrated in a novel, became a unwanted fiancee and betrayed by her half sister. Shekki's finally have some small fortune when she rec...
Trapped - Can I Escape The Cliché? by Ash7nvy
Trapped - Can I Escape The Cliché?by Ash7nvy
Why did I read so many werewolf books on wattpad that kinda have the same ending and plot? I shouldn't have done that. _________ Suddenly waking up in the werewolf world...
Transmigration: Raising The Child Of The Male Lead Boss by IAmJMaxxx
Transmigration: Raising The JMAXXX
Description: Yu Yaoyao was a snake spirit who died by lightning and as a result, transmigrated to a novel she had read in her past life. This third-rate actress had the...
Allea by itsRujihere
Alleaby ruji<3
//Rebirth// Allea's life can be summed up in one word -waste. Looking back all she could see was a girl running behind things -that never belonged to her. Allea never t...
[BL]  First Corpse Wife [Di Yi Shi Qi] by PurpleLove666
[BL] First Corpse Wife [Di Yi Mint Kawashima
Original Title: 第一尸妻 Status: Ongoing Author: Jin Yuanbao Status in COO: 376 Chapters (Completed) RAW Novel: Transmigrate...
The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking Broadcast by rc_novels
The Film Emperor's Daily Live rc_novels
Translator: sleepy.little.mushrooms (Chrysanthemum Garden) Author: Drunken Light Song On the Star Network there is a gourmet food broadcast, where all you can see are a...
ITOR: I Raised the Demonic Duke's Son by maidenduchess
ITOR: I Raised the Demonic Duke' Marchioness
[ completed ] "You are the mother of my son. In short you are my duchess..." Begin: 09-10-2020 End: 12-08-2020
The Villain's Sister Suffers Today (Complete) by That_sloth
The Villain's Sister Suffers That_sloth
(Not mine. only for offline purpose) Alternative The Villain's Sister is Suffering Again Today, 악당의 누나는 오늘도 고통 받고 The Villain's Sister Suffers Today novel is a popular l...
In the Apocalypse, Jiao Jiao Struggled Every Day by winter_yanyan
In the Apocalypse, Jiao Jiao yanyan
Su Ruanruan entered a book of eschatology. The male protagonist inside the story is a demon who likes to pretend to be weak. And she became the villain female partner...
病弱反派饲养指南 (GTRSV) by JunoSmile
病弱反派饲养指南 (GTRSV)by Fairy
Guide To Raising the Sick Villain For offline reading only Not my story or translation All rights go to the original owners Author(s) : 小孩爱吃糖 Translator : Kaelyn Source...
Because of the Time Limit, She Became the Daughter-In-Law of the Villain by yourwebnovel
Because of the Time Limit, She YourWebNovelHaven
The final villain is being deceived by his young time-limited daughter in law who was possessed. If I die at the right time, I will marry his son. The problem is, I alre...
Another World: Book I by mspremier
Another World: Book Iby 〰〰〰
In the novel "The Prince and the Peasant", the male lead prince Chen Heng Li was once betrothed to the Western Border's General first daughter, Bai Fan. But th...