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My Hottie Tutor (Completed) by Niharfiction1
My Hottie Tutor (Completed)by Nihar
This story contain highly mature content. so read it on your risk. This story doesn't relate with any practicality in anyway.
In His Bed (18+) by authorphoebemorris
In His Bed (18+)by Phoebe Morris
After years of insults and backstabbing from her best friend, Faith, Hailey's got a wicked plan for revenge - and it involves Faith's devastatingly attractive father, Ja...
Annabelle's Will by LeeleeKez
Annabelle's Willby Lily Orevba
Born a slave, made an heiress, Annabelle must battle a society unwilling to accept her and a love that threatens to ruin her in order to keep her freedom. ...
The Frenchman Chosen Bride✔️(Completed) by henryblaisekylian
The Frenchman Chosen Bride✔️( The 9ja Frenchman 🇳🇬🇫🇷🇳🇬
He needs an heir -- she's carrying his baby Being swept off her feet by a tall, bronzed Frenchman isn't on Vanessa Bryant's holiday list of things to do. But Rafael Xavi...
The Homewrecker by cjthevixen
The Homewreckerby cjthevixen
Mya's school girl crush on her best friend's dad is innocent enough, but the innocence of it all quickly delves into darker, forbidden desires. She tries to fight it; to...
Come Back To Me: Mafia Romance (18+ Only) by alekseixx
Come Back To Me: Mafia Romance ( alekseixx
Book Two in the I Am Not A Prostitute series. Warning: Mature Audiences Only!! -Strong Sexual Content -R-rated language -Adult situation #2in Romance on 12/29/20 Book...
How to Destroy a Rich Boy by miadaley17
How to Destroy a Rich Boyby Mia Daley
How do you get your hands on a whole load of cash? By manipulating an ego-centric rich boy, that's how. Sophie Wright wasn't always a Golddigger, but what's a poor coll...
His Biggest Challenge [MAFIA ROMANCE] by nicxlewritess
His Biggest Challenge [MAFIA nicolewrites
When the most notorious mafia lord the world has ever known is forced to cooperate with a boss lady (who thinks she is) as cold as him, a lustful journey of desire, sedu...
The Stepfather by s4lin4
The Stepfatherby Paris class
"Shh...Don't wake up your mother princess." Salina a true vixen grew up spoiled, all her life she has gotten what she wanted when she wanted. That's until Mr...
Creed of the Leviathan II by Riyenntw
Creed of the Leviathan IIby Riyenntw
After years of trying to stay out of each other's lives, Emmanuelle and Mattia are faced with a new situation that brings them together, once again having to fight again...
THE FALLEN ONE by lillac_12
THE FALLEN ONEby lillac_12
Evelyn (eve).... Looked at kai and realized if that incident hadn't happened Would they have been able to meet ? And loved each other till the end. But will they be abl...
The Sins Of A Mudurer  by Iam_LewaKulture
The Sins Of A Mudurer by Adewumi Ayomikun Hannah
The Sins Of A Mudurer, is a scorching masterwork of love, lust, seduction, corruption, suspense, betrayal and murder. The story embarks on a fabulously wealthy jeweler P...
Secrets Of Ibiza  by lamiilemiya
Secrets Of Ibiza by lamiilemiya
A nudge and a shove set forth an interesting love triangle for the valedictorian of her class who has just been offered an internship at a prestige media house in Ibiza...
LUST IN LOVE (Updating) by Hopeworld_v
LUST IN LOVE (Updating)by Hopeworld_v
An elegant, empowered and a dazzling woman. She's a famous fashion designer and also the C.E.O of the Victorian Glamour Corp. But until one day...she just wanted to unwi...
Crestridge Academy by Cali2435
Crestridge Academyby Cali2435
This story follows a group of students who attend Biscayne Bay, the country's most elite boarding school, where more than rules and hearts will be shattered. This year i...
What the Depths Hide by TylerRudd6
What the Depths Hideby TylerRudd6
Not many live to talk about what lies deep in our waters. Drop-dead gorgeous creatures of the sea have swum under the radar since the beginning of time. With a group of...
Seducing Mr Badmus  by temmydamsel
Seducing Mr Badmus by temmydamsel
Katherine Johnson, a young woman in her mid twenties vowed to have the man of her dream either by fair or fail mean, even if he happens to be her sister's husband. Brian...
you're mine, and mine alone. Yandere female!neko × female reader by thefallenangel663
you're mine, and mine alone. Yan_Anne555
you're y/n. A lonely 21 year- old bisexual college girl walking on your way to your car from a shop, until you hear a pained groan coming from an alleyway. it startled y...
Billionaire Bachelors: Abacceus Cooper [COMPLETED] by sweetden_
Billionaire Bachelors: Abacceus nize
After a mind-blowing sex, Kareen left Abacceus not thinking that he remember her. She's a married woman, kahit pa loveless marriage iyon ay pinagtaksilan pa rin niya ang...