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PokéTrainers x Reader REQUESTS OPEN! by Wabbajackle
PokéTrainers x Reader REQUESTS 🌙✨DreamCatcher✨
Requests open! Feel free to comment! [✦Pokemon Legends Arceus Included!] The earlier chapters do have a few spelling errors and are a bit cringy/cliche, but I'm not goin...
Arcane Academy by Demigod_Queen88
Arcane Academyby Ashlee Jo Stafford
First off, NOT MY STORY as always. Credit goes to ame3565 I got it off of ff but it can also be found on AO3. However, it is not on here so I thought to give it to you f...
Scars of Alera by cloudedwithstories
Scars of Aleraby Grace
When a murder shakes her tiny village, Alera will discover a horrifying link between the scars on her arms and the werewolves and vampires that stalk her home. ...
Lava Cat Cruise Ship by MeaghanMcIsaac
Lava Cat Cruise Shipby Meaghan McIsaac
When luxury cruiseliner The Silver Queen finds giant, parasitic saber-tooths onboard, it's up to the captain's son to save both the ship, and all of humankind. ...
Harry Potter x Parent!Female!Reader by IrisKnights17
Harry Potter x Parent!Female!Readerby Iris Irhan Knights
You are reborn into the Harry Potter World. The world you saw the movies and read the books about. You never imagined it would happen, but here you are. And you have a g...
Being Adopted By A Demon (Completed)  by SassySugarLips
Being Adopted By A Demon ( S.S.L
There was a girl, living with her poor parents, she was only seven years old, but she can already do the house chores, and she can even cook very well too, she's not jus...
The vampire's maid by LoryKuraimel
The vampire's maidby Lory Kuraimel
I bite my lip in order to prevent any noises from slipping out and pull one last time. The rope falls off of my wrists and I am finally free. I stand up and run. I run a...
Maybe It Won't Be So Bad by Accio_Kyro
Maybe It Won't Be So Badby 《Kyro/Moony》
Harry leaves after the Durley's abuse causes him to go through creature inheritance early and become a werewolf. Who else could he run to besides Sirius and Remus, but...
Species Unknown [Book 2: Pisces) by fantasynote
Species Unknown [Book 2: Pisces)by Anna
*MERMAN ROMANCE* Moving from the warm beaches of Oahu to the rocky shores of Monterey, California was supposed to be a fresh start for college graduate Leilani Ono. Howe...
Assassin angel (Natasha Romanoff x G¡p Reader) by barianna112
Assassin angel (Natasha Romanoff Hot girl lover
Before man kind was created there was an angle who was the strongest of all beings of her kind and one fateful action changed things. Y/n y/l/n, fallen angel and now rul...
Infectious Crimson (M. Yandere x Fem. Reader) by Cloakedranger
Infectious Crimson (M. Yandere x Cloakedranger
This is the prequel to "The Infectious Series." The first book in the series is "Infectious Intent," second is "Infectious Devotion" and th...
Lovebite [Taegyu] ✔️ by vnssjnnhyun
Lovebite [Taegyu] ✔️by *.✧
Beomgyu was sent to kill the last heir of the Kim's family who is hiding in the human world. During his time in the human world, he met Taehyun. He somehow started devel...
A Journey In Another World by anotherworld_4
A Journey In Another Worldby A Journey In Another World
A group of friends were having a normal evening, When suddenly a big asteroid came into the earth's Atmosphere. And Destroyed the world killing everything that existed...
The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivorsby Amanda Havard
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
Brett Talbot Imagines by ChyneAshly
Brett Talbot Imaginesby Chy Ash
❗️ON GOING❗️FIRST CHAPTERS UNDERGOING *MINOR* EDITING ❗️ ❗️CLICK FOLLOW TO SEE THE OTHER CHAPTERS ❗️ ~o~O~o~ Brett Talbot imagines! YEY! Making more Brett Talbot imagin...
Isaac Lahey Imagines by ChyneAshly
Isaac Lahey Imaginesby Chy Ash
❗️ON GOING❗️FIRST CHAPTERS UNDERGOING *MINOR* EDITING ❗️ ❗️CLICK FOLLOW TO SEE THE OTHER CHAPTERS ❗️ ~o~O~o~ Isaac Lahey Imagines (and maybe some Daniel Sharman) Request...
Elizabeth Cutter | Primeval by RachelGBWriter
Elizabeth Cutter | Primevalby RAE
Eight years after the disappearance of her mother, Elizabeth and her father Nick discover anomalies: portals in time that link between eras throughout all of history. E...
Stellar by harperlbrennan
Stellarby (s) harpie
Anastasia Ellis is the commander of the Demeter Space Station, having worked her way up from an engineer to an astronaut, and finally a commander, in the past seven year...
The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1) by ArtemisDianaJackson
The Past Gods Read The Percy 💞Artemis Diana Jackson💞
The demigods from the future are being sent back to Ancient Greece time to.... read books??!!! Well, The Seven, Nico, Thalia, Rachel, and Grover are being sent back. The...