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Loving My Best Friend by HashtagAmourshipper
Loving My Best Friendby HashtagAmourshipper
In this magnificent world, there are magcial creatures, and one of those creatures are werewolves, and there's one named Chase. Chase has crush on his Werewolf bestfrien...
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Blood and Tears by Azallya
Blood and Tearsby Azallya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability to tra...
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Yandere Mythical and Greek Gods Oneshots  (requests closed) by ItsCatbus
Yandere Mythical and Greek Gods Pussy Transportation
This is a oneshot book of Greek Gods and mythical creatures. This is the second book I'm doing about this (My first one is on my other account @GiecoZilla ) so request a...
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Glass Prison by andielexxis
Glass Prisonby Andie S.E.
#1 IN MERFOLK (06.2019) #1 IN MERPEOPLE (07.2019) #1 IN MERS (07.2019) #1 IN FAY (08.2019) #1 IN FAIRIES (10.2019) #1 IN MERMAID (10.2019) #2 IN ROMANCE (10.2019) #3 IN...
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The alphas stubborn mate by nicosiakerapa
The alphas stubborn mateby nicosiakerapa
Adriane is fed up waiting for her mate, she's stubborn, smart mouthed , feisty and has a whole lot of attitude! In the coming of the 4th year round of the mates fest Adr...
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Yandere x Reader Oneshots by PyromaniacalKitten
Yandere x Reader Oneshotsby PyromaniacalKitten
Obsessive. Possessive. Agressive. It's certainly a strange definition of love. for things I wanted to write but didn't want to make a full story of, and to take requests...
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Moon Touched | Feral Sins book 2 by Vibrantly_sassy
Moon Touched | Feral Sins book 2by Aurora
Irene Lockridge knows she is nothing but a weak human living Living in a world full of lust for power and blood or so everyone thought. With tattered body and scarred me...
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The Kids Aren't Alright by b_a_mcdermott
The Kids Aren't Alrightby B.A. McDermott
EDITOR'S CHOICE- "It's midnight, and I'm being arrested by my dad." [COMPLETED] The year is 1988, and four teenagers-- Finn, Ronan, Becca, and Jasper-- are spe...
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The Hydra Sin (SDS) by klypso01
The Hydra Sin (SDS)by klypso01
It's a well-known fact that The Seven Deadly Sins were once the most fearsome warriors in the kingdom of Liones. No one would have dared step in their way, but nothing g...
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Bloodlines: Deceived ~Book 2~ by Squeaks7
Bloodlines: Deceived ~Book 2~by SJ Moquin
There is a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline... ~*~*~*~*~*~ Sloane is just your regular recent college graduate, navigating lif...
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Wife of the Demon Emperor by Evelyn97Park
Wife of the Demon Emperorby Evelyn Park
Yu Long is the Second Prince of Qinshen, a small kingdom in ancient China. He is known to be the most beautiful being in the kingdom. He is also a prominent cultivator i...
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The Call Of Thalassa by BlueRose_712
The Call Of Thalassaby BlueRose_712
Book 1 of The Ocean's Secrets Series This story begins in a small village by the sea. It is about a girl, beautiful and willful, that finds herself attracted by the ocea...
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READY AIM FIRE *A Captain America Fanfic* by kTBrooke1
READY AIM FIRE *A Captain kTBrooke1
"It could be worse." Steve tries to calm Tony down, "I'm not going to hurt her, Tony!" "Say that to the hole you left in my ceiling...
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Abnormal - VKOOK by KpopElla101
Abnormal - VKOOKby 𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓪♡
Taehyung a normal human living a normal life. Until when he goes to his new school everything changes. Just by meeting a boy?
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Yandere! Mythical Creatures X Reader! *On Hold* by KAZESHINNI
Yandere! Mythical Creatures X
⚠BEWARE! ⚠ STRONG language AND triggering themes. Not for soft-hearted, and underaged audiences who get scared easily. This is collection of yandere stories afterall. ...
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Loving the devil (Jimin ff) by fanfic-originals
Loving the devil (Jimin ff)by 시웬
Jimin the well known angel is not what we used to know. He is a devil in disguise and Yoona was stopping him from completing his life goal Previous title: Bewitched by...
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Better Off by Abigail_Irene
Better Offby Abigail
"I, Alpha Aubrey Higgins, of the Dark Moon Pack, reject you, Alpha Alexander Ashmore, of the Red River Pack, to be my mate." I whisper to him, then walk off. I...
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Rewind Villainess! by MonoPanPan
Rewind Villainess!by Mono Panda
Why was she here? She had asked herself a number of times but never seemed to remember. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't even control her body and emotions. It w...
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Betrothed to the Moon by MasterOvGravity
Betrothed to the Moonby MasterGrav
Sometimes, you can't save everyone and sometimes, to save everything, something still has to be lost. To the Olympians, it was the god of heroes. To Apollo, it was his b...
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One Piece X Reader ~ Oneshots by TsundereNami-chan
One Piece X Reader ~ Oneshotsby TsundereNami-chan
" Beware, thou shall see...Danger will occur if warning is ignored. " °*°*°*°Beasts are still lurking from the shadows, as One Piece world combines with the My...
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