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Incest Journey by 01MK1099
Incest Journeyby mk9999
Read how a son saw the horny side of his mother. Then he fucked her and their relationship came across many ups and downs
Moon Child by thefeelsofbooks
Moon Childby 🍍Alyssa🍍
Book one Estrella had always been different from the other moon children. Whilst the others would fawn over the mates falling in love below them, she was falling in love...
My Dominant Daddy by NicoleABKHR1
My Dominant Daddyby WinterWolfxWhiteFang
This is an adult book. If you have an questions just ask. Hope you all like the book ^-^
After School Special  by MissKinkyKitten
After School Special by MissKinkyKitten
Story of 18 year old Amber Jones this is her journey through life and lust. Not edited be aware of spelling and grammar errors adult content
hottie next door by SirNate420
hottie next doorby Nathan g
she was a hot babe from next door who seduced her neighbor
Joe Biden's girl by Chantellethecool1
Joe Biden's girlby Chantellethecool1
You met Joe Biden and he has made you his slut
Prison Bride by CallieZahn
Prison Brideby CallieZahn
General Coal was sent to another country to start a war. one of the places he attacked was a highschool, he killed everyone but a single girl whom he kidnapped and broug...
Lusting Desire one-shot collection by CyprusFirey
Lusting Desire one-shot collectionby Cyprus Firey
R18 This stories are purposely created to fulfill you darkest and kinkiest desire. I am open for story suggestions or request ❣️
TAEKOOK oneshot  by taelovekookiee7
TAEKOOK oneshot by tae's little kookiee
this is a collection of taekook , jikook , yoonmin, namjin stories
Going 78 Miles Per Hour | ✓ by NeekieWriter
Going 78 Miles Per Hour | ✓by allora 🫧
Dahlia Gray has the opportunity to leave. In a home that leaves her mentally exhausted at every small occurrences, she manage to snag a once-in-a-lifetime internship tha...
Daddy's Little Secret  by GlamAuthor
Daddy's Little Secret by GlamAuthor
No need for a description. Just enjoy my creativity 💞 Xoxo, Glam💋
Peppa and George pig Fanfic by Roxy_moonstars
Peppa and George pig Fanficby Roxy_moonstars
Peppa pig and George pig are left home alone. Sussy Baka.
ပန်းတစ်ပွင့် ကြွေလွင့်ခြင်း by lukesan123
ပန်းတစ်ပွင့် ကြွေလွင့်ခြင်းby lukesan123
ချစ်သူတစ်ဦးရဲ့ ပန်းဦးခြွေဇာတ်လမ်း
In-Your-Heart ❤️ (Completed) by NweYeikNgin
In-Your-Heart ❤️ (Completed)by Khet Wai
ရင်ခတ်ပန်း အရမ်းရှေးရိုးဆွဲတဲ့ မိသားစုက ကြီးပြင်းလာတဲ့သူမက မိဘစိတ်တိုင်းကျ အလုပ်ကိုဦး‌ေဆာင်‌ေနပြီး လူကြီးတစ်ယောက်လို ပြုမူနေပေမဲ့ တကယ်တမ်းတော့ သူမရဲ့ အခြားတစ်ဖက်က ခေတ်ပ...
When Love Lasts (OC) by autumn_leii
When Love Lasts (OC)by autumn_leii
"မနက်မိုးလင်းလို့ မျက်လုံးနှစ်လုံးပွင့်လာတဲ့အခါ ကိုယ်အတွေးထဲရောက်လာတတ်သူက မဒီကလွဲပြီးဘယ်သူမှမရှိဘူး" "မဒီ ရှင်နဲ့အတူတူရှိနေရတာကို သဘောကျပါတယ်" Bar တစ...
Daddies girl by RobertTaylorLord
Daddies girlby RobertTaylorLord
An encounter between daddy and daughter
💮 တောရိုင်းပန်း 💮 (Completed) by NweYeikNgin
💮 တောရိုင်းပန်း 💮 (Completed)by Khet Wai
😪😪😪😪😪😪 ဒီမိန်းကလေးကို ချစ်မိသွားမယ်လို့ ကျွန်တော် ဘယ်တော့မှ မတွေးမိဖူးဘူး #လွင်ဇမ္ဗူ 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝 ကောင်ချောလေးမြင်တာနဲ့ ဖူဂျီမ ကျွန်မဘဝက ဘယ်ကောင်လေးနဲ့ တွဲ ရှစ်ရမလ...
Kendall Jenner vs Mechanical Bull by SKRTVMPRE
Kendall Jenner vs Mechanical Bullby Skirt Vampire
Kendall Jenner was no stranger to wearing skimpy clothes and showing off for the common folk. She absolutely loved it. What she didn't like was surprises and tonight she...