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Random smut oneshots <3 by notmeredithgrey
Random smut oneshots <3by notmeredithgrey
TW: contains sexual and mature content Disclaimer: all characters are fictional and of legal age Just random dreams/thoughts i have from time to time. Please excuse any...
Ethan Landry : Oneshots - Scream 6 by Cookie874
Ethan Landry : Oneshots - Scream 6by Cookie874
"Are you okay?" Ethan took my hand in his and looked at my wrist. It was no visible marks, but it still hurt a little. Him touching my hand made my skin scream...
Satisfy me by anonnybored
Satisfy meby justbored
full of dirty imagines, gay lesbian straight idec. everything's in here like CNC somno an4l everything. (⚠️May include taboo)
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Vinnie Hacker• One Shots  by thegirlyfrom
Vinnie Hacker• One Shots by thegirlyfrom
One shots of Vinnie Hacker. just read it, i know you want to. i write All My stories If he sometimes accidently reads this, i am not trying to sexualize anyone!
One Chicago one-shots by PoppadomWrites
One Chicago one-shotsby Poppadom
This is just me writing a bunch of one shots that are either of my own or have been requested. All of these were originally from tumblr. These are all from the readers/Y...
✨ Sectumsempra ✨ Harry Potter Imagines and One-shots by captaingryffindor
✨ Sectumsempra ✨ Harry Potter ➷𝕾am. . .❞
Ever imagined, how will it be to date Harry Potter? Meeting Draco's parents? Sharing a pudding with Ron? Inventing joke products with twins? Pranking with the Marauders...
Five/Aidan/Nicky Imagines by 1-800-L0VESTRUCK
Five/Aidan/Nicky Imaginesby 𝚁𝚞𝚝𝚑
Just a bunch of imagines Second Imagines book is up, so go check that out!
GHETTO (JenLisa) by jenlisatonin
GHETTO (JenLisa)by M
→18+← ONE SHOTS For JenLisa shipper only This book is for entertainment only, don't take it seriously. jenlisatonin (3/18/22)
Batfamily imagines and one shots! by lwjawwx
Batfamily imagines and one shots!by _Cjt_
Request book! ~REQUESTS ARE CLOSED~ Go check out Book 2 :)
Nezha Boyfriend Scenarios/One Shots by yahiko_uchiha
Nezha Boyfriend Scenarios/One Shotsby Dead Inside But My Hands Are...
Art is not mine, first of all. So the characters will be Nezha Ao Bing And that's it Unless there are other characters you want me to include- I don't own Nezha or any c...
!! Tokio Hotel Oneshots !! by lrsysrl
!! Tokio Hotel Oneshots !!by ✮ NOELLE ✮
Basically what the title says M.I.R. : #28 oneshots Possibly will be smut 🫢 TW's if necessary. 'x reader' :)
corpse husband oneshots by fxckmikey
corpse husband oneshotsby fxckmikey
oneshots of corpse husband requests always welcome :)
Spider-Son & Iron Dad one shots by Eccentric_Grace
Spider-Son & Iron Dad one shotsby grace
A whole bunch of funny, cute one shots for our favourite father-son duo in the MCU:)
Drarry One Shots//BoyxBoy by lavender_felix
Drarry One Shots//BoyxBoyby lavender_felix
DracoxHarry one shots❤️💚 For all the lovely Drarry shippers out there! Art for the cover is not mine. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy! Highest rankings: #1 in...
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin Oneshots by paulwalkerswidow22
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin Oneshotsby Kayla Romanoff
A compilation of Green Goblin/Norman Osborn fanfics created by me xx ⚠️Contains smut⚠️ Top Rankings: #1 in Willem Dafoe #1 in Norman Osborn #2 in Green Goblin #9 in Spid...
Narusasu Oneshots by njboyz_alvaro
Narusasu Oneshotsby njboyz_alvaro
This book is just a bunch of oneshots I'll be making. you are free to give me any ideas that you would like also their will be LEMON AND FLUFF in these stories. If you d...
COD Oneshots  by cl0wnafterhours
COD Oneshots by Clown
An assortment of oneshots for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. 🔥 For smut 🫧 For fluff 💥 For angst Requests are (open), DM or comment :)
Bakugou Katsuki x reader one shots by Montana21Michaelis
Bakugou Katsuki x reader one shotsby Montana21Michaelis
Requests are always opens. Message me the details.
Here For You || Mama Spider and Spider Son Oneshots by Natspxrker
Here For You || Mama Spider and Romonovasfate4
Different one shots centered around Peter with Natasha as his mother figure: ) Unless I say otherwise at the beginning of a chapter, the story of Peter and Natasha is th...