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Housemates (boyxboy) by brokendreamzzz
Housemates (boyxboy)by lai
BOYS' LOVE Cade Weeks confesses his feelings for his housemate who takes off right after hearing them. Months pass and his housemate, Alec DeClair, returns home and Cade...
Vampire and Me/ Werewolf and Me by Lbforev
Vampire and Me/ Werewolf and Meby Lauren 🖤🤍💜
My name is Edwin. I'm a vampire. My name is Cole. I'm a werewolf We were born to be enemies. We are forced to be together however. Same school and everything 🙄 We hav...
I See You by AmesMax
I See Youby AmesMax
**Characters from the Campus Crush series. PLEASE READ ALL THE CAMPUS CRUSH BOOKS FIRST Even the strongest couples are imperfect. Casper finds himself in a position he n...
UNKNOWN ID (pansmione) [girlxgirl] by whorerstories
UNKNOWN ID (pansmione) [girlxgirl]by nessie
A Harry Potter AU in which a budding romance occurs between Pansy Parkinson and Hermione Granger after Pansy decides to go after the thought-to-be-straight Hermione Gran...
Dreamnotfound | Oneshots by pleeeeeaseno
Dreamnotfound | Oneshotsby pleeeeeaseno
Minecraft isn't the most romantic game out there, but it can make people fall in love. Just at the break of a block. 💫Important💫 Chapters with sensitive topics are ma...
Dead Boys (boyxboy) by Hannah_lemon_meh
Dead Boys (boyxboy)by Hannah
After two years of being ruthlessly bullied, Bellamy's parents decided it would be a good idea to pluck the boy from his school and throw him into a new one. At this sch...
GxG Book Recommendations by landriegrace
GxG Book Recommendationsby landriegrace
Just tons of recommendations for some good gxg books!! If you have any you would like me to add to the list or read for myself, just leave a comment!
You light me up by sabrinaroosevelt2020
You light me upby sabrinaroosevelt2020
This is a story about 17 year old Sandra Hart starting her last year of high school. She meets her new math teacher Ms. James who seems laid back and cool. Sandra loves...
The Hot Nerd~|Jikook| by Mylabsharryshy
The Hot Nerd~|Jikook|by Jikook_is_Real
What would you do if you accidentally spank the wrong person ass? thinking it was your bestfriend? Yep! I spank the hot nerd holy booty not just once- but twice... and t...
It just... happened? (boyxboy) by leo4500
It just... happened? (boyxboy)by :Leo:
Before I knew it my shirt was torn away from my torso and tossed on the floor, Charlie's doing the same. Our kiss intensified and I felt him groan against my lips. I swe...
Female Reader X Female Characters  by chokeonafruitypebble
Female Reader X Female Characters by Bow
Imagines, oneshots, etc. I don't write smut!❌❌🚫 I do not write smut! 🙅🏻🚨❌ I do write angst!✅ I do write fluff!✅ And sometimes there's sexual comments and or referen...
The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy) by beautiful_and_damned
The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy)by Madeleine Wrangell
[Completed] Asher's life revolves around two things; being popular and his boyfriend, Danny. Unfortunately for Asher, these things don't really coincide, so he leads...
LGBTQ Memes by panicking_maddy
LGBTQ Memesby ᴘɪxᴇʟ ɢʜᴏꜱᴛ
LGBTQ memes to renew, refuel, and replenish your gayness
Bunny Love (Foxy x Bonnie) by _Lost-in-stars_
Bunny Love (Foxy x Bonnie)by _Lost-in-stars_
When Foxy and Bonnie fall for each other, they don't expect things to go so crazy. Foxy found himself denying his feelings at first before he gave in and accepted the cr...
Lgbtq+ Memes by Deathstandsbehindyou
Lgbtq+ Memesby Death_stands_behind_you
The title says it, I guess. Just some English memes about lgbtq+ Everyone's welcome, no matter which sexuality, skin colour, religion or whatever - except from haters...
Instashoot (Larry Stylinson AU) by jungkooksv
Instashoot (Larry Stylinson AU)by chanyeol’s hoe
AU where it all started on Instagram and naked photoshoots.
Chocolate | BxB |✔ by vizirs
Chocolate | BxB |✔by WANDERING
" But the dare is so easy, all you gotta do is pass the chocolate." " Through a kiss! " College life is already hard but Cale's friends had decided t...
Gay Oneshots by tanner_boyce4
Gay Oneshotsby Tann
Just some Gay Osne shots
Aftermath [Ironstrange] by Ezuslx
Aftermath [Ironstrange]by ➶ Aven ➶
After the Avengers defeat Thanos, they decide to go on a vacation to celebrate and, most importantly, clear their minds. Though Tony Stark can't stop worrying about what...
To My Friend I Loved Before (Katsuki Bakugo x Male! Reader) by pip___
To My Friend I Loved Before ( Philip
{Extra chapters now or something} You and Katsuki were best friends when you were little! You went everywhere together! Until one day when you had to move hours away. Bo...