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The Teacher Inside Me [completed] by Anthony_Auswat
The Teacher Inside Me [completed]by Anthony Auswat
In this twisted gay thriller, a high school student named Liam can't stop fantasizing about his hot, straight, married English teacher, Mr. Hilton. After an awkward meet...
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Life Sucks If You're Married To A Billionaire by Krystel_Grace69
Life Sucks If You're Married To A...by Krystel Grace
Truly, life sucks for the stubborn Kei. Since he turned 21, he hated how his life turned up for the worst. Why, you may ask? It is all because of the devious Jace Langlo...
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Hunter's Hidden Camera [completed] by Anthony_Auswat
Hunter's Hidden Camera [completed]by Anthony Auswat
In this demented gay thriller, a high school student named Hunter installs a spy camera in the room of his older brother, Nash, whose sexual adventures are a sight to be...
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Bullied (BoyxBoy) by Kale_Brown
Bullied (BoyxBoy)by Offset YRN
Ethan Parker, A student of the Riverdale High School was Being bullied by Your Your typical Homophobe Named Derek Sparks. #66 in Short Story Caution: This is a Gay Story...
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If you really love me (Hiro x Tadashi)  by Black__Cherrie
If you really love me (Hiro x Tada...by Kîttÿ
Hiro admits he's in love to his brother over the phone with Gogo, but somehow Tadashi finds out. The Older brother challenges the younger, saying; "If you really lo...
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Wish upon a star (BoyxBoy) by Book_Liver607
Wish upon a star (BoyxBoy)by Book_Liver607
We were in the middle of class when the hottest guys barged into the class. "Why are you late to class?" Mrs. Yake yelled. "I am sorry miss, but we are ne...
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Whimper by Omnipotent-Freakshow
Whimperby Ghoul
"Fuck me," I breathed, loving the contrast of his cool hands against my heated skin. My mind was fogged, dizzy from the mind numbing pleasure that consumed me...
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Not gay • Taekook by taekookhttp
Not gay • Taekookby taekookhttp
Taehyung and Jungkook are really good best friends, Taehyung has a small crush on Jungkook... but Jungkook is homophobic and doesn't like non of the LGBTQ stuff Jungkook...
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The Power of Art|| Frerard by emo__rat
The Power of Art|| Frerardby Lollipops for days
I guess Fronk and Gee are teachers huh? ****NOT a teacher x student**** There will be smut but I put warnings just before it happens so feel free to skip if you want. ...
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Gay Camp (BoyxBoy) by ItsMiax1
Gay Camp (BoyxBoy)by Secretpotatoxoxo
Coming out is always hard, especially when you live in a homophobic household where your parents preach about Jesus everyday. Cody didn't think that his parents would d...
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Promises are Meant to be Broken ✔️ by Xxlil_miss_emoxX
Promises are Meant to be Broken ✔️by Syn Kier Miller
[COMPLETE] [Book One] Lucas Peterson is a newly 18-year-old werewolf apart of the Black Blood pack. He is considered a runt, which means endless emotional and physical...
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Three's a Crowd...or is it? (BoyxBoy) by FluffyBunny
Three's a Crowd...or is it? (BoyxB...by April
Tyler and Alex have been together for years, just the two of them...that is until they decide to add best friend Ryan into their relationship... Can they really love eac...
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Shackled (BoyxBoy) by BakaXxXBlonde
Shackled (BoyxBoy)by ʀɑʑɪəɭ
Luke Ravens, a young teenager, a pale frail boy but really wasn't. In fact, he had everything. Under the baggy clothes he'd always wear was lean strong muscles, a...
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instagram | taekook by distantchjld
instagram | taekookby a mess
"i'm so glad i found your instagram page" - slow updates <3
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The Stepfather (MxM) by SeizeTheButt
The Stepfather (MxM)by SeizeTheButt
Forced out of his home in London, Sam has little choice but to show up on his mother's doorstep in Florida. Absent from each other's lives for the last nine years, Sam...
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Love Song From The Devil (BoyXboy )  by LoveXhormone
Love Song From The Devil (BoyXboy...by Phantom Bitch
Ethan is a high school guy who is weak in studies and bullied by jocks. But he is a stubborn ass and is not willing to give up easily at anything.But after an encounter...
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Next Level - Emiliaco by hannamgarcia
Next Level - Emiliacoby Hanna M Garcia
Segunda temporada de "Dangerous Game" #1 Gress 13/11/19 #1 Marcos 22/11/19 #1 Joaquinbondoni 23/11/19 #1 Emilioosorio 28/11/19 #1 Bondoni 28/11/19 #1 Osorio 1...
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The Bartender |✔ by BethieSimone
The Bartender |✔by Bethie
"I'm not gay" "Sure, you're not". Aiden is homophobic. He hates gays. Anything that has to with men kissing men or women kissing women disgusts him...
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Seoul United - JIKOOK by hansbru
Seoul United - JIKOOKby Hansbru
Park Jimin's dream is to become a professional football player. He's been playing all his life but has never had the opportunity to show his skills. That's until he acce...
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Closet Thoughts (a short Joshler story) 🏳️‍🌈 by InthenameofJoshDun
Closet Thoughts (a short Joshler s...by InthenameofJoshDun
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! I wanted to write a one-shot for pride month, but I turned it into a short story because pride month and my gay readers deserve more than just a one-s...
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