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Transmigrated Into A Trashy TL Novel Father  by LoveWritingBl
Transmigrated Into A Trashy TL Selena
Enrique was transmigrated into a Trashy TL Novel, and he became the Villain's father/mother who was equally a Trashy father/mother. Always wanting to be a father he deci...
[Mr. Transmigrator]+(Naruto)+[BL] by DTaleD
[Mr. Transmigrator]+(Naruto)+[BL]by ✴️DTaleD✴️
[Mr. Transmigrator]+(Naruto)+[BL] [Written By: DTaleD] [Editing: .....] [Updating: .....] [Summary] Keo Ellieja get's transmigrated into the body of a orphan that did no...
BL REBIRTH: You Were Mine (MPREG) by Deedee104624
BL REBIRTH: You Were Mine (MPREG)by Deziredee
Kim Jae perceives himself as wicked, as does the rest of the world. After dying once, he was fortunate to be reincarnated, and he resolved to live his life differently.
 I BECAME HIS ZULU BRIDE by veronicadlamino
Ajax needed a change for a while being a billionaire is not easy with everyone throwing themselves at him . He decides he needs a vication so he takes one ...his destina...
Owning The Player by _diamond_crown
Owning The Playerby _diamond_crown
Miguel loved it when more than 60,000 people in the football stands scream his name with pride. The most successful footballer of his time, he is a legend even by the ag...
The Groom Of Giants by LiannQ
The Groom Of Giantsby =LiannQ=
Title: 巨人族的新郎 Author: Sisib (西西布) Status: Completed Description: Lu Jiuchen, a human, is rich and an ideal partner that everyone want. By chance, he met Yan Yaoting. Yan...
A Little named Jimin(Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
A Little named Jimin(Yoonmin) * RosetheK
Jimin is 18 and he's a little. His parents are SUPER protective over him. Jimin while in little space meets a man that hates littles. Side ships Namjin Taekook Garren Ho...
SONG OF MY HEART ♧VKOOK FF♧ by kookieworthy
{COMPLETED} a story of two who are binded in a forced relationship 'marriage '~ Where jungkook is a normal living in a village and there is taehyung, son of a rich busin...
Farmer's Wife (BL) by LAmerica06
Farmer's Wife (BL)by LAmerica
Geo is an assassin/murderer/killer. He is used to killing that he also become a symbol of death himself. He died in the most valiant way. Well, as an unfeeling man, deat...
A Love-Drunk Memory by toofabfangirl
A Love-Drunk Memoryby Victoria
Vic Fuentes is the king of the school. He has a great girlfriend and a few great friends. Kellin Quinn isn't as popular as Vic, but he is loved by almost everyone at sch...
A Little Sick - Venom x Eddie by Blackcat390
A Little Sick - Venom x Eddieby Blackcat390
This is a story of one of the many adventures of Eddie Brock and Venom. Shortly after Eddie and Venom became a romantic couple, Eddie begins to feel sickly. After a mon...
A Vampires Omega (BOOK ONE) by Hstowe
A Vampires Omega (BOOK ONE)by H.Stowe
The rules were simple, every full moon, omegas and alphas would gather and they would find their mates. So... How did I get unlucky enough to fall into the hands of a va...
Second Chance (Taekook) by My_IntrusiveThoughts
Second Chance (Taekook)by River Vixen
He spent his whole life chasing after a guy, wanting love, running after it. Desperately grasping at anything the man would give him , until he didn't. He was naive enou...
A Guy who always Smile by LAmerica06
A Guy who always Smileby LAmerica
Jerome never thought that one day he will be a mother. And that he will no longer live on Earth. But the scenery is just different, there are not much change in his envi...
Kieth is kidnapped by the Galra for being an Omega, but is also kicked off team Voltron because of other reasons. Now Kieth is held as prince Lotors mate, pregnant with...
Every Day After Marriage Is Really Fragrant[Book Wearing][MTL] by Seleno_Astro
Every Day After Marriage Is Moon🌙
Author(s) 东风几许 Status in COO 98 chapters + 2 extras (Completed) ------MTL ------NOT MINE ------FOR ONLINE PURPOSE ONLY ------MPREG Description Yu Antong suffers from c...
A Demand by Zerokuniscool
A Demandby Zero
Kaname had been playing Zero, toying and hurting the hunter. One day, Zero walks into his game, and Kaname laughs, and Yuki sits there watching his best friend break apa...
Strong Confrontation In The Kingdom of Beastmen by LiannQ
Strong Confrontation In The =LiannQ=
Title: 獸人國度之強強對抗 Author: 江湖太妖生 Status: Completed Description: Yao Shiqi, a mercenary of the empire, was sucked into a black hole and landed on a strange continent. All h...
Single Daddy [ Yoonseok/Sope ] by BottonYoonie
Single Daddy [ Yoonseok/Sope ]by ♫♪ ʏ . ᴍ ♪♫
Alpha Jung Hoseok, CEO of a chain of restaurants, is a single parent to a hyper two-year-old pup. One day he takes his pup to the park where he loses sight of the boy b...