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Becoming His Male Empress (BxBxMPREG) by iLyna_chAn
Becoming His Male Empress ( Lyna
SECOND CHANCES,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never...
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thief┃markhyuck by chogiwanese
thief┃markhyuckby 𝓫𝓸𝓰𝓼𝓲𝓮
╻donghyuck stole mark's heart╹ ❀ markhyuck ❀ chogiwanese
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Oh Romeo!  by Sinful_Love
Oh Romeo! by Sinful_Love
Sasuke is the youngest in the Royal Uchiha family. The youngest held the role of marrying a neighboring kingdom princess or prince to unite the lands. His options laid...
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 I BECAME HIS ZULU BRIDE by veronicadlamino
I BECAME HIS ZULU BRIDEby veronicadlamino
Ajax needed a change for a while being a billionaire is not easy with everyone throwing themselves at him . He decides he needs a vication so he takes one ...his destina...
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Alpha Moretti by lemonsunflower
Alpha Morettiby Sunny
*COMPLETED* Liam always thought that his first lover and best friend would turn out to be his mate. But after him leaving for two years, and the contact between them dis...
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The Devil's Origin by GrimPure
The Devil's Originby Angela Arjoon
When I woke up, I became the Demon King!? It's my responsibility as the Demon King to increase the monster population, and the only way to do that is to mate with as man...
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Tender Love [BxB] by apwwrites
Tender Love [BxB]by apwwrites
Miles Eaton. A boy who has been verbally abused his whole life. He has always been too hyper for his own good, and has absolutely no filter. His big puppy eyes didn't do...
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The Things You Left Behind (Kiribaku Omegaverse) by Silent_Fox1
The Things You Left Behind ( Silent_Fox1
The man reached out a hand to feel over other side of the double bed. And he froze and sat up. Where he had expected another person, the mattress was empty and cold. Af...
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Celebrity || Yoonmin  by __QueenJC__
Celebrity || Yoonmin by Jackie
Agust D was an idol who desperately needed a distraction from fame. What if a simple cafe worker becomes that? - What started as something that was meant to be a pass ti...
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Izuku's Secret by arthurANDshrimp
Izuku's Secretby 🌈ARTHUR🏳️‍🌈
A cry could be heard through the halls of UA, not the cries of a student but of a child. Secrets unravel as Mr. Aizawa and principal Nezu try and find the child's parent...
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Unexpected  by SonniaKays
Unexpected by SonniaKays
"Stay away from me" I took a step back, trying to create as much space between as I could. "Blake I-" "Stay the fuck away from me!" I tur...
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My hopes/Taekook fanfic by LOokingforJiminsJaMs
My hopes/Taekook fanficby Liz
When Jungkook leaves Taehyung to achieve his goals, he leaves more than Taehyung behind. please just check out the book and have faith in me 🙏
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My Mate by TrasheGrl
My Mateby Liyah
BxB --------- Torin Frey has a crush. With his eighteenth birthday right around the corner, he'll soon be able to identify his Mate. Hopefully it's the male he's always...
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The Most Power Comes From Love BAKUDEKU OMEGAVERSE by WolfieYang
The Most Power Comes From Love Wolfie Yang
Izuku Midoriya is an Omega, and after years of hiding his scent comes to an end. But the same day he graduated from high school he finds out his Mom was kidnapped. He li...
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Be Your Everything by NeedForTinCan
Be Your Everythingby Emma
Otabek is a 21 year old alpha with no mate. Yurio is an 18 year old omega who just got kicked out of his home. What will happen when they meet?
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The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) * RosetheK
Jimin is a rare wolf that doesn't have a pack. He roams around in order not to get caught by humans. However, he goes on another packs territory and the head Alpha isn't...
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Strip Tease by Telling_Apollo
Strip Teaseby Mel
Midoriya is a quirkless, Omegan exotic dancer attempting to find his way. A rich, Alpha Pro Hero comes along, throwing dollars but not for a dance, but rather a mate. B...
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Hating You (boyxboy) by YukiChan801
Hating You (boyxboy)by Jostena M.
Leo Johnson has been a good boy since the day he was born. He always did what he was told and got the best grades in school. Even if everyone called him the number one n...
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The secret that made us  by haxxamaria
The secret that made us by haxxamaria
After their fight in Siberia, Steve finds out he's pregnant. Alone and scared; Steve decided to raise the baby without Tony. Will they ever find their way back to each...
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Our precious babyboy by minyoongi3132
Our precious babyboyby minyoongi3132
Lee heejoon is an 20 year old university student that runs a nsfw account and is a huge fan of bts Bts just so happens to stumble across this account What will happen w...
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