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I'll Swim, You Play Your Football by mountainbiker234
I'll Swim, You Play Your Footballby Kenzie
Alex Littleton is an outgoing and spontaneous 16 year old boy. He's the captain of the Greene high school boys swim team and loves, and I mean loves, to swim. He has ave...
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Just Friends  (BoyxBoy) [✓] by Poetically-Damaged
Just Friends (BoyxBoy) [✓]by Not With A Whimper, But With...
Everyone knows that Spencer and Ethan are definitely, irrefutably, wholeheartedly, totally, unconditionally, unquestionably, completely, entirely, utterly in love. Well...
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I'm Your Boss (BoyxBoy) by notbackingdown
I'm Your Boss (BoyxBoy)by T. Gray
I am was nothing more than his employee. His babysitter. His tutor. His butler. Always he was my baby. My son. My friend. My employer. Then a tragic accident changed hi...
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Eric's Best Friend [BoyxBoy] by JesterPlays
Eric's Best Friend [BoyxBoy]by JesterPlays
When Jason Barch was obliged to assassinate a fellow classmate in order to become their pack's next leader, he was stunned as he realized Eric Vancouver, his target, is...
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Secrets and Lies by ljwilde
Secrets and Liesby L.J Wilde
[A fanfiction based on the current Robron affair storyline in Emmerdale. This is set just after Lachlan's sexual abuse of Alicia has been outed] Robert was loving every...
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I'm Not A Piece Of Cake (boyxboy) by AnotherSadEmoKid
I'm Not A Piece Of Cake (boyxboy)by Another Sad Boy
When Gabriel Bloom, the crossdressing seventeen-year-old, is forced from his high school due to bullying, he transfers to an All Boys Private School. Once there, new fe...
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My Heart is Yours by WonderDreamer123
My Heart is Yoursby Brooke Eva Jones
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Let Me Kiss You Yui-chan (Boyxboy) by Kio-kun
Let Me Kiss You Yui-chan (Boyxboy)by Shuuji Kiosuke
(YAOI!!! BOYxBOY) When Mr. Discipline/Innocent meets the guy who is known to be "the BEAST!".
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The 11 Month Phase (chapter one) by RobinsWings
The 11 Month Phase (chapter one)by Robin Wialy
Ivy Janger's life has just turned upside down. After her parents recent split she moves all the way from South Carolina, where she spent her whole life, to a small subur...
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Shut Up and Dance by ipulrs
Shut Up and Danceby Ipul RS
Kisah cinta Josh dan Gary yang saling membenci, tapi juga saling mencintai. Keras kepala, ego, dan juga gengsi yang membuat cinta mereka tidak bisa bersatu, dan itu memb...
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The Summer of a Lifetime (BoyXBoy) [Book One] by glee35791
The Summer of a Lifetime (BoyXBoy) 🌈Random Stuff🌈
After finishing junior year of high school, Nate's big day finally arrives. He's afraid of his parents disowning him, but confidence in who he is. With the support of hi...
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Meant To Be (BoyxBoy) by miserableboy
Meant To Be (BoyxBoy)by gab
They said that if its meant to be no matter what happen no matter how hard it is no matter how wrong timing it is its meant to be.
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Stuggles of Finding Love by lilswishy1
Stuggles of Finding Loveby Jayden
Nathan and his bestfriend Ryden are having issues because Nathan is trying to find himself while he wants to be with Ryden. Ryden is proudly gay is out to all of his fri...
But It's You I Fell Into by emirrycrare
But It's You I Fell Intoby Emily
Cameron is your everyday boy from a small town. His first year of high school has gone smoothly and he's looking forward to finishing exams and starting the summer. But...
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The Different Between Us Boyxboy by jazzberry5
The Different Between Us Boyxboyby jazzberry5
Skylar is a rich boy that own businesses, who happen to be a genius. But when he at school he act a completely different person. Ryder is the most outgoing and h...
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The hidden bad boy (BOYXBOY) by Jamie6453
The hidden bad boy (BOYXBOY)by Jamie6453
That hidden bad boy should be by another name but had to change for private reasons. This book has my whole secret life, having sex with people (boys) was good but made...
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No love, No life by Thedeadpianist
No love, No lifeby Char
This about a boy who goes through a trauma. He experiences a terrible car accident, loses his family, his eye sight, and gains his family's fortune and home. But that'...
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Septiplier by ilovelizaa
Septiplierby Justinepritchardd
Lots and lots of Septiplier books made by me :)
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The Strange Romance Of A Thirteen Year Old [On Hold] by flemisha
The Strange Romance Of A flemisha
A love story between a Gay thirteen year old, and a supposedly straight fourteen year old. Will Justin John admit his secret feelings for shane? Will their relationship...
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