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The Bad Boy and the Other Bad Boy by badbloom
The Bad Boy and the Other Bad Boyby badbloom
The last time I'd seen him shirtless was years ago when we were still friends - before puberty. I was so focused on his body that I didn't move when he lowered his shir...
My sister's crush  by hexy201
My sister's crush by hexy201
My sister had had this big fat crush over this guy for as long as I could remember,she is fucking obsessed for fucks sake, you would believe me if you just enter her roo...
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Lucifer's Possession (boyxboy)✔️ by cherryontopz
Lucifer's Possession (boyxboy)✔️by cherry
COMPLETED Jeremy is the typical good kid who doesn't have a single bad bone in his body. So when he suddenly dies at the hands of another, it's a surprise when he wakes...
Cuddles / Jhs & Myg by thehobafluffz
Cuddles / Jhs & Mygby Jen's love for hyung line ✨✨
After breaking up with his boyfriend, Kim Namjoon. Jung Hoseok decided to marry Min Yoongi, the boy his parents arrenged for him. Hoseok started working in Kim industri...
Sleepwalker(BoyxBoy) by inkonmyfeet
Sleepwalker(BoyxBoy)by finn 💟
When two boys who've hated each other since youth share a dorm room, things are bond to happen, mistakes are bond to be made and sparks are bond to fly. [Will be editing...
lovematch (ManxMan) by -carmin
lovematch (ManxMan)by Carrie Vanessa
After signing up for, Cillian wasn't sure what to expect. Yes, he had gotten a couple messages here and there but they were mostly creepy or cringy or from...
Honey and Spice | ✔️ by babbleduck
Honey and Spice | ✔️by see announcement!
Bad boy, introverted nerd. Two boys, one Biology project. When a Biology project forces Ryder and Nathan together, an unexpected bond forms between them. But there's mo...
Noticing You (BoyxBoy) by Okieleaf
Noticing You (BoyxBoy)by Z
Jess Roma is quiet and fades into the background. People don't notice him. Isaac (Zack) Johnson is nice and on the football team. People love him. The two are an unlikel...
My New Life by sly_blue120
My New Lifeby Sly-Blue
This is a story about a boy named Kc who learns things can always get worse as he looses his parents, grandparents, and 'siblings' all at once. But then he's kidnapped b...
A Kiss Under The Stars                    [BxB] COMPLETED by PerfectlyOdd_
A Kiss Under The K :)
A Kiss Under The Stars "I never wanted to fall in love, i never needed someone by my side. I really didn't want anything, but then i met him, I started wanting ever...
Unexpected//ZeeNunew by HiddenPoemsForHer
Unexpected//ZeeNunewby nih
The strange relationship between NuNew and his stepbrother Zee has changed in the ways that NuNew had never imagined. "I've never expected something like this. You...
The Rink (BXB) (COMPLETE~ UNDER EDITING) by Mayo_writez
Lorenzo Augustino is your typical high school outcast with typical high school struggles; he doesn't fit in, doesn't have friends, and gets bullied by the popular kids...
Playing House by itstilliswhatitis
Playing Houseby itstilliswhatitis
Last year of High School. Harry is a smart kid that skipped two grades ahead, which means that he's a sixteen-year-old in a class with eighteen-year-olds. Even if the su...
Malec Smut by nonamreesh
Malec Smutby MalecFanfic
Alec is trying to get some work done at the institute, but a pesky warlock keeps getting in the way 😏 *Please vote for this story so more people can read it*
11. My secret billionaire husband // jikook Ff 💜 (ongoing) by kurtphoenixivan
11. My secret billionaire yue xabarra
jimin experiencing a hard living while his mother is in hospital. he's been drowning in debt to pay his mother's medical bills.... an offer he can't refuse that lead hi...
Dead Boys (boyxboy) by Hannah_lemon_meh
Dead Boys (boyxboy)by Hannah
After two years of being ruthlessly bullied, Bellamy's parents decided it would be a good idea to pluck the boy from his school and throw him into a new one. At this sch...
ချစ်ရပါတယ် မောင့်အသက်ရယ် (Complete) by A_Thoon_29
ချစ်ရပါတယ် မောင့်အသက်ရယ် (Complete)by Ngwe Sin Thoon
တောဓလေ့ကိုမှ အလောင်မကြိုက်ဘူး ချိုချိုလေးပဲဖတ်ချင်ရင်ဒါလေးဖတ်ကြည့်ပါ 💛 ဖိုးသောကြာ + ထက်မင်းသက် 💛
Heartstopper one shots  by heartstopperxo
Heartstopper one shots by heartstopperxo
I think of a lot of Charlie and Nick stories that are to short for a story, so I decided to make a one shot book! All characters owned by Alice Oseman! Stories in this...
Kagehina 🏐🌞 by quenzuki
Kagehina 🏐🌞by ImFujoshiLover
A lot of pictures & some doujinshi about the Haikyuu characters and ofcourse some yaoi actions. Main ship Kagehina. I do not own any pictures & doujinshi.
Lincon's Babe by dhannybie
Lincon's Babeby dhanny bie
Lincon, a cold older man who married to fine young man. A babe with a feminine looks. But how can Lincon secured his place when everyone wants to keep his beautiful husb...