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Tommo is Typing by ShyestExtrovert
Tommo is Typingby ShyestExtrovert
a witty story about two idiots who meet over the internet ft. dad jokes
NERD- Larry Stylinson by PreciadoA
NERD- Larry Stylinsonby PreciadoA
Louis Tomlinson aka senior badass. He's known for not caring what other people think and living life as true to himself as he can be. So he has a reputation for sticking...
Rivals with Benefits by wakamonster
Rivals with Benefitsby bitch :))
They're from rival schools, they're the captains of rival football teams, and so they're rivals. Right? Well that would be the case, but the only thing is, Louis' been p...
Happily Ever After by itstilliswhatitis
Happily Ever Afterby itstilliswhatitis
@always_in_his_heart_ asked me to write a royal Larry story where Louis and Harry are princes in different kingdoms. Harry's father wants to step down from the throne an...
Crushin' and a Blushin' by wakamonster
Crushin' and a Blushin'by bitch :))
Harry is scary. Or he's at least intimidating, with his long curly hair and piercing green eyes. People tend to be shy and nervous around him, so when he meets a small l...
The Bright and The Brave {l.s. au} by betty_and_I
The Bright and The Brave {l.s. au}by Betty and I
"You're still seeing in black and white?" Liam said, no longer beating around the bush. "Yeah, but maybe there's some kind of problem, you know?" &qu...
Can I dip? | Larry Stylinson by Bubblegumhaz
Can I dip? | Larry Stylinsonby Kissy
Where 6 year old Harry goes to Mcdonald's with his mummy to eat lunch only to get an order of fries without a dip. 8 year old Louis happens to have one tho And it all s...
I LOVE IT WHEN WE PLAY 1950 (L.S) by queenmitchgrassii
I LOVE IT WHEN WE PLAY 1950 (L.S)by Queenmitchgrassii
Playing 1950 is a metaphor for homosexuals having to pretend to be straight, as it wasn't accepted by society. One direction is on their 5th world tour.... after returni...
Hiatus by itstilliswhatitis
Hiatusby itstilliswhatitis
When they finally are allowed to take a 18 months break Harry surprises Louis by asking for a break too, from their marriage. Harry goes to L.A. to figure out who he is...
Baked In Style | L.S by blueandgreenhotness
Baked In Style | L.Sby Haz&Lou 🦕🦖
Harry is the cheeky owner of a bakery and Louis is a record producer who loses his ability to speak properly when Harry sports a dimpled smile 💚💙 ⚠️ Smut Warning THIS...
The Accident by itstilliswhatitis
The Accidentby itstilliswhatitis
Louis's family puts him in a rehabilitation center after a drunk driver crashes into him on the highway. He suffers from PTSD, and he has to learn how to talk and how to...
Summer love by itstilliswhatitis
Summer loveby itstilliswhatitis
A story that I wrote together with my readers based on their suggestions what should happen next. Harry and Louis met on a summer vacation and fell in love. They knew t...
This House (l.s.) by suburban_gothic
This House (l.s.)by suburban_gothic
Harry and Louis have been together for 20 years. Harry cheats. Louis cries. Harry is given a year to fix their family. Copyright 2020 @hilourry on AO3 If you don't like...
holy ground ♢ l.s by -guccigangstyles
holy ground ♢ l.sby .
"sometimes when i look into your eyes i pretend you're mine, all the damn time." or where harry is desperate for a job as a flight attendant at any airline tha...
The Pizza Boy by 0writersblock0
The Pizza Boyby writersblock
What happens when a pizza boy rescues a boy from his abusive ex, saves the boys best friends life and teaches the abused boy to love again? In this story, we meet Louis...
When Your Masquerade Becomes Your True Self  by louis_is_proper_nice
When Your Masquerade Becomes Your...by larry💚💙
Louis and Harry had been dating for nearly 5 years. Louis had to be someone he's not in the public eye, but when he's with his friends and his boyfriend he's his normal...
Turquoise (L.S) by lxuisfineline
Turquoise (L.S)by Lxuis
"Long eyelashes framed the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. They were that hue of green that only shows when the sun hits the sea in England at just the right sp...
supernaturals/L.S by define_lou
supernaturals/L.Sby define_lou
in a world full of supernatural creatures trying to prove their powers, harry styles was an alpha. What happens when he goes to school with the famous trybid, Louis Toml...
Venereal by blixciit
Venerealby ♡
Larry Stylinson smutshots
Oops! Wrong Number // L.S. by arihazza28
Oops! Wrong Number // L.S.by Ari
Larry Stylinson social media au. Basically two dorks having fun and falling in love :) . . . . . Highest rankings: #1 smau #2 larrystylinson #6 bromance #11 tomlinson #1...