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Ballerina Boy by curly_and_lou
Ballerina Boyby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) This is a story where a ballerina meets a fucked up quarterback. Rated R: language, drugs, violence, and sexual content Enjoy...
When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l.s.) by thighhighlarry
When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l...by -
'I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck' https://www.instagram.com/thighhighlarry/ Copyright 2014, thighhighlarry. All Rights Reserved.
Things I Can || Larry Stylinson by plzdaddy
Things I Can || Larry Stylinsonby ellie’s gf 🏹
"I don't know why I'm like this." - Gay, dainty, cross dressing Louis Tomlinson meets a 'straight' asshole named Harry Styles when Harry has to go pick up his...
Deafening Silence (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Deafening Silence (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Harry was assaulted on his fourteenth birthday after coming out which resulted in the loss of his hearing. His family decided to move away when no one was brought to jus...
[Changed] by StylinsonVibe
[Changed]by StylinsonVibe
It's the day Directioners everywhere are screaming, the day that social media is exploding, It's the day where the world is going crazy. It's the the day One Direction...
Black Bird by curly_and_lou
Black Birdby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) Harry bullies Louis... but that doesn't stop Louis from falling for him. Rated R: language, mild drinking, violence, sexual con...
spσílt by yaoiisme
spσíltby ♡ whαlєcum ♡
an au where harry is a tattoo artist and underage louis keeps coming to get tattoos. »this is mostly just fluff and smut« this story is under editing so if you reach a p...
Summer Camp // l.s. by foreverme20
Summer Camp // l.s.by foreverme20
[ COMPLETED ] In which, Louis and Harry meet at summer camp.
Sugar Daddy - Larry  by lustingz
Sugar Daddy - Larry by 🌟
twinklou91: hi, daddy ;) masterstyles94: hello, princess.
Larry Stylinson // Oneshots by multifandom_net12
Larry Stylinson // Oneshotsby 🦋
The title says it all really. NO SMUT. All fluff and cuteness. Fetus galore! ❌ = No Band
White Rose by LS_Stories
White Roseby Ash
(Larry) (Completed) Harry was an innocent boy. He loved life, loved school, loved his girlfriend, and loved himself. Louis changed that. Warning: language, drugs, alcoho...
The Daddy Diaries by curly_and_lou
The Daddy Diariesby Ash
Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) Harry Styles, a senior in high school, ready to graduate and live the college life, gets his dreams crushed with one single phone...
flannel shirts [l.s mpreg] by jukeboxhoran
flannel shirts [l.s mpreg]by jukeboxhoran
in which louis wants a baby and harry's not ready. plus he wears too many flannels. also there's niall who is quite convinced zayn is the prettiest creature he's ever la...
Innocence(l.s)✔ by sweetncrazy
Innocence(l.s)✔by ~ 𝓐 ~
{COMPLETED} Louis, a 17 year old school boy, is the most sweetest boy you'd ever meet. Short and petite, a fiery ball of energy, he was what people would say, 'innocent'...
My policeman l.s story by KiaMae28
My policeman l.s storyby k_Stylinson x
When a troubled Louis happened to stumble into Harry's house in need of help It turns out the help he needs is from Harry a policeman What happens when on there journey...
Louis-e (Zianourry) by Obviouslarreh
Louis-e (Zianourry)by Louis the Fishie 🎣
Louis was certainly not a girl. It was just his feminine feature or maybe his chestnut brown hair running past his ears that made people think he was a girl. - - Where...
Self-isolation in the Styles-Tomlinson household  by larryiswaytoobvious
Self-isolation in the Styles-Tomli...by leonie ◟̽◞̽
Self- isolation due to the corona virus has been really difficult for everyone in the world. A new situation to which we all have to adapt in the best way possible. Harr...
Papa // l.s by Larry_smilinson
Papa // l.sby bottomlinson
I love you, always. But I just can't have a child right now, Lou. We're both so young. • Larry Stylinson • © larry_smilinson
Euphoria ✿ Larry One Shots by plzdaddy
Euphoria ✿ Larry One Shotsby ellie’s gf 🏹
-Discontinued- A series of Larry Stylinson one shots. A little bit of everything so everyone has something to get off to. - (Regular updates but will become more freque...
I'm Fine || Larry Stylinson by twinklingpisces
I'm Fine || Larry Stylinsonby twinklingpisces
Harry is upset, he just wants someone to care about him but he keeps pushing everyone away. Despite being packed tightly in a tour bus with the rest of the band, he stil...