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Unexpected crush (l.s.) by OniNee
Unexpected crush (l.s.)by OniNee
Where Louis' only friend in school is Zayn and the small boy doesn't mind being a wallflower, even if that means he has NO chance with his crush that mingles with the po...
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Reunion (l.s) by TPWLarry
Reunion (l.s)by TPWLarry
It's the year 2020 and Louis gets an unexpected call informing him that one direction were reuniting in no less than a month. When the time comes, no one expected Harry...
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Instagram Dms by peoplegenuinelythink
Instagram Dmsby 👑princess👑
(On going) _hazzaestyles_ : Dude he's so hot!😍 tmlnsn.1991 : oh... I mean thanks? _hazzaestyles_ : Shit! Wrong... chat? _hazzaestyles_ : Oops... tmlnsn.1991 : Hahah Hi ...
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Falling for the Babysitter ✿ Larry Stylinson by Breezy_Winters
Falling for the Babysitter ✿ Breezy Winters
Louis takes the job for being a babysitter for Mr. Harry Styles. He watches Harry's twins Edward and Darcy. Harry realizes that after hiring Louis that he wants him. And...
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Princess  /Larry mpreg au./ BOOK 1 ✔️ by Honeygrande
Princess /Larry mpreg au./ BOOK inactive 🌸
Where the King and Queen's princess Louis is married off to prince Harry Styles. Highest in Fanfiction #233 All rights reserved @Honeygrande 2015 EDITED.
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BabyDoll~ l.s by secret-rendezvous
BabyDoll~ l.sby secret-rendezvous
What happens when the wide world famous star falls for a feminine boy?! Harry Styles. A boy who likes to dress in a pretty clothes that makes him feel beautiful and boos...
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When We Were Us. [Larry Stylinson AU] {Completed} by larrywanks
When We Were Us. [Larry queen
"I've been wanting to kiss you all day, but I can't because I fucked everything up. Please Louis, give me one more chance." - Harry and Louis grew up together...
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Butt fuck it? // l.s by xbeautifulstyles
Butt fuck it? // l.sby sam
[COMPLETE at 100k] @Louis_Tomlinson: hey sexy (; @Harry_Styles: Excuse me? @Louis_Tomlinson: I was gonna make a gay joke butt fuck it . •••••••••
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My Pop Star || Larry au by eminemuke
My Pop Star || Larry auby m.
Pop Star Louis Tomlinson just so happens to be at the bar Harry works at, he also just so happens to shag him. WARNINGS: • boyxboy content • use of marijuana • foul la...
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Forgetful (Larry Stylinson) by keil-san
Forgetful (Larry Stylinson)by Keileigh Jones
Louis Tomlinson has dementia, he's had it since he was a child. Louis knows that he has this since all his life his mother and sisters have had to tell him over and over...
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Just Another Stunt by larryishook28
Just Another Stuntby Rebeckaà💛
Harry and Louis were never together. After a well-deserved break, One Direction is back and not nearly as big. In order to gain publicity, management decides to give the...
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flower crowns // l.s.  by demisbum
flower crowns // l.s. by k.p. ☾
harry likes pretty pink flowers and louis enjoys ink and piercings. **This story contains possible triggers. Read at your own risk.** started in 2015, finished in 2017. ...
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Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinson by lewisandstark
Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinsonby i'm 5'9, i swear
Dainty; adjective; delicately small and pretty. It all starts when Louis gets sick, and whenever Louis gets sick, he gets tummy aches, and when he gets tummy a...
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Instagram Baby ~ larry  by oopsipeedonharry
Instagram Baby ~ larry by two of us.
[complete] Harry is obsessed with Louis Tomlinson, a blogger on Instagram. 17 year old Harry, 21 year old Louis. Larry Stylinson AU. A light hearted book just to get yo...
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Birmingham Disciplinary School for Male - L.S. by _Just_Elli_
Birmingham Disciplinary School _Just_Elli_
Harry and Liam are "troublemaker". They don't listen to their parents, start fights in school -if they decide to go-, smoke, drink and get tattoos without thei...
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At Your Service by blessthekellic
At Your Serviceby Blessthekellic
After Louis finally comes out of the closet, his parents don't take it so lightly and end up kicking the blue eyed boy out of their so called "loving home". Ti...
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Soccer Mom | Larry Stylinson | by peachylarries by peachylarries
Soccer Mom | Larry Stylinson | N.M.
Au where Harry drops his daughter off at soccer practice and Louis is her coach. bottom!harry -inspired by an unknown twitter user
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bathtub banter ♕ l.s [mpreg!] by -guccigangstyles
bathtub banter ♕ l.s [mpreg!]by .
where two neighbors somehow aren't dating but yet come over to each other's place to crack jokes naked in a bathtub while they sip on wine. © copyright by -americanhealy
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Bent. // Larry Stylinson by plzdaddy
Bent. // Larry Stylinsonby sweet girl 🏹
Gay, dainty, cross dressing Louis Tomlinson meets a 'straight' asshole named Harry Styles when Harry has to go pick up his extremely drunk friend Niall from a gay night...
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My little hedgehog (Larry Stylinson) (Completed) by keil-san
My little hedgehog (Larry Keileigh Jones
Louis is a spirit animal, he goes from owner to owner, each one he changes to a different animal based on the owners' spirit animal, Louis' last owners spirit animal was...
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