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Daddy's Boy by AddictedToSasuNaru
Daddy's Boyby SasuNaruWriter
When Sasuke was 7, his clan was massacred by one of their own. Nobody was willing to adopt Sasuke, so Naruto did. Naruto was 18 at the time and worked really hard. Sasuk...
Up in the Stars by sapphox
Up in the Starsby sapphox
Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men...
It's Love...So...Never Judge... by carolinsanthoshi
It's Love...So...Never CAROLIN
HERO: Jacob William, 32 years old, is a successful businessman who attained all. He has a sister named Ellen hale, married to Josh Hale (Jacob's best friend from childho...
Rowan by gabriellelark
Rowanby Gabrielle ☾
A shy art student finds herself drawn to an older guy she encounters in a cafe. Something sparks between them, but everything is not black and white, and the baggage the...
Unhappy Endings by Katjaface
Unhappy Endingsby Katjaface
This story is full of unhappy endings. This is your warning to turn away now; before a beautiful love story unfolds and then crumbles. Actually, doesn't that sound like...
Back to the years when my father was in school by You_are_my_Psyche
Back to the years when my father Luna Castro
Before the age of 20, Lu Yan was a squeamish rich second generation who was held by her father in the palm of his hand. It all ended when her father Lu Zhen was schemed...
Always and Forever by harrysangelsz
Always and Foreverby harrysangelsz
Indiana Luna is The Last of Us star, Gabriel Luna's daughter. She is a very big fan of the game and when she found out her father was going to star in it, she was ecstat...
Bonds of Trust by utopia_in_stories
Bonds of Trustby UtopiaInStories
A forced marriage between a single dad and a lonely girl. Will this end as a fairytale? Or will two distant hearts grow farther apart? And what about the cute little gir...
His Favourite View  by aRaindropInTheOcean
His Favourite View by aRaindropInTheOcean
Devvrath Raichand, a powerful magnate who rules the business world, fails to resist the allure of her simple innocence.
Meera by the_selenophile
Meeraby Rhea
Meera Joshi had always let go off things which meant the world to her, just for her family. The only wish she had was to marry the man of her choice irrespective of his...
The Mughal Princess  (Completed)  by the_insouciant_lass
The Mughal Princess (Completed) by theinsouciantlass
The Mughal Princess fell in love with Rajput Prince. A beautiful love blossomed and soon the wedding preparations begun. But when the mighty Rajputana Rajkumar (princ...
FINE WINE by NiranjanaNepol
FINE WINEby Niranjana Nepolean
No difference can stop LOVE...! Status, education, beauty, religion, community, AGE, nothing can stop it...! He is THIRTY-EIGHT and she is TWENTY-FOUR...! Let's see thei...
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in by Kessho_Yuki
The Little Sweet Cutie always Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative Title : 小甜豆总觉得自己是替身 Author : 椋裎 Lin Ran is a little fool who has been raised abroad. He was brought back to his country by his elder brother beca...
[BL]How to say I love you  by Seleno_Astro
[BL]How to say I love you by Moon🌙
Status in COO 136 Chapters + 1 Extra (Completed) Description There are some people you hate at first but end up liking more and more the more you interact with them. The...
Yours, With Love by utopia_in_stories
Yours, With Loveby UtopiaInStories
"Why Radha?", his eyes glistened with emotions, with what he felt for her, as he caressed her cheek with all the love he beheld within. "Why do you tolera...
Romeo or Officer (Book 1 - Ongoing) by Bellacreationsxoxo
Romeo or Officer (Book 1 - Ongoing)by Call me Bawi🤙👼💕
This story is purely and originally by HumeraKabeer for SidNaaz fans which I have re-typed from screenshots that got to me, please do read the note in C1 before reporti...
Destiny Untold - Fated Mates series Book 1 by Estela_Tate
Destiny Untold - Fated Mates Estela Tate
Amara Johansen is a wolf shifter who was raised a Nomad, her family never settling down with a pack. That all changes on the cusp of her twenty-first birthday which mark...
My Prince Charming by Claire2oo2
My Prince Charmingby Claire2oo2
Emily and William navigate their royal lives with their two kids.