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Love&Hate by Katieelouise
Love&Hateby Katie
You know that feeling where you just want to hug the person all day long and never let go. Or when your heart beats faster by every touch. Or when you feel frozen in pla...
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Broken Promise by NhiThan
Broken Promiseby NhiThan
Len and Miku make a promise that when Len comes back from studying abroad in America, the two will start dating. After a few years, Len returns, but not like himself.
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Under the Big old Tree by Pepito_lephew
Under the Big old Treeby Pepito_lephew
Kevin 32 years old who thinks its all about being a Bachelor and counting the women he went to bed until one day things will turn out differently and he hope will foreve...
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Meeting A Bad Boy by IBeWhoIBe
Meeting A Bad Boyby IBeWhoIBe
Erik Henderson has a 4 year old daughter that he has to raise. On his own. Being a single dad, and being gay was not the easiest thing in the world. Paige's mother, Ti...
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Whatever It Takes by YaoiFangirl6
Whatever It Takesby Danny
I'll do whatever it takes to keep the one I love... Niall Horan wasn't a good man nor was he an individual that held a good soul. Yet when Harry Styles, the love of Nial...
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Calypso by TeddyDuBear
Calypsoby TeddyDuBear
This is based on what I think should happen to the 7 (+ Calypso) after the Blood of Olympus. Hope you enjoy. If you think I should carry this on please comment.
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Twisted Tales by Iknowaboutvikings
Twisted Talesby Jessica
A collection of adapted or retold fairy tales. ********************************************************* Please vote if you liked it! :) <3 And leave a comment letti...
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EXO and GG love story (Part 2) by gwenicsters
EXO and GG love story (Part 2)by GN BM
After the issues and photos were posted on media, both groups were attacked by the netizens and even by their fans. They received full of hatred and disgust around the w...
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Andy Beirsack: Rehab by LanaSherfield
Andy Beirsack: Rehabby LanaSherfield
a fanfiction for Andy Beirsack
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Overthinking by TheyCallMePrim
Overthinkingby TheyCallMePrim
When I'm alone, my mind takes over.. This isn't a story, these are situations that I'm going through. This is more of a journal than anything. Please don't try to cor...
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My Other Half✔️ by JulieGallagher4
My Other Half✔️by Juls23
Hannah has started her junior year thinking it will all be smooth. But her parents won't stop fighting. That and her ex boyfriend made her realize that Love is temporary...
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Twilight Twins (completed)  by 1998rochelle
Twilight Twins (completed) by Rochelle
Completed - What if Renesmee had a twin sister? What was life like for Nessies twin? What did the Volturi do? Is she like Nessie or are they totally different ? What d...
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WOLF GIRL( Garroth X Laurence X Reader) Discontinued!! by lollipop1290
WOLF GIRL( Garroth X Laurence X Re...by Lollipop
"RUN SHADOW KNIGHTS ARE ATTACKING!!" He said. When he said that I froze. I didn't now what to do... While standing there I notice my home town was burning, pe...
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Short Stories by 3Emo5Life
Short Storiesby Your Mom
Outlaw Queen One Shots by ArrowThroughApple by ArrowThroughApple
Outlaw Queen One Shots by ArrowThr...by The Queen
Cute little one shots that I made up for Outlaw Queen. ❤️
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Something You Should Know by aundreyaa
Something You Should Knowby aundreyaa
This is a poem I made awhile ago and it's mainly about a boy expressing his feelings to a girl.
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LETS BE OUTLAWS by KateOutlawQuee
LETS BE OUTLAWSby KateOutlawqueen
Description: I am a real big fan of Outlaw queen so Im going to write a story and their happy ending considering that writes didn't :) I hope you'll enjoy it.
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~Unexpected Story~ by dandelucas
~Unexpected Story~by ⓜ ѧ ɖ ɨ
She never thought her life would be this way dedicated to @-mxrgasm
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Éhcilc by balooba
Éhcilcby sexiibaybexxandsomenumbers
I get it. You're sad with your daily life so you've come onto Wattpad hoping to find your fairytale ending in some fictional way. How pathetic, you know, but it still wo...
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Letters (Short-story) by Ethereal_Ardour
Letters (Short-story)by Ethereal_Ardour
After 10 years of her big sister's suicide, a 15-year-old girl gets the chance to open that mysterious box her big sister gave her some months before her death. What she...
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