Unique Friendship 7 by DiaristalamodeLadies
Unique Friendship 7by Diastral Immoristal Alamode
A sequel to Unique Friendship 6 and yes before you ask you still have a long way to go before this book series ends. Anyways hope you like it! And as always there are al...
  • friendship
  • emotional
  • comedy
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Damaged soul by sxrxhh16
Damaged soulby sxrxhh16
Hey, it's Maddie, Maddie Taylor. I've been suffering with depression for as long as I can remember. No ones caught on yet though. I guess I'm just too good at hiding it...
  • depression
  • emotional
  • teen
The Brink by RealistsIllusion
The Brinkby Shefali Ananta
The hills of Raydon conceal, protect and preserve survivors of The Harmony. A burden of memories and guilt that haunted their conscience is uplifted when the protagonist...
  • mystery
  • revenge
  • reconciliation
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Consumed by MuseofEpIcPoEtRy
Consumedby MuseofEpIcPoEtRy
A lady in her feelz. Happy endings are clichés.
  • gloomy
  • shortstory
  • terriblewritingimo
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It. by KjLikesFlowers
It.by Kj Flowers
A poem of a teenager grieving the loss of her fellow peers while their murderer roams free.
  • short
  • dark
  • emotional
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I'll ruin your life by keshakeepcool
I'll ruin your lifeby keshakeepcool
Leon bronzer use to be so energetic. he was always happy and accepted. he use to have a friend close to him,but one day...their relationship vanished...so did his welcom...
  • depression
  • love
  • pain
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My Life by Animelover865
My Lifeby Animelover865
This is true! I'm not lying! It's sad and very depressing!
  • deppressing
  • emotional
  • sad
Nice by mirabellebloom
Niceby Mirabelle Bloom
I'm a small and quiet teenage girl currently struggling through many thoughts that occur in my mind. Here, I show you some of the problems I'm facing right now. I am awa...
  • emotion
  • school
  • emotional
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Nie zakochujmy się by prekursor_mizyo
Nie zakochujmy sięby prekursor_mizyo
Historia o miłości i zagubieniu w klimacie radosnej dystopii. Opowiadanie napisane na szybko, tak naprawdę najpierw powstał tytuł, a potem do tego treść. Źródło okładk...
  • emotional
  • lovestory
  • post-apocalyptic
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Piper X Box by IntrovertLoser
Piper X Boxby DankestDankBoiz
The author finally meets the mysterious box that killed her friends.
  • emotional
  • sad
  • hotbox
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poems book by xXMoonRabbitXx
poems bookby Usagi Katsuya
Read or don't it's fine.
  • sadness
  • anger
  • love
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Cat Crossing Your Path by F6110J
Cat Crossing Your Pathby Feron Jayawardene
Is it good? Is it Bad? or will it bring another view of life? Just read this short short story!
  • 2min
  • first
  • emotional
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Story Of Two Sisters by athiracaji
Story Of Two Sistersby athiracaji
Hey guys this is my first story its just a trial... I hope that I don't spoil it.... So guys this story revolves around two sisters ....The two sisters in this story r l...
  • funnymoments
  • sisterhood
  • family
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BFF: Best friends for-now by AceHeart555
BFF: Best friends for-nowby Ace Of Hearts
Sad poem thingy. It's just about my friends. Some of them are for certain people, so I hope you know who you are. FYI, I wrote this when I was sad earlier today and does...
  • worry
  • emotional
  • preschool
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Dynasty by realitysuck12
Dynastyby Mescha Di Franco
This is a world where your hair colour is everything it tells you what group you belong to, what powers you have and what animal you are some colour are nice and some ar...
  • dynasty
  • adventure
  • original
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He loves me, he love me not. by _Randomness_is_Key_
He loves me, he love me not.by Azu_Chan (Azuko Saki)
  • emotional
  • psycholover
  • drama
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Anonymous Sin by Lioncat850
Anonymous Sinby LionCat850
this is an book that hopefully will be filled with confessions, both mine and others. names will be completely confidential (no one will know), i'll be the only one who...
  • secrets
  • safe
  • emotional
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null by DarkSass
nullby Isaac Lim
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to code reality? Follow my book null, as it takes you into the world of Kazura Kiyomi. Kazura was involved in an...
  • system
  • thriller
  • dark
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Depression  by warminheart
Depression by warminheart
  • internalstruggle
  • poetry
  • isolation
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::NUMB:: by NaiPotatoes
::NUMB::by Nai
Imagine living in a world where you cannot feel any emotion. Not any emotion, where you could only feel hate for each other and yourself. That is how it went for Nai, Na...
  • emotional
  • numb
  • ốc