My Mafioso  by mizzmartinez
My Mafioso by mizzmartinez
(18+ only. Thank you) STRONG LANGUAGE!! Arianna is a girl who was being abused by her drug addict father and felt trapped in a life of abuse. Her father ends up sellin...
  • love
  • featured
  • prisoner
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Where I Belong by JDanielsbooks
Where I Belongby J. Daniels ❁
COMPLETED (Will be removed after 7/21/18) When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there's only one thing keeping h...
  • drama
  • published
  • hot
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The King's Bride by elleonrosk
The King's Brideby Elleon Rosk
Princess Amatak was to marry King Jerodfan, who was rumor as a tyrant. On the way to Jerodfan's castle, the princess forced her maid, Bakani, to substitute her role. Aro...
  • historical
  • historicalfiction
  • fiction
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I Sold My Virginity by ChocolateLoves2
I Sold My Virginityby ChocolateLoves2
Valentina Matrix sold her virginity to the highest bidder. "She's twenty four and she's never been touched" the announcer yelled to the crowd out men. There we...
  • babies
  • cheating
  • fantasy-
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Supposed To Be Mine by sweetstuff1111
Supposed To Be Mineby sweetstuff1111
At seventeen, the most tragic of situations landed River Ruth Winters, arranged to be married. She wasn't sad about it. Actually, it was the silver lining in the worst o...
  • siblingrivalry
  • love
  • fiance
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RAIN by LovelyBooBlack
RAINby LovelyBooBlack
As a sixteen year old girl with a four month old brother, she is put through a lot. Without her mother who died of cancer, and her father no where to be found she is for...
  • drugs
  • school
  • responsibilities
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Taming the Bad Girl › h.s by Xaddy-
Taming the Bad Girl › h.sby ♠️ Acidic 💦
"And when we're alone, I'm Daddy to you, do you hear me?" [ DADDY KINK ]
  • 1d
  • liampayne
  • badgirl
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Hey, Noah ✓ by alexiskeller1
Hey, Noah ✓by lexy
After his family's accident, ever popular Noah Archer starts to build walls around himself, freezing out anyone unwanted and cutting off all and any meaningless ties. Th...
  • college
  • riley
  • heynoah
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Damian (BWWM) by Rickyy178
Damian (BWWM)by Ricky
"Why did you bring me here?" she asked, feeling scared. "Relax mama I ain't going to hurt you, I just found you passed out on a bench and I took you in b...
  • drama
  • jealousy
  • thug
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Only You by xwriteratheartxo
Only Youby lisa
Charlotte Anderson has known Ben Hathaway for as long as she can remember. They've lived beside each other, grown up together, even had their first kiss together when th...
  • bestfriendsfriend
  • fiction
  • bestfriend
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To Tame a Playboy by drakeimaginator
To Tame a Playboyby A.Husayn01
Diana Campbell is a straight A student in Laval University and due to her family's debt she is forced into a marriage with the infamous, carefree, playboy Rafael DeMarco...
  • dominant
  • kiss
  • forcedmarriage
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His Nerd Next Door by HoneyJewelz
His Nerd Next Doorby HoneyJewelz
One thing, just one little thing Julie had to do to have a great start at her new high school. Don't Draw Attention. She thought she could handle it, how hard could it...
  • lovestory
  • romance
  • familyproblems
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Coffee And Papers by Mercy198
Coffee And Papersby Mercy kalu
"Name." He asked without looking up to her. "Emerson." She stated feeling a bit nervous. "Name." He repeated once again without looking up...
  • jealousy
  • villain
  • mystery
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The Best Mistake by Emily_EVM
The Best Mistakeby Emily
[Highest Ranking - #5 in Teen Fiction] "People take tests all throughout their lives. Math test, health tests, driving test, drug tests. But no amount of studying c...
  • bestbookever
  • teenfiction
  • bestfriends
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Youngin' Book 1: You the Boss by 0groyalty
Youngin' Book 1: You the Bossby M0st Hated👽👑
Meet Brooklyn. She is seventeen and puts absolutely nothing before her mother Drea. With her being the only child and her father not being in the picture, she feels as i...
  • love
  • ghetto
  • wattys2018
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A Big Girl's Thug (Editing) by MissPlusSize_
A Big Girl's Thug (Editing)by MissPlusSize_
Aija Moore is a plus size girl that has many insecurities. She feels as if no one wants her because she's a big girl. What happens when a thug shows interest in her? Wil...
  • babies
  • romance
  • westbrook
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Daddy's Little Assassin by SanC-Rylie
Daddy's Little Assassinby San Clarke
Kathleen Miller at thirteen year old witnessed her parents being killed right in their home. This incident caused her to become pretty closed off and not having any othe...
  • business
  • action
  • hotels
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Beat Of My Heart by kristentaylor16
Beat Of My Heartby Kristen Oldham
Holly Vickers didn't care about superstar Sebastian Jennings, she certainly never thought she'd ever meet him in person, either. She was a normal seventeen year old gir...
  • badboy
  • featured
  • boy
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Strip Cam Girl by ChiefSlapAHoe
Strip Cam Girlby NeNe
WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Kaleena McNeil was a 25 year old waitress by day and strip cam girl by night. What started off as a one time thing soon turn...
  • maturelanguage
  • stripcam
  • romance
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Fake Dating the Bad Boy by YaFairyTaleEnding
Fake Dating the Bad Boyby YaFairyTaleEnding
Highest rank in teen fiction #7 Started 28th August 2016 COMPLETED 8th January 2017 Not edited Olivia Valentine wants revenge on her ex boyfriend, Aaron Black, who chea...
  • teen
  • teenfitcion
  • fiction
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