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Dead Boy by trappedinafridge
Dead Boyby ⇠F I A⇢
"Wait aren't you the dead 20 year old millionaire?" she said, astonished. "Actually I'm 19..." I said, shivering from the rain. She stepped out of th...
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Post your story here by undacova_star
Post your story hereby Olivia
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The Hunt by Yaelle
The Huntby Willow
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from this, the love was begun by carlita__
from this, the love was begunby carlita__
this is a love school life story. maybe like a manga or anime (?) of you are like anime or manga or you an otaku , you should read this! dont forget to give a stars!
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Shift by -no-social-life-
Shiftby -no-social-life-
Seven years ago, the deadly disease Markling ripped through the land. Kella survived, but with a rare power that outcasts her. Considered a danger, Kella and her sister...
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Finally by TheFruitLooper
Finallyby TheFruitLooper
Her whole life she has been normal. His whole life he has been lost. But when you think you're on the right way, you're actually lost? Or when you think you'll never fi...
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Where Demons Hide by LaceyWhitford
Where Demons Hideby Lacey Whitford
***Maybe I wanted him to hate me. Maybe that’s why he did. Hate is a powerful idea, and if he hated me than at least I knew he felt something – that he was capable of hu...
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Spirit Of Stealth Fantasies by ComicgirlKadaj
Spirit Of Stealth Fantasiesby Comicgirl Kadaj
Janisa, a 16 year old girl who grew up at an orphanage in Russia, went into canada as a scholar in a Highschool University. During her first day of highschool freshman...
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Menace of the Twins by DarkDemonDiva
Menace of the Twinsby DarkDemonDiva
Two sister queens who fight for the thrown. One of them turned down the wrong path and became The Queen Of Tenebris or darkness. The other followed her mother's footstep...
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The Revealed (Connor Chronicles Book 2) by DormaineG
The Revealed (Connor Chronicles Dormaine G
Earth In the aftermath of betrayal, the San cannot rest in their quest to defend Earth. Connor's loyalties are questioned, and her actions put to the test. Forced to mak...
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Me, myself, and a chair by TapangaLeary
Me, myself, and a chairby Tapanga Leary
Layla is your average popular 17 year old. Perfect boyfriend, major wannabes, perfect hair, makeup, looks. you name it, she's got it. But what happens when perfect Layla...
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Shooting Stars? by MadieMitchell
Shooting Stars?by Madie Mitchell
Taren Peters may seem like just your average shy and collected kid, but there is something wrong with her. No one knows what it is, not even her, but there is something...
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Prologue: Map of the Soul by courtneyherzauthor
Prologue: Map of the Soulby Courtney Herz
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Me and my life by JessicaaAlvarez
Me and my lifeby JessicaaAlvarez
it's about a vampire girl who is in love with one of the worlds famous bands and is attacked by a sister of band member who is a powerful vampire as well.
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Francesco by EnricoMiglino
Francescoby Enrico Miglino
A clear, lucid and exciting story: a magnifying lens focusing on the dynamics and the oddities of human relationships. A plausible plot among four people, and the comple...
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Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: Lost Odyssey: Thousand Years of Dreams by AKBoy58
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: AKBoy58
A science fiction novel with 33 short stories foretelling the forgotten dreams of Kaim, A immortal who has lived over more than a thousand years. This novel is based on...
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Warrior Cat Spoofs by Spiderr by Spiderr
Warrior Cat Spoofs by Spiderrby Spiderr
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