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𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 | Alec Lightwood by 2005Jade
𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐃𝐎𝐖𝐇𝐔𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒 | With her new name, Diane Smith thought that running away from her past would erase things. Remove them from her memory and throw it in the...
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summer romance (e.d.) by shinydols
summer romance (e.d.)by <3
"look, i don't need your help, alright?" "clearly you do." anna begins to work as a golf cart driver at a pristine country club on the coast of cali...
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Muffin Readers' Choice Award 2020 (ACTIVE) by Jaxminy
Muffin Readers' Choice Award Claire
[CLOSED AND ACTIVE] JULY 2020 (OPEN FOR VOTING OF ENTRIES) Hello everyone, help our wattpad writers by voting to their entry. I am sorry sa mga bagong sasali, hindi na...
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Smalls {Baby Driver} by xx_Dariele_xx
Smalls {Baby Driver}by xx_Dariele_xx
"We can't keep working for you Doc." Smalls said as she stared at him. Doc sighed and looked at her. "You know I'll kill you and everyone you love right...
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Sway(Wattys 2015) by Misswaters7
Sway(Wattys 2015)by Misswaters7
Rogue winters a beautiful 17 year old And Ivan Stone the greatest and most feared vampire to ever live What happens when their worlds collide Will his need for cont...
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David (Complete/editing)  by Beautifulsins946
David (Complete/editing) by Beauty behind sins.
David lost his entire pack and family during a rogue attack when he was younger. The Alpha of a neighboring pack took him in, the Alpha made him the omega of his pack an...
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Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Gigi
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
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ateez reactions by adornjong
ateez reactionsby • 𝙘𝙖𝙞𝙩𝙨 •
bunch of things on how I think the boys would react ♡
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gRoUp cHaT|| A bts story by jjcenguk
gRoUp cHaT|| A bts storyby ♡︎
crackhead culture only!!! I update late
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Hooked Up by babekay_love
Hooked Upby Kiershaun Johnson
Hooked Up is a story following the lives of Thugs Elijah, Lucas, Casey and Harlem along with their females ( they are in one big polyamory relationship and I cannot str...
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Outfit Idea's by hasna_mohamad11
Outfit Idea'sby hasna_mohamad11
Hi these are just some outfit idea's that you guys should try.Hope you like them.
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My Bodyguard + Pjm [C] by Jmnutella
My Bodyguard + Pjm [C]by n u t 🦄
"Why are you always following me!" "Because i'm your bodyguard" "Get lost with your title 'Bodyguard'!" "I was paid to protect you&quo...
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R O U N D S {18+} by FemaleSinner
R O U N D S {18+}by Ambica
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In Search for a Daddy by littlebabygirl169
In Search for a Daddyby Sarah
(UPDATE EVERY WEDNESDAY) Stella is 18 who works as a nurse in Washington. She's a little in the DD/LG community and she's new-ish. She's only had 1 daddy who didn't stay...
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Volturi love. {Marcus Volturi} by DarlingDaughter
Volturi love. {Marcus Volturi}by DD
WARNING: UNEDITED. Volturi Love. Juliet Harp, a young English girl who moves to Forks for a once in life time opportunity. After a bad accident, the Cullen's, her 'Ame...
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Laugh, Laugh And Laugh!!! by aeiou5vowels
Laugh, Laugh And Laugh!!!by aeiou5vowels
If you want a place to calm down your anger, you have come to almost the right place. If you wanna laugh, grin or at least smile even the size of a needle point), read t...
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At the end of summer  by books_city
At the end of summer by books_city
When you tell yourself a stupid book can't make you cry... know that you are wrong. Because this is a true story, and a true story that needs to be known. a story that...
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Living with the Badboy🌹 l (BWWM) ✔️ by mals64
Living with the Badboy🌹 l (BWWM) EvenMalWrite
The story is about Malia and Liam. Malia is African (Sudanese) and Liam is White.
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Sweet Creature*ï½¥ Jenzie by Dianawritings
Sweet Creature*・ Jenzieby Di 🍒
highest ranked ; #1 in jvo & #1 in Kenzie status ; completed. The only unsinkable ship is friendship. -- Seventeen years old Kenzie Ziegler try to understand the meani...
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