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Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Hunter Chronicles)    by EmmaConnolly379
Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Emma Connolly
Twenty Six year old Blake Hunter is the Alpha of the largest pack in the region. Finding his mate is the last thing on his mind. But, in the midst of dealing with uninv...
Midnight Passion by SheilaHenegan
Midnight Passionby SheilaHenegan
Maxim stood staring out into the mist slowly creeping over the forest floor. She had run off again. The cries of the night creatures of the forest told him she had come...
SOULLESS by samyiy_04
Pain....endless pain.....and then blackness...and then pain again... DAMN THIS PAIN!!! It was nothing compared to the next step... I couldn't breathe. My life was gettin...
Unclean (On Hold) by NaughtyElves2016
Unclean (On Hold)by TaJua Butrum
"You don't belong!" "Your weird!" "Your a weakling and abomination to our kind!" Those words seem to haunt me every night I go to sleep why...
The Peacekeeper by nataliemae13
The Peacekeeperby Natalie Littlewood
Cecilia Auburn isn't your normal human, in fact, she isn't human at all. She's a werewolf. But not only a werewolf, she's a mix of every supernatural kind there is. Crea...
Into The Night by LydiaMae7
Into The Nightby Lydia Mae
Ember Reed is just a normal 16 year old girl that was home schooled her whole life. One day she found out something terrifying. Yes, she was going to Laketown High Schoo...
Wolf Bite (On Hold) by TheWriting_Kitten
Wolf Bite (On Hold)by Writer Cat
What do you do when an oversized wolf shows up in your backyard with injuries that should've killed it long ago? Dani is forced to ask herself this question when she see...
My alpha by MiryXn
My alphaby mei
Abandoned from her parents she try to escape from every day's routine.. As she was walking in the forest.. An unpredictable situation make her meet her true self.. And h...
Arctic Pack (Living in a Pack book two) by Polarbear2200
Arctic Pack (Living in a Pack Polar
Sapphire by Twinelight
Sapphireby •MAI•
Angela Guerrier, born Angela Loup Guerrier, she is an only child and lives with her mom in the 'not so normal' town of Cryptic Falls, in Falls County. But she doesn't kn...
Searching For The Shifter Bloodline - Shifter Book 2 by Soulshifter2love
Searching For The Shifter Soulshifter2love
After their ordeal with the hunters, Paige and Jacob are finally mated, set to rule over Luke's pack. Although Paige has her extended family, she still longs for her bir...
The Creatures Of The Night by pooh_eats_honey
The Creatures Of The Nightby Sasha
Jane Miller is an average girl, she is the type of girl that no one would notice. She had only one friend and she liked it that way. On her 17th birthday she expected it...
The Screwed Up Life Of Helena Clare {COMPLETED} by Caseye
The Screwed Up Life Of Helena Caseye Malfoy Black Snape
Well Helena Clare Jones' life isn't all its cracked up to be. When you read a kids story their from a happy family, with no dark mad things and no one dies. Well in Hele...
Blood moon  by Mia7273773
Blood moon by Mia7273773
Your whole life you have been abused by your dad but what happens when you meet your mate, only one problem, you don't know you're a wolf and you don't know he's your ma...
The Ruler, The Fallen, and The Broken (Slayer 3) by Friday13thx3
The Ruler, The Fallen, and The S.J. Rhodes
In The Ruler, The Fallen, and The Broken the war is over. Andrew, Daniel, Blade, and Violet all are back in Connecticut. Nick is now the King and has a master plan to ge...
Enemies Don't Kiss by lipsofanangel2012
Enemies Don't Kissby cammie rose
Jesse Gordan is a soon to be alpha who doesn't want the position. He's rebellious and wants to be remembered for something that doesn't involve his pack. Charlie Benson...
Blood: The Third Course by CheleCooke
Blood: The Third Courseby Chele Cooke
Spencer, Vince, and Edeline are still missing, no news of them but a trail of bodies that has now returned home. Now, for the first time in a hundred years, the vampires...
The Difference Between You and Me by _Evil_Maknae_
The Difference Between You and Meby Evil Maknae
Clara is an eighteen year old shifter with a murky past. Her first pack and parents were murdered by a pack of werewolves, making her hate them with every fiber of her e...