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Lost - A Tale of Marichat by ShortMiraculer
Lost - A Tale of Marichatby ShortMiraculer
Marinette isn't surprised when Master Fu sends her on a mission with Cat Noir. She is surprised, however, to find out that she won't be going as Ladybug - she'll be goin...
Chat's Game by saturday_night1325
Chat's Gameby saturday_night1325
What if Marinette never had a miraculous, Hawkmoth never existed, and Chat was a criminal? What if Chat didn't have a timer on how long he could stay transformed? Chat'...
A Beautiful Mistake [ S.C.I.谜案集 | S.C.I. Mystery (TV) Fanfic) by Roe2xx
A Beautiful Mistake [ S.C.I.谜案集 | Kanraa
In which Zhan Yao made a terrible- no a great mistake
CLASHES  by Akasempine
CLASHES by Akasempine
Arthit after a long time retured his college for an occasion maybe like a reunion but he doesn't know is he is walking into danger a huge one which almost cost his life...
Lost Betrothed (Reylo Medieval-Fantasy au) by thechunkysquirrel
Lost Betrothed (Reylo crusty rat
Many years ago, in a kingdom far, far away, a war raged between the Harsh Kingdom of Palpatine and the Kind Kingdom of Skywalker. The war raged for nearly a century, unt...
Cat & Mouse > Allison Argent by -FromAshes-
Cat & Mouse > Allison Argentby -FromAshes-
Jennah Thompson has been there since the beginning. She has fought against a psychotic alpha, a reptilian puppet with the ability to paralyse everyone (except Lydia) wit...
TomxJerry (Requests On Scenarios PLZ) by dxeorlxve
TomxJerry (Requests On Scenarios ukii
(DON'T read this as it might ruin your chidhood, also no hate please. I want to see if this community on Wattpad would be hateful to my ships, this is just something I f...
The Girl Who Ate Half the Moon by I_Love_Art
The Girl Who Ate Half the Moonby Jewel B.
Sasha Faire finds herself at the end of the line when she wakes up in the middle of a road lying in a bed of blood tainted snow and having to piece together the events t...
Someone Cares (BoyXBoy) (Sequel to Cat and Mouse) by Needing_SomeHale
Someone Cares (BoyXBoy) (Sequel L. Hale
Hello, all! This is the long awaited sequel to Cat and Mouse!
The Alpha's Toy by Secret_Writer_551
The Alpha's Toyby Blacc Dévil
Ariana Eliza Kashmir is just an average girl. She gets above average grades. Is kind of anti social, but still has friends. And she's still learning about the world with...
Love and Lies (I loved him but he lied) by LadyJ1202
Love and Lies (I loved him but JM
Have you ever given your all in a relationship only to find out in the end that he just lied to you? You thought he's the sweetest thing that ever happened in your life...
That Melody by RandiRavenous
That Melodyby Randi
As a free spirit, Chloe hadn't put much thought into what she would do after graduating high school. That was until she fell in love at first sound. That's right, Chloe...
She's all Mine (Ongoing) by Mistykal_Angel
She's all Mine (Ongoing)by Misty Neslen
Melody King is a regular 17-year-old girl struggling through her senior year of high school. She has those same old bully's, only this year was going to be different. La...
The C.R.A.A.T.R.C's top secret base by CandyGurl555
The C.R.A.A.T.R.C's top secret baseby zdena roseberry
The Cat Rebel Alience Aganist The Rat Cult (or C.R.A.A.T.R.C for short) We will FLOURISH!!!
Clever Cats by _exotic_writes
Clever Catsby 🤙🏼
Dusk is a clever cat, a species of cat that cat learn and remember things basically a human but in cat form. She is envied by her sister Dawn who is quite dumb, and her...
Cat and Mouse  by Larlocks
Cat and Mouse by Larlocks
A poem about life and death