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Married To Mr.Stethoscope by Three_idiots_india
Married To Mr.Stethoscopeby 3MeDicoS
#1 in Doctors. #1 in Wattpadindia. #5 in Romance on 15/5/18. #1 in Romedy hot list. "I don't want this!!! " I said. "What?!!" He asked somewhat sho...
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His Runaway Wife ✔️ by Jami1012
His Runaway Wife ✔️by Jami Gallardo
"What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-" "Stop."...
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Dangerous In Black (two) by hals20t
Dangerous In Black (two)by thalia
Dallas Cole was a medical practitioner and a very good one at that. She dealt with everything under the sun and as a doctor it was her duty to treat everyone and that's...
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On Call by LemonNavyBlue
On Callby Sunny
"How could you break my heart?!" Alex screamed at Aaron. "I promised nothing" He snarled,he actually promised her forever. He twirled his wedding r...
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emotion  by 5secsmendes
emotion by 16 days!🤩
"You don't know how to properly handle your emotions" "Says who?"
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Criminal by wingandaprayer
Criminalby wingandaprayer
Single father Garrett Molanari has been trying to do the best he can by his 6 year old son since his wife's murder. It's been six months since she was killed by a rival...
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Dr. Jagiya✓|| pjm by sujinniie
Dr. Jagiya✓|| pjmby ♧
"I have a mouth kink, so open it." #9 in ff © sujinniie 2019 ✓
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She's Not a Fan by lindaoconnor98
She's Not a Fanby Linda O'Connor
Sarah Jain is a family doctor in a mid-size hockey-crazy town. She hates hockey. She hasn't gone anywhere near a rink in years, until her friend, the team doctor, call...
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Doctor's Obsession by DreamRifter
Doctor's Obsessionby Corinne Stacks
Leah Harris wakes up in a hospital and the only comfort she finds is in her handsome physician. Over the course of her recovery, they grow close. Too close. When regula...
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Unexpected by pseudoannie
Unexpectedby pseudoannie
(Complete) Nick has suffered sorrow and loss. He has relied on his family to help him survive. He is surrounded by loving couples. Can Nick ever find happiness and a...
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OCTAVIUS||BOOK ONE     ((#WATTYS2019)) by PleaseFancyMe
NOMINATED FOR THE WATTYS 2019 BOOK ONE IN THE MOORE BOTHER SERIES Life has always been a cake walk for Octavius. Being adopted into a wealthy family as an infant, he spe...
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until death do us part by mikozaki
until death do us partby ✄
Adine Griffith and Sebastian Alrik are world's apart, brought together solely by Adine's carelessness and Sebastian's manipulative ways. But their apparent dislike for...
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A Love found in Affliction by nav_k21
A Love found in Afflictionby Navjot Gill
With in the four walls of Wentworth East Hospital, Manhattan, two people found their life's turned upside down at the same time. Had fate planned this affliction so the...
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Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage by yu_tanit
Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriageby yu_tanit
🎭Tale of the unfortunate marriage.
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Coldness by Filippa2003
Coldnessby Filippa Olander
"Jeez you must be freezing!! Jump in!" He told her. He was worried. She wasn't used to that. "Thank you." She barely whispered out. Her voice was low...
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take it by 5secsmendes
take itby 16 days!🤩
"Don't fucking touch her!" "You're never going to let her grow up and take it, will you?"
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Where Were You? by lilininijenlisa
Where Were You?by Z
Jennie a hard working surgeon who's trying to prove her family that she's worth being praised just like her former older sister. Lisa a go-with-the-flow pediatrician wh...
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silence by 5secsmendes
silenceby 16 days!🤩
"You're quiet" "Yeah"
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Stop by 5secsmendes
Stopby 16 days!🤩
"I just want it to stop" "Let me take care of that"
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I'm Breaking by Artemis1265
I'm Breakingby oof
Park Chaeyoung is a talented all-around surgeon but specializes in neurosurgery. She lives a 24/7 life in the hospital and sometimes can't be a mother to her daughter. J...
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