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Alpha Luke Hemmings by blissful_taco_pizza
Alpha Luke Hemmingsby Mabel_Pines
This is a story of an Alpha werewolf finding his little human mate.
The Fall || l.h. by ghostofyou1996
The Fall || ghostofyou1996
[[Sequel to The Bet]] "What if he's not the same person I fell in love with?" "Then you get to fall in love with him all over again." The bet is ove...
teachers pet - lrh by whiskeyluke
teachers pet - lrhby kell
the story where luke is a virgin and takes a liking towards his student who is a lot more experienced than he. -complete-
the neighbor | lrh by lukesleftthumb
the neighbor | lrhby yuh
"if i'm like a brother to you...why are our lips so close?" [ l. h. ] •contains sexual content •published spring 2020
My Best Friend's Dad - L.H by tryingtoohardagain
My Best Friend's Dad - L.Hby '--( ^--^)--'
It was not a secret that my best friend's dad is the definition of hot, but he is my best friend's dad, and I love her, but how do I tell her that I love her father too...
safe//5SOS by 5sosxruel
safe//5SOSby BLM
She'd dealt with it before- everyday in fact. The slurs were thrown around as much as the beer bottles. But no one could know. She told people she was clumsy, that she...
break the heartbreaker : luke by -lukeniall
break the heartbreaker : lukeby autumn
MISSION: BREAK THE HEARTBREAKER RULES 1) only kisses are allowed. second base and above are PROHIBITED. 2) meeting the parents or any relative is not allowed. it will le...
prank text| l.h by tiredthot
prank text| l.hby une chienne
unknown: how much would i have to give you to suck my toes me: i would suck them for free tbh a girl received a text from an unknown number and it goes on from there. i...
boner // luke hemmings  by mynameisshutup
boner // luke hemmings by Zoe
highschool is hard, even worse when you get a boner from your best friend every time you see her.
Our Little Secret//lh by highlight2myhemmings
Our Little Secret//lhby natalie
"You don't understand. You're my brothers best friend and what we're doing is wrong." "I think you're the one who doesn't understand- I don't give a shit...
The Summer I Got Hot {L.H} ~ Book 1 by imjustfabu
The Summer I Got Hot {L.H} ~ Book 1by ImJustFabu
~Book 1 in The Summer Series~ "Woah, what happened over the summer to you babe?" He smirked, his stupid friends giggling behind him. "You've changed."...
Wrong Number by cliffy_luke
Wrong Numberby cliffy_luke
A drunken night out for him and a string of mysterious, suggestive texts leaves Penelope Day unknowingly texting one of the biggest names in the music charts at the mome...
the drummer's son; afi  by thomashoodbaby
the drummer's son; afi by thomashoodbaby
"Ash.." Calum starts. "What?" I reply, grabbing a beer from the fridge. "What are you gonna do about this?" Calum continues, and I frown. ...
Sex Ed [l.h] by HumanityGone
Sex Ed [l.h]by Problem Child
in which the school virgin meets luke hemmings in sex ed but do they fall in love?
Meet You There | Calum Hood by SavSOS_
Meet You There | Calum Hoodby Sav
Holland Mayfield has been dreaming of the Olympics her entire life. After missing the cut for the US Women's Gymnastic team in 2016 due to an injury she isn't taking any...
Manager [lrh] by loveycal
Manager [lrh]by georgia.
Would you let your ex be your manager? LUKE HEMMINGS
Daddy's girl by kimthorne101
Daddy's girlby kimthorne101
Isabell is a little who loves having her own way, while Luke is a man who doesn't take no for an answer... When issy's dad has to travel away for work issy has to have s...
5 Seconds of Summer Smut - From Tumblr by omgcanustop
5 Seconds of Summer Smut - From omgcanustop
Hey guys, So basically this is a book of smut (😏) about our favorite dorks. These aren't my own, I don't own any of these. All credits go to the original tumblr owners...
Heir and Heiress (Luke Hemmings, AU) COMPLETED by mallowmashton
Heir and Heiress (Luke Hemmings, hanna
━━What if two best friends, an heir and an heiress, were to be engaged?━━ "I don't mind being engaged with you. I mean, we're best friends." "I could live...