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The Trouble Toddler by PSophieB98
The Trouble Toddlerby LittleRose
Lexi is a girl who gets in trouble a lot. Both her parents and herself see this behaviour can't last any longer. But both parties don't know what to do anymore to fix Le...
Babygirl by misstamerica
Babygirlby misstamerica
A normal girl. A normal night. Until she's kidnapped and forced to be a baby. ~a non-sexual ddlg story~ //I might be able to translate to Spanish if requested enough ...
Baby Talk by Writerandreader17
Baby Talkby Tawney
Stephanie never imagined that meeting Garrett and Lori would change her life as it did. She never expected their rules to be so... odd. Is $1,000 enough money for Stepha...
she just needs a little love... by summerwilson
she just needs a little summerwilson
read prologue to find out what story is about will contain abdl age regression ddlg and other similar topics if you are not comfortable with it do not read this story a...
Little Bad Boy by MaxKegan
Little Bad Boyby Ember
This is a world that is full of little, switches, pet and doms. Xain Preź is a little but refuses to let anyone at his school know. What happens when the most popular b...
Vampire's wolf pup (old version) by MaxKegan
Vampire's wolf pup (old version)by Ember
[NO LONGER UPDATING] In this fantasy world. Vampires rule. The upper-class species. Werewolves...not so much. They are more as seen as low lives. Pets. To most, they hol...
A little trip by lalalollllooo
A little tripby lalalollllooo
After losing her baby and husband, Emma and Kylie go for a vacation in a secluded island to relax. Only, things take a turn when Emma misses her son.
Little Prisoner by lokis_loser
Little Prisonerby Loki’s Loser
Tyler Joseph is just an innocent little who was trying to sleep but is awaken by a loud sound and he gets kidnapped. Things did not go to plan for Josh and now he has a...
Age Regression! by LittlespaceDreams
Age Regression!by Dreamer
This is a guide to agere stuff! This will include my own views but I'll also try and include others, because I know everyone is different 😊 I DO NOT tolerate bullying. ...
Taekook Oneshots by hoping1for1gaydreams
Taekook Oneshotsby Hoping.for.gaydreams
Mommy's Good Boy by MaxKegan
Mommy's Good Boyby Ember
Leo is a 17-year-old who just started their summer break but now has to spend it with their bully Eve
The Lonely Girl by PSophieB98
The Lonely Girlby LittleRose
Little Rose is abandoned and abused. She is left alone, kicked out of the house without a place to go. How will she survive the big world on her own when her little spac...
Daddy's Little Pup by MaxKegan
Daddy's Little Pupby Ember
After being kicked out of his tribe and almost killed. Weyln ran away and ended up at an auction house.
Pinky Promises by MaxKegan
Pinky Promisesby Ember
Max is a homeless teen who was kicked out for being trans at the age of 13 but 3 1/2 years later he meets Alex
The Lost Desire  by Ddlb_writer
The Lost Desire by ~ Anastasia ~
*NOT SEXUAL* In this world you can only be one of 8 things, a little, Dom, maschocist, sadist, owner, pet, slave, or master As of recently there have been a major lack...
a little broken... by summerwilson
a little summerwilson
read prologue to find out what this is about. contains mentions of abuse rape eating disorders self harm and topics like that. if you find any of these topics triggering...
A secret little's diary  by mhadino
A secret little's diary by mhadino
Hi this is a diary for when I'm in little Space and feel like writing.I'm a writer and reader.
Fragile (old version) by Incipid
Fragile (old version)by Incipid
Sam is a senior in highschool, he's considered popular at his school but only because he manages to keep his grades up while being a "jock" of some sort. He's...
Little space bakugou one shots  by theuwu1
Little space bakugou one shots by Supppppp
Just a bunch of little space baku one shots 😊 (Slow updates sorry)
My baby boy by kinkylad
My baby boyby kinkylad
Ok I'm only writing this for fun and because I feel like there's not that many sherstrade stories on here so here ya go This story will be a boyxboy and elements of lit...