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My Little Designer by Cendrillon1996
My Little Designerby Cinderella
Louis is a little, she's a shy little thing that goes to a local High school, she doesn't have many friends, except for the online ones. She met someone special on her...
My little Lisa by GabriellaNalla
My little Lisaby GabriellaNalla
Little Lisa struggles to finish her last year in collage. Constant health problems caused by dwarfism and never ending bullying by pears brings Lisa to a boiling point...
The Queens' Baby by elizaheart2364
The Queens' Babyby elizaheart2364
Set in current times, the queen and her wife go into their town where they meet a 19yo girl who has had a troubled life. They offer her shelter, food and a job. The girl...
Hawks X Fem reader Oneshots by Marieisabel2
Hawks X Fem reader Oneshotsby Marieisabel2
as it sounds, dont own anything but story. Comment if you want another part and I may. I'm pretty lazy so I may not. This one is XFem but I also have the same stories in...
My Stepson by sesytears
My Stepsonby v.
-smut warning -mommy kink -dom girl sub boy highest rankings #1 stepmommy #1 mommyissues #1 subboy #1 dmlb
Safe In Her arms  by TheYukazaDon
Safe In Her arms by Yuma Takahashi
once I make it outside, its pouring down. I groan and feel myself scold me for not checking the weather. I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes. I promised my fri...
The royal baby by AgeregressionKitten
The royal babyby Kitten is little
A small, petite 19 year old girl is caught thieving. She is dragged to the royal's castle and held in a cell until the next court day. Once she meets the king and queen...
A Little Secret by Jerriesgirl
A Little Secretby Tigger💕🙈
Perrie Edwards, shy and anxious. (also a little) Jade Thirwall, popular and caring. (also a caregiver) Dormates. How will they work together?
My Mommy by AuriMorris
My Mommyby Aday213
This is a new book I'm writing. It is based off a little/sub and a dom. This is a lesbian book. Just read an enjoy 💜
My Mute Babyboy by Dctc9187
My Mute Babyboyby Lily
Julie is a billionaire. She is a doctor, singer, songwriter, and an actress. She wants to share her fame, so she is going to buy a sec slave Kevin is a sex slave in a au...
baby boy || YUNGBLUD by 0o0BlurryFace0o0
baby boy || YUNGBLUDby blur
"you know what you have to do now, right little one?" "no mommy" "well you have to lick mommy clean" _____ or the one where lia is ash's(ha...
I'm Not A Baby by 14BabyDolls
I'm Not A Babyby 14BabyDolls
Falling asleep in an uber is never good. Teen, Grace unfortunately does just that and is kidnapped in the process. A story about a Little new to age regression, and expl...
Hungry Little by secretstories96
Hungry Littleby LGBT+Little
Eliza is hungry, but she doesn't want her bottle anymore
Four Beating Hearts by elizaheart2364
Four Beating Heartsby elizaheart2364
Penelope Winston is a 17 year old girl with her old sister being the only remaining family she has. Being a little, what happens when Penelope goes missing when supposed...
My Precious Little Slut by demislittleangel
My Precious Little Slutby demislittleangel
Reena is a 19 year old girl that wants to find a mommy Demi is 22 and is looking for the perfect little Will they like each other? (involves a LOT smut) (Lauren jauregui...
Mummy and Daddy's Princess ✔️ by miracle109
Mummy and Daddy's Princess ✔️by miracle109
Elsie finds what she always wanted in Ryan and Emma.
Mommy Mobile by Woahitsdylan880
Mommy Mobileby Dylan B
"I-I'm a little looking for a mommy.." "Well you've contacted the right place sweetie, I'll transfer you through to a caregiver right away." A lonely...
Little tries to Love Again by Patradon
Little tries to Love Againby Patron
This is my first MDLB story. Hopefully you'll like it. Some smut, also might potentially have some trigggering elements.
The Alpha's Little by Deedeenjames
The Alpha's Littleby ❤Deedee❤
Everyone from my mafia new wife,Mine books this book isn't like them. Cover made by @GoldenPaper_Planes "Soooooooo I have 3 mates?" I asked tilting my head to...
Mommy little angel by Piggy-unicorn
Mommy little angelby Tinicia
it all starts with a hope that's 17 and lives in a run down apartments untill one day she walking to work when a mystery car show up and kidnapped her... well she fall i...