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Taming Cameron (COMPLETE) by Juette_Curtina
Taming Cameron (COMPLETE)by juju
Meet Cameron Crawford: She smokes and considers sex a sport. She doesn't have sex with one man twice, but she engages in sexual activities more than twice a week. Meet...
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Demon of my dreams by sheismoky
Demon of my dreamsby Sheismoky
Short story about a girl who has nightmares after sex. She adapts but one night she is thrown for a loop in her dreams of hell and things take a turn.
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Sold to a Wolf Pack by MiaMeade
Sold to a Wolf Packby Mia Meade
"My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt." ❀ "I'm going to count to three," Logan growls. He doesn't have to say the rest...
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Alpha Roman™(BWWM)  by Katty_Empire
Alpha Roman™(BWWM) by Lynn Berrí
This is my first werewolf story, and I hope you enjoy! Alexa needs a job and fast, she applies for a job to become a personal assistant and she's...human? Roman Reigns i...
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Ten Reasons Not To Die by RiceLover
Ten Reasons Not To Dieby Vanessa
"Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."
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I'm Your Boss (BoyxBoy) by notbackingdown
I'm Your Boss (BoyxBoy)by T. Gray
I am was nothing more than his employee. His babysitter. His tutor. His butler. Always he was my baby. My son. My friend. My employer. Then a tragic accident changed hi...
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Sleepwalker by humored
Sleepwalkerby Megan
When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and droolin...
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Being loved by a Millionaire by thewritingmama
Being loved by a Millionaireby thewritingmama
(In the process of being heavily edited! Chp 1-6 finished) His eyes sparkle wickedly, as he smirks down at me. "You obviously don't know who I am do you?" He r...
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2.3 | Notorious ✓ by hepburnettes
2.3 | Notorious ✓by Noelle
Callum Wright, the boy with a heart of stone, is the number one target of Hell Week. And Scout Dawson, who fights fire with fire by falling in love with him, can only ge...
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Pickup Lines by abated
Pickup Linesby Gabriella
in which a silly boy named Niall attempts to ask a girl he adores on a date through cheesy pickup lines.
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Silence by BookLoverStoryWriter
Silenceby BookLoverStoryWriter
Silence. Silence. It
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A Life Worth Living by JENfaerl
A Life Worth Livingby JENfaerl
The only way to take control of your life is to find yourself... =_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_=_-_= Please fee...
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Perks of Being In Love v2 by michaelle07
Perks of Being In Love v2by michaelle07
Love never means being happy without sorrow and sadness, heartaches and heart breaks.
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MY ANGLE by whitebutterfly17
MY ANGLEby whitebutterfly17
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Always and Forever- Short Story by trebes
Always and Forever- Short Storyby trebes
Where I lived used to be perfect, nothing bad ever happened. That was until girls started to disappear, my sister Mara was the first. When were were little we promised w...
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Embracing Illusion by yellowchic217
Embracing Illusionby yellowchic217
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The Captain's Letters by AdelynAnn
The Captain's Lettersby Adelyn Sterling
The peculiar behavior of Airship Captain Melville inspires many rumors, but one curious midshipman finds himself drawn to her. Determined to find out why she prowls the...
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resist • m.c short story by michaels_cheezburger
resist • m.c short storyby <3carlee<3
'Can you come over? I need you.' And we both know I could never resist.
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Confusion, Delusions, and Falling in Love by nicolettaamariee
Confusion, Delusions, and nicolettaamariee
♡A book of short stories on simple ways to fall in love♡
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One Road by michaelsdandelion
One Roadby michaelsdandelion
His name was Alex. He's my best friend and I'm in love with him. Plot twist: He's 23 and my Guitar teacher.
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