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I bbw black girl who finds love who is a low key gang member who could fucking care less if she's bbw ❤️??
phat girls need love too  by KiaaWorld
phat girls need love too by KiaaWorld
aliah Is a quiet Big girl Thats very shy & insecure But Will that all change when she meets Ty The Football player ty Is a football player In new Orleans what will hap...
Better Believe It by RhonnieGirl04
Better Believe Itby Rhonda Stewart
Nia is a regular girl. Just a regular 5 foot even, 300 lb bbw (big beautiful woman). Nia has a crush on Tristan who is a different kind of popular boy. He's on the baske...
The Fat Girl's Journey To Happiness (COMPLETED) by ImNotaPerfectGirl25
The Fat Girl's Journey To Angelyn Hernandez
Being fat her entire life, Ashley Simpson has many struggles, from choosing what clothes to fit her, to judgmental people and building her self-confidence, you name it! ...
Always And Forever by Carolina4240
Always And Foreverby Carolina424
Vanisha is the 15 years girl who have an low self-esteem. She got her heartbroken before because of the weights and don't know is she ever find love again. Chris is the...
Chains by KDF_28
Chainsby Niaa de Frier
Anne-Lee Daniels is a black girl who loves to be free and do what ever she wants but she is also preserve in her own way. After collage she becomes an assistant to a ver...
Unexpected by DCFatty
Unexpectedby DCFatty
Kara's a shy girl. So shy that even though she's been friends with Natalie for a few years now, she has still yet to meet her brother. After finally meeting him and fe...
Who Would Have Thought I'd Get You by naturallynani
Who Would Have Thought I'd Get Youby Anani'
This book is about a beautiful black, voluptuous woman named Ivania who is dealing with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem after a tumultuous past relationship. She...
Misha💘🔥💫♉ by Carolina4240
Misha💘🔥💫♉by Carolina424
Misha is the shy 16 years girl from Atlanta who lives in the hood most of her life. Mario is the 16 years old boy who always had his eyes on Misha.
It's Just Us by shayshay6701
It's Just Usby shayshay6701
Melody is a 16 year old single parent, and a big girl. She want to find love but does not want her heart broken again. Will she ever get a man? Read and find out
Dynamite Touch || Andre Harris by GmwLover4Ever
Dynamite Touch || Andre Harrisby suck my fucking cock
I'ma say it once again. Not all pretty girls are skinny. Period. | Andre x Plus size OC | Plus Size | Victorious season 1 - (?) If you don't like plus size stories or...
Worth Fighting For by Jaz-Nao
Worth Fighting Forby Jazz-21
The miseducation of love has always been California's down fall. Abuse is acceptable as long as you hit back is what's she's been taught, and abides by in her relationsh...
Plus Size Punch by KDF_28
Plus Size Punchby Niaa de Frier
Sarabi is a plus size black girl who doesn't talk to anyone but has a good built wall between her and society and her father. She rather be alone than be hurt. Joey More...
The Curves Ahead - Wattpad Award Winner by Blondeanddangerous
The Curves Ahead - Wattpad Award Kate J. Squires
Watty Award winner for HQ Love. Curvy Evianna has it all - as the host of a number one talk show, she's adored by millions of Australian TV viewers, has a gorgeous co-s...
Jewel by lenaaa2345
Jewelby YoungCreater :)
Jewel has had a secret crush on Javier but how will she react to him liking her too while battling others opinions about her appearance and other life problems as well
Loving Jori by affablegirl
Loving Joriby ItsAffable
It's a Thicklit, I guarantee you'll LOVE IT!
The Game of Love by laurendenise__
The Game of Loveby lo. ✨
how hard I love is not to be toyed with.
Not Good Enough by _LondonMadeMee_
Not Good Enoughby RiRi
Every felt like your not good enough for nothing? That's just how Andrea feels. She feels like a big slob, all her friends are way prettier and way thinner than she is...
iCantExplain (ThugLove)(BigGirl) by Amberyyy
iCantExplain (ThugLove)(BigGirl)by Amberyyy
Thick girl In a world of skinny hxes ! What's Gnna happen? How she Gne deal ? Read to find out !!!