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Hendrix ✓ by softsloth
Hendrix ✓by softie ❥
‶Your little mate, what is she like?″ ‶She's wild, but all the best flowers are.″ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ No one has ever seen Alpha Cedric Veiler smile. He i...
Show Me, Sensei by Tiffanyluvss
Show Me, Senseiby ♡ Tiffy♡
Love comes in all shapes and forms, but Kelly Young had no idea it'd come in the form of her most hated teacher, Mr. Todd. •A Student x Teacher Romance. #5- Romance (02...
A Teacher's Seduction by csank2019
A Teacher's Seductionby Chloe Sank
| Se•duc•tion | • An act or instance of seducing especially sexually • A tempting or attractive thing --------------------------------------------- He slid his fingertip...
Are You Kidding Me?!! (gxg) by theleopardwriter
Are You Kidding Me?!! (gxg)by theleopardwriter
This is the story of Alexandra. Alex is a teenager who wants to live a happy, unbothered life and is afraid to get attached to anyone in risk of getting hurt. She moves...
Forbidden {L.S.} by kaylabastian01
Forbidden {L.S.}by Kayla Bastian
Harry Styles is just a seventeen year old junior. He doesn't expect much out of the year, but his seventh hour history teacher manages to change all that.
The Engagement by gidiyou
The Engagementby hotdog
This story is about a student marrying her teacher because of the contract, then soon fell inlove with her. Yeah I guess that's all. I'm not good at explaining so just...
Color Me You (gxg) by cactuswinter
Color Me You (gxg)by Sav H.
Seventeen year old Lila Everette has everything she could ever want. She is the most popular girl in school, a cheerleader, she has a bright career pathway, and good fri...
His Obsession by AsSheFades
His Obsessionby AsSheFades
"Tell me, why is a pretty little girl like you teasing your professor?" "I don't know what you mean Sir," I trail off while playing with my hands in...
Bruised by grungeho
Bruisedby seth
UHHHH, HI PLS READ TY ~ "Mr. Evans I don't know what you're doing but..." "Shut up." He says in an annoyed tone. I was taken aback by that. Did he...
Waiting Room by spoffyumi
Waiting Roomby Kate Spofford
Everyone at school knows Andrew Jennings. Missing an arm. Openly gay. But when he meets star athlete Ryan Sullivan in therapy, can friendship lead to more? ...
teachers pet - lrh by whiskeyluke
teachers pet - lrhby kell
the story where luke is a virgin and takes a liking towards his student who is a lot more experienced than he. -complete-
Love has no boundaries (student/teacher relationship) by TC_Stuff
Love has no boundaries (student/ Chase the Stars
Highest ranking: #167 in Romance! 20.12.17 Jessica Mills is a student in year eleven that has a major crush on her sports/tech teacher. Mr. Jacobs, a sexy twenty-two-ye...
Not alone anymore  by LeeHaa1978
Not alone anymore by
Is it possible for a relationship to come out of helping someone?
A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl) by RanielleTJ
A Blonde with Blue Eyes (girlxgirl)by Renny
Two girls who fall for each other the moment they saw each other but they try to control there feeling. The Sexual Tension and all the confusions between them. Will they...
Sex Gone Wrong •a Park Jimin FF• by Jiminsblueboxers
Sex Gone Wrong •a Park Jimin FF•by boored
You woke up and tried to get up but a hand was holding you down You turned your head to the side Mr Park? ~~~~~~ A teacher and a student after a one night stand or somet...
Florescence {Complete} by VenusEGaius
Florescence {Complete}by Venus E. Gaius
Professor James Carlyle was not one to be trifled with. Deep sunken in grief, he threw himself into his life of luxury and art expecting to sit in darkness forever. Rack...
Kourtney Kardashian's oldest daughter by chonixkardashian
Kourtney Kardashian's oldest chonixkardashian
When kourtney was 24 years old , she had her first child , well first daughter. It was a stupid one night stand with some guy who she doesn't know or hasn't seen since...
Unexpected Attraction(Teacher student romance ✳) by hearthless_fucker
Unexpected Attraction(Teacher hearthless_fucker
Not like the common teacher student romance Kellesha Williams doesn't just fall in love with a new teacher in the blink of an eye. In Kellesha's case,she knows this man...
Miss Romaro's Joy by kingtozz
Miss Romaro's Joyby KingTozz
Joy has always dreamed of falling in love with someone, getting married and having kids. What if that someone is a college teacher and she doesn't want to get married or...
I Won't Give Up (Teacher/Student) by mirandaxs
I Won't Give Up (Teacher/Student)by Miranda
**Currently Undergoing Major Editing** If stubbornness had a name, it would be Diem Reynolds. The high school senio...