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My BDSM Life by g2345670
My BDSM Lifeby g2345670
In the year 3440 bdsm is the way of life. When born you have either a D or S on your left wrist, to determine whether you are a Dom or sub. Subs are trained and then sen...
kinks n fun // imagines  by prettylilpuppy
kinks n fun // imagines by prettylilpuppy
just lil short kinda stories with basically every kink possible jejedj i'll put a little summary above each story of what kinks are in it n trigger warnings and stuff if...
Lesbian Oneshots by cloudybears510
Lesbian Oneshotsby Cloudybears
Short smutty stories filled with lesbians and bi sexual girls for all my LGBTQ lovelies. Book contains, BDSM, and kinks. Read at own risk ⚠️⚠️ If you are a Karen or a h...
The Little's Tutor by kal_baby
The Little's Tutorby Baby.kali
Avani was an 18 year old high school senior. She was always a good student, but she suddenly started to not care. The only thing that gave her comfort was age regression...
Spongebob The Twink Slut by iTsnOtpHaSemOm
Spongebob The Twink Slutby SquongeBobPantacles
Sponge Bob and Squidward sexy time for lots of fun and horny babes
The Substitute {StudentxTeacher} by PainfulDistress
The Substitute {StudentxTeacher}by Babygurl👑
Britney is a young teenager belonging to 'Golden Brooks Highschool', her life is troubling already from the start. Her parents were in a divorce, she lived with her abus...
SPEC OPS: TANK - RERUNby Guilty as charged
Book one of the SPEC OPS Series. TANK. Warning ⚠️ Smut Soft core Hardcore cunnilingus Finger fuck Cumplay Kinks BDSM Recorded sex Oral DomxSub relationship Dirty talk...
Mine... All mine. by R5luv12
Mine... All Tayloe St. Clair
Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore end up having a little bit of a spice to their relationship to explore their darkest desires once Elena finds out just how much Damon c...
The Truth Cannot Long Be Hidden by Marylynch77
The Truth Cannot Long Be Hiddenby Marylynch77💞🦄🦋💗🎉🙃
Stiles and Derek go to Beacon Hills High School. One day Stiles gets dared by Scott to come out as gay. Derek is a popular boy, with some bi sexual qualities. When Dere...
The Don's Temporary Permanent Wife by angrydishwasher
The Don's Temporary Permanent Wifeby angrydishwasher
I gave up. I'd never give up before. But I'm pretty sure that if I tried anything now, those two russian little dogs would beat me until I actually do. Actually, no I st...
Overrated ( malfoyxpotter ) by longtanhandsome05
Overrated ( malfoyxpotter )by b@ley123
Draco has a tendency to think things are "overrated", but when things get heated with harry, he might have a hard time refusing. yes this is one of THOSE books...
GRUNGE And Other Bands Imagines/Prefs by Metalmash4
GRUNGE And Other Bands Imagines/ †(•~•†)
Wut up!! This is a Grunge and other bands one shots or imagines but you can request anything. Smut/dirty one shots (this is only new to me lol ) Normal Sad Depressin...
boy x boy smut oneshots by gayanimelover06
boy x boy smut oneshotsby gayanimelover06
(disclaimer) if you are against boys fucking then don't read it, and there might be some fluff
Against Them. (Septiplier) by KXblob
Against Them. (Septiplier)by Just Kate
Jack, a bullied high school student, is seemingly tethered to his bully Mark. Mark, an asshole, enough said. Jack finds himself always running into Mark. Their fates see...
Don't Think They Know// Zarry  by -NarriesHoneyBee
Don't Think They Know// Zarry by ❤Queen Of The Lames❤
In Which Harry is a 16 year old boy who is in a very sexual Dom and Sub relationship with 23 year old Zayn They don't call each other lovers or boyfriends considering t...
Cupbros X Inkbros(Bendy And Boris) by IceyDicey678
Cupbros X Inkbros(Bendy And Boris)by IceyDicey678
Sub cuphead x Dom bendy Dom mugman x Sub boris
On Tour. by AFanReader
On -~('-')~-
You visit Brian “Q” On the IJ/The Tenderloins tour. I use (y/n) = your name. I hope you enjoy! (Side note: contains; smut, Dominate & Submissive content. 16+ please!
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Binding Blondie. by IsntSheLoveleh
Binding Emmaline.☀
*Boyxboy sexual and fetishistic themed. if you do not like it, please don't read*. -Read the prequal that my boyfriend wrote (KylersPapi is the account.) 'Brawn Brunette...