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The Wrong Sister (BWWM) by DamnNyla
The Wrong Sister (BWWM)by DamnNyla
I wrapped the bandage around his hand carefully making sure not to hurt him. "Okay done." I said placing down his hand. Packing up the medical box I felt eyes...
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My Evil Angel (BWWM) by DamnNyla
My Evil Angel (BWWM)by DamnNyla
"Angel come to daddy." I called her over. I watched as she skipped towards me smiling as always. "yes sir." she said looking up at me. I held her wai...
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She's Not Quiet {Book 3 of the Quiet Series} by DamnNyla
She's Not Quiet {Book 3 of the DamnNyla
"Take it off." I looked at the guy I always considered my best friend with a raised brow. "Excuse me?" His deep green eyes snapped to mine. "Ta...
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OCTAVIUS||BOOK ONE     ((#WATTYS2019)) by PleaseFancyMe
NOMINATED FOR THE WATTYS 2019 BOOK ONE IN THE MOORE BOTHER SERIES Life has always been a cake walk for Octavius. Being adopted into a wealthy family as an infant, he spe...
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Fifty Shades of Stydia by stydiaunleashed
Fifty Shades of Stydiaby Ķäýâ
Smittiest smut you'll ever find. WARNING: VERY SEXUAL CONTENT. MORE SEXUAL THAN YOUR DAILY PORNHUB It's kinda the same as my previous Fifty Shades story. Just think of...
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Prince Charming by Anglophile1971
Prince Charmingby Anglophile
Jax and Cori grew up together. They, along with Opie, were best friends growing up, but Cori always saw Jax differently. She watched him go through several relationships...
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Mad Love (Mad Love #1) by pegicornelle
Mad Love (Mad Love #1)by pegicornelle
HIGHEST RANK | #1 in Mafia Romance | | #1 in Debt | | #5 in New Adult | | #1 in Mature Roman...
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Within Me by SerenityQueen1
Within Meby Serenity
Her name is Azaria and she is innocent and is dark chocolate . She grinds for her mom and herself, going to college by day and working by night. People has always made...
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PATRIARCHY by TheasWords
After the civil war in 2056, America morphed into a society designed to suppress, stifle & control females across the country. In just a few weeks, Amelia Sayle will be...
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Our Little Secret :: By- carteronline by carteronline
Our Little Secret :: By- Carter London
My heart hammered in my chest as Joseph's hand made it's way up my skirt. I tried not to moan once it slipped in my underwear. I felt my cheeks heat up as my mom and dad...
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Dark and Light Collide - YoonMin AU by shorthairedblondie
Dark and Light Collide - YoonMin AUby shorthairedblondie
A continuation of one of the stories I wrote in my Yoonmin Imagines Collection 1 (which you should totally check out 😁). Yoongi - Alpha Jimin - Omega What happens when...
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Her Destructive Ex-Boyfriend is Back [COMPLETE✔] by illumilaaazy
Her Destructive Ex-Boyfriend is 砂糖
"bakit kung kailang gusto na kitang kalimutan, ay saka mo pa ako babalikan?" -Lianna Ysabelle Watson. 《 a short-novel story. 》 all rights reserved 2018.
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Kidnapped by my brother  by Crazy_Cats183
Kidnapped by my brother by Alice
A girl is taken hostage by her own brother she never knew she had
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short lesbian stories by rairaiz
short lesbian storiesby Dezirai
These are short stories about different girls in different times, falling in love with their ladies. They range from fluff pieces to mature content. I do not own the pic...
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His Tiny Abused And Innocent Runt  ('Moonlight' Series: Book #1) by N_Bell
His Tiny Abused And Innocent N.A. Bell
[Rough Draft, may contain spelling errors!] She was an unwanted runt. He's the Alpha King. She was ousted from her pack. He was looking for his Mate. She's a four foot r...
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Pure; omegaverse by forevermoonchild
Pure; omegaverseby ~BoY wItH lOvE~
In a world where were-hybrids control the planet, omegas are highly coveted and highly regarded as royalty. Protected and sheltered by betas until they can be properly m...
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Guttersville and Obliviousland [Spotlight Book Club-OPEN] by gossamersilverglow
Guttersville and Obliviousland [ gossamersilverglow
Accepting spotlight requests now! Aimed towards mature (adult issues/content) and 18+ (erotic) stories. Well written [or well plotted/characterized] hetero and LGBTQ wor...
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SOPE | Psychic Lovers [Completed] by Sashii_Kari
SOPE | Psychic Lovers [Completed]by SueMeMinYoongi
"DON'T JUMP!!" "Shut up I wasn't going to jump." "Well, if you weren't why are you standing on the edge?" What the hell is it to him wheth...
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BoyxBoy Recommendations by Jennola
BoyxBoy Recommendationsby Jennifer Michelle
Recommendations of completed BoyxBoy/ManxMan/ManxBoy stories.
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Sterek Oneshots by STEREK5EVER4LIFE
Sterek Oneshotsby Laal
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