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Scarred Soul by Author_Fiction99
Scarred Soulby Author_Fiction99
"Uff you'll be the death of me Little Nymph.. So beautiful." Sensing her struggle stop again, he murmurs, only to hear her gasp hard. However, feeling quite ex...
Billy Loomis x Reader |1996| Book 1 by JalenaJaraczewski
Billy Loomis x Reader |1996| Book 1by ♡JJ♡
Y/n L/n is a friend of Casey Beckers. She moved to Woodsboro to start a new year and go to a new school. Woodsboro High School. Casey's murder shocks the whole town exce...
Khawahish  by sonachopra
Khawahish by sonachopra
" sir please don't touch me " shout zoya with anger in her eyes 😡 " oh come on baby in some days you'll be my wife then we can have all the fun I saw in...
Mr Billionaire's Obsession  by Ankita18499
Mr Billionaire's Obsession by Ankita Bawaskar
He is coldhearted, dominant, authorative man. He is above the success ladder, top businessman in the world, rich and powerful, people respect him. The ceo of passionni...
Awakened Hunger by zjebv2
Awakened Hungerby martynka
Mary and her family recently moved into their new house in a small town. Everything seems fine, maybe except for their creepy neighbor who seems to have a huge crush on...
Reincarnated As A Capture Target, I'm Gay But I'm Rich by HEYYYIMCASSIE
Reincarnated As A Capture Target...by Cassieisme
Just your regular business teacher that got hit by a truck died then reincarnated as a CEO capture target for a heroine who so annoyingly dumb "You know what let's...
The feared Crimson King by MsDarkerdays
The feared Crimson Kingby MsDarkerdays
I flinch as his hand reaches to my face, and aggressively pulls down the cloak from my head. He surveys my tear stained face and jewelry all the way down to my dress. T...
Our Little Princess / Bts Ot7 by Marryyn8
Our Little Princess / Bts Ot7by kookie kook
"In a world of crime and violence, seven ruthless mafia leaders, known for their deadly charm, laid eyes on her" - Y/n, a stunning and naive beauty. Entranced...
Possessive Prince by TianaEmarak9
Possessive Princeby Tiana Emarak
Kayla Miles strayed where she wasn't supposed to and in the process, caught the attention of the leader of a group everyone feared. * * * " You shouldn't be close...
His Little Treasure II  Thv FF II 18+ by aroraa_wicts
His Little Treasure II Thv FF II...by Arora 🥀
" Kim taehyung" only a name can bring the whole world on there knees, a ruthless mafia king who rules the world . The one whose only name can make everyone Sh...
'King's Maddest Obsession:Ma Reine'21+||JJK||(Yandere) by sOFYrahman_
'King's Maddest Obsession:Ma Reine...by 𝐌𝐫𝐬.𝐌𝐢𝐧 𝐒𝐨𝐟𝐲𝐡𝐢𝐚�...
A cold, heartless King falls for a maid girl Y/n. Who is 10 years younger than him. He don't care about anything, he just wants her. His wife failed to make him fall for...
✔️ I Refuse To Be A Supporting Character by Abcdeee1994
✔️ I Refuse To Be A Supporting Cha...by Abcdeee1994
Disclaimer: This is not my story. Credits to the original author and translator. Author: Jiang Li Yuan 姜离远 Gu Jin crossed into a novel as the supporting character and b...
Glint | Stalker BxB ✓ by Luye60
Glint | Stalker BxB ✓by Luye
He'd always be hiding behind the scenes- watching every move. Letting go of the one person he truly valued and loved wasn't an option. But as he got older, secret little...
Only his  by fairyyangel
Only his by fairyyangel
She knew no matter where she will go he will always find her. His dark promises never left her but it was enough to fuel her desire for escape.
To Love A Villain by Chick_ennugget
To Love A Villainby Chickennugget
"Leave, you're free. Don't ever come back here again." She said, hoping he wouldn't return and she'll get to live Hael was shocked, "Are you abandoning m...
We will Meet again by Missjeonnundu143
We will Meet againby jeon nandu
a famous doctor kim taeyung who is arrogant, cold , and rude . he fall in love with 19 year old boy and for his obsession he capture him in his home .... if you want to...
Extra-Changing Fate by ladyaltheamarie
Extra-Changing Fateby ladyaltheamarie
"I want our engagement to be annulled,your highness" I'm just a simple girl in the modern world who died and was reincarnated in the world of the fantasy roman...
BLACK MAIL by IqraKhwaza336
BLACK MAILby Iqra Khwaza336
"strip" he said in a deep voice "what" i looked at him. "strip" I will not repeat myself again " He said while glaring at me "A...
MINE   || Taehyung FF ||  by Utpla08
MINE || Taehyung FF || by Utpla08