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To Make Him Smile by Always_Manyata
To Make Him Smileby Always_Manyata
Aarav Ahuja a 2nd year college student, son of a rich business man. He is a very quiet and calm boy, he loves to keep his pain and thoughts to himself, he never share th...
Finding Us| ✔️ by PineappleGoddess_
Finding Us| ✔️by F a i t h 💫
It's always Luce and Kaden- inseparable best friends. Where you see one, the other is following close behind. And despite any problems in their relationship, they end up...
My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ} by softie_kx
My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ}by ʚ 𝗸𝘅𝗰𝗵 ɞ
'Javi is a lonely little that never had a caregiver before. He plans to tell his first girlfriend. He meets her mean older brother in the way.' ° ° ° ★°• °• ••°° •°°•° °...
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Untamed Hearts.  by mistiquelush
Untamed Hearts. by mansi j
Naina rathod. Clumsy nerd bookworom Crazy. She is kind beautiful but considers herself average. A beautiful confident girl . But there is something inside her which...
Alpha's Little Mate by CherryBlossom2214
Alpha's Little Mateby CherryBlossom2214
NEW VERSION! Book 1 in Black Dynasty Series Alpha Ethan Black became an alpha way too soon when his parents passed away. So having a mate was the last thing on his mind...
Our Luna | Short story [COMPLETED] by cherryblossom23_
Our Luna | Short story [COMPLETED]by Shelley Malove
*Previously known as 'My Alpha Mates'* She was soft delicate female wolf who has always been ignored by her family. When she turned 18 she finally finds her mates who ar...
Mr. Rude by __Rainbowsoul__
Mr. Rudeby Hasna Naleem
I was stopped in half as he took long strides towards me and sealed me on the wall near the bed. I could not get the time to digest anything, before his lips captured mi...
Taste of love by SarahMusic8
Taste of loveby Sarah Music
This story is about a girl, who was forced by her Brother to marry a CEO, a little bit of mystery, comedy and a lot of romance.
popular kids by cashandmavstories
popular kidsby cashandmavstories
you got invited to cash bakers party and play truth or dare with his friends and find out some new stuff about your relationship *read to find out*
ROOMxMATE (Myanmar Translation)  by YaoiJi6
ROOMxMATE (Myanmar Translation) by Yaoi Ji
[[Completed]]ကောင်းကင်ဘုံသို့ကြွလှမ်း စံမြန်းနေသည်။ မနှောင့်ယှက်ရ။ ADND by MyTreasuresForYou
[[Completed]]ကောင်းကင်ဘုံသို့ကြွလှ My Treasures For You
Title - ေကာင္းကင္ဘံုသို႔ႂကြလွမ္း စံျမန္းေနသည္။ မေနွာင့္ယွက္ရ။ ကောင်းကင်ဘုံသို့ကြွလှမ်း စံမြန်းနေသည်။ မနှောင့်ယှက်ရ။ Ascending, Do Not Disturb Author - Yue Xia Die Ying T...
I Am A Matchmaker On Taotao by SimranYamamoto
I Am A Matchmaker On Taotaoby Simmi
Btw it's on of my favorite so it's not my own n u can find it on Google but English version is not complete n I copy paste it from original Chinese version... I just hop...
The villainess is too lazy to avoid the male leads. by Charlotte-knows-how_
The villainess is too lazy to Char Lemonade
I died because I was too lazy to dodge the car coming my way, and so I never breathed again. Then, I woke up in a small child's body; Phoenix Elan, the villainess of a...
Killu-Nya~ Meets MHA (HxH X MHA) by xXHeriotzaXx
Killu-Nya~ Meets MHA (HxH X MHA)by Heriotza Eragilea
Killua had no idea why, but he woke up in an alleyway. For some reason his head and backside hurt like crazy, as he went to rub his head he felt something warm and fluff...
❣️FALL IN LOVE ❣️(Yizhan) by Yizhan_Xiao5
❣️FALL IN LOVE ❣️(Yizhan)by Anagha Shivan
Wang YiBo is the eldest son of Wang Han, the wealthiest man in China. His mother was killed because of some issues caused due to Wang Han's deed. Due to this reason he h...
Precious Soul 💖 by Kalpananira
Precious Soul 💖by Kalpanani ra
Hi makkaley ☺️☺️ This is my third story... I want to write in different plot . I hope you all of us like this story
BEYOND THE CLOUDS (Completed) by sidnaazkidiwani
BEYOND THE CLOUDS (Completed)by sidnaazkidiwani
Perfectly capable of juggling a tray of champagne flutes 35000 miles in the air, wearing 3 inch heels, Shehnaaz Gill a flight attendant with a leading airline carrier of...
YIZHAN/ZHANYI ONESHOTS by flowerlover10102004
Oneshot stories about ZHANYI and YIZHAN.
The Rings : Magic Of Destiny ✓ by Kritika2502
The Rings : Magic Of Destiny ✓by ☯-𝐇𝐚𝐳𝐞𝐥 𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫-☯
What happens when you find someone who is completely different from you but after sometime you realise that no you both are not different but are like two body one soul...
You Two Are Perfect For Eachother by nntksngh
You Two Are Perfect For Eachotherby Anantika Singh
This is a very ordinary story of two very ordinary individuals who follow the Indian tradition of getting into an arranged marriage. Everyone has their own path to follo...