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My One and Only | COMPLETED by esssea
My One and Only | COMPLETEDby esssea
"Everyone knew she was his." ~ Ava and Lucas have been best friends since Lucas saw Ava at the playground when she was 4 years old. She is innocent and...
Inevitable by Wxnterwxlf
Inevitableby Wxnterwxlf
She was found in the woods, abandoned by her family, at just the age of 1. He found her, and was besotted by her, at just the age of 4. True childhood sweethearts, Eas...
Delicate Flower by TheLadyandTheFox
Delicate Flowerby Anna Greenwoods
Innocent Juliette has been living inside her small cottage of a home all of her life. With limited acquaintances, she's as naïve and pure hearted as it gets. She's kind...
The Bad Boys and The Tomboy (COMPLETED) by Katyrules
The Bad Boys and The Tomboy ( Rose
Alice Avery lives in a society where every girl must wear mini skirts and unbelievably high heels. Where girls are expected to be bimbos and guys are Greek Gods. So how...
DEFINE: DIVERGENT. by Pluviophile67
DEFINE: ThatGirlWhoWrites
Life is hard when you're prone to panic attacks. It's even harder when you're living with the person who causes them. Arden has never had it easy. From family to frien...
All for you | Stiles Stilinski by mxstiq
All for you | Stiles Stilinskiby ells
Hating each other was always easy for Clarabelle and Stiles. Well, at least it used to be. 'if it doesn't burn a little, then what's the point in playing with fire?' thi...
GROWN (A LEN X MIKU STORY)  by maryamabubkar
GROWN (A LEN X MIKU STORY) by maryamabubkar
"I've always been into older women, Miku" I say with a knowing smirk, watching as her teal innocent eyes widen in shock. 《《《《》》》》 In which Hatsune Miku realiz...
Miracles of Love by reva3596
Miracles of Loveby Reva Luvs Choky n IceCreams :D
This story is all about Rahul, the CEO of Rish group of companies and Sanvitha, the daughter of the CEO of Sanvi group of companies. It's not a story where the boy meet...
Happily by PennyMarie5
Happilyby PennyMarie5
Love is Simple but hard to fight for but simple. Alice June seemed like a outgoing girl always hanging out with everyone but behind closed doors things changed her life...
Yellow Rose  by Valentellla
Yellow Rose by T E L L A
Happy and vibrant Blair doesn't need much in her life. She's perfectly content with what she has. She's only focused on being the very best version of herself, though th...
Forbidden Passion  by SabrinaIris5
Forbidden Passion by Sabrina Iris
"Are you falling for him" God how I wish I could answer that.... "I don't know" feeling disappointed and confused and angry I decided to storm out o...
Eyes never lie by Pratibha_p
Eyes never lieby Ms. Writer
Shubham Malhotra A spoilt-brat . He like music but as an only heir of Malhotras he had to take over his dad's company . One night stand is something which he really lov...
Northsiders Wear Leather (Sweet pea x Reader) by Shadyiscrazy
Northsiders Wear Leather (Sweet sonny mccormick
"He likes to walk with his chains dangling loosely to give off that dangerous cool vibe that you all crave." • • ~ You wore leather and chains to accommodate y...
The Bad Boy's Secret |Complete| by Not_Just_Anonymous
The Bad Boy's Secret |Complete|by Anonymous
When you're a teenage undercover as a part-time superhero you have three options: You can pull on the nerd/geek high schooler or a bad boy/outcast type of high schooler...
Staying With The Bad Boy | ✔ by uknown0004
Staying With The Bad Boy | ✔by unknown
@wrestlingmanager This is seriously one of my favorite books! I love all the plot twists, and the romance in this story. Wish it had never ended. I totally recomend it...
Strings  by Zangata101
Strings by zangata101
Nickolas Adams is a New Yorker who was forced to move to a new town because he couldn't stand the pain and trauma that his ex girlfriend left him with, he vows never to...
Remember Our Story by keralee123
Remember Our Storyby KLGoodreau
"I find myself navigating through a once-familiar world that's been twisted upside down and a foreign pair of diamond eyes piercing into mine, pleading for answers...
WALKING IN MY SHOES by Leeyandreqwe
The school nerd, Madilyn Dhyanno makes a wish that Zack Rainford the most popular jock of East blue , know what it feels like to be her. You see people call Madilyn a ne...
Resisting Temptation by dirteedamsel
Resisting Temptationby dirteedamsel
"Desires can be our downfall..." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniella (Dani) Lavek m...
Bad Boy's Tutor | ✓ by LittleNerdDreamer
Bad Boy's Tutor | ✓by LittleNerdDreamer
*CRINGE WARNING* This story was written when I was like 12, so I realize it sucks. "Your going to give me those points." He said. I crossed my arms. "Or...